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My Complete C.V[1]


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company resume

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My Complete C.V[1]

  1. 1. Resume – Ovadya Oved Machpud Tel Aviv, Israel: Address: 68, Allenby, Telephone: +972 -9-8850182 Fax: +972 – (0)50-6811184 Mobile: 00972-50-4402236 E-mail: P.O.B: 61116 Zipcode: 61110 London, England: 1, Palace Gate, Kensington, London W85LS Telephone: +44 – 798-2062602 / 3 Fax: +44 – 207-8380877 E-mail: E-mail: Paris, France: Mobile: +33 – 678168542 E-mail: Budapest, Hungarey: Hegedus gyula utca 37.2.emelet 5 1136 budapest Telephone:+36702192404 Mobile:+36702307593 Name: Ovadya Oved Mahphud Date of Birth: June 17, 1972 E-mail addresses:
  2. 2. Resume – Ovadya Oved Machpud Languages: Hebrew, English, German (basic level)
  3. 3. Resume – Ovadya Oved Machpud Professional Training: 2000 – 2001: “Famu”, Prague. Studies in screenplay writing. 1993 – 1994: “Theatre On the Vien”. Vienna, Austria – Theatre acting and direction studies. 1986 – 1990: Private acting studies, three times a week: Teacher: Hillel Neeman, Director and Lecturer in Theatre. 1981 – 1986: “Netanya Municipal Theatre” – Acting studies, including participation in productions and plays. Work Experience: 2007: Worked as casting director and scriptwriter on different projects in Paris. 2006: : Establishment and management of the “Oved machpud internationalquot;- 2005: Opening of the music department, managing singers and artists in the music industry and functioning as a record company in every sense. This included the recording of singles and full length discs; their distribution to radio stations and record stores, in Israel and around the world and the associated public relations work. 2004: Selected from a list of thousands of candidates with elite talents and training, to be invited by the British Home Office to work for two years as salaried or independent artist in London and the UK at large. At the end of that period, the successful candidates are granted UK citizenship. Each year, only a very small number of artists are selected and they are all well known, exceptionally talented representatives of the creative arts in their home countries. The British Government invites them to develop and contribute to the broader aspects of culture as part of the program called: The Highly Skilled Migrant Program, established in Law by the Immigration Act of 1971. Establishment of the Agency: “Oved Machpud International” in London – The Agency looks after more than 100 promising talents from all over the globe. The Agency also specializes in the promotion of Israeli talent seeking to succeed abroad.
  4. 4. Resume – Ovadya Oved Machpud 1997 – 2003: Establishment and management of the “Oved Machpud Agency for Actors” – an agency specializing in personal management for actors in the film industry, theatre, television and advertising – beginning with the discovery of new talents, the shaping of their public image. Oved Machpud prepares the candidates for auditions through acting classes and provides personal chaperoning. Talents are also provided with complete scheduling and public relations services. The agency has created a completely new style of personal management in the film industry, theatre, and television in Israel and was the progenitor of the “Age of the Stars” during the 1990s. The agency has built up and launched onto the public scene, more than 200 actors, artists and stars around the world. 1999 - 2000: “To Love Rona” – an original rock drama. Script, direction and production: Oved Machpud. The play was first presented at the “Zohar” theatre, an old cinema, which was specially refurbished for this philanthropic production and to provide a stage for all young artists seeking to create and put their creations on display. Six actors participate in the play, which also includes video clips (this was the first time in Israel that a play included video art, providing complete scenes in the play), live music on stage (the plays songs were recorded and distributed as singles by the Hed Artzi Company and broadcast by various radio stations). As part of the exposition for this play, the tens of thousands of stickers distributed read: “To Love”. Construction of the theatre (its conversion from the cinema it was previously took a year) and the play itself, was part of a project, which was a joint effort, which included the participation of the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel, the “Hadran” ticket agency and the “Netking” internet company. (I chose to name the theater after one of the amazing women I met at the Rape Crisis Center, who gave me the inspiration and understanding supporting those parts of the play that deal with rape). The complete project included the construction of a bar in the theater foyer, as is commonplace in great theaters around the world, live vocals during the rock opera, full choreography and my own direction. The entire project, including the construction of the theater,
  5. 5. Resume – Ovadya Oved Machpud created much attention and resonance in Israel. I took the essential inspiration for the project from Oscar Wilde, one of the most important influences on me during my theatrical studies, and who said: “The most important knowledge I have always acquired through pleasure, I assume. Therefore, it was very important for me that the design of the theater was warm and welcoming, that there was a bar in the foyer and even a billiard table. Enjoying these pleasures, the audiences entering the theater would be able to absorb culture which was not patronizing, but instead, embracing and loving for all. 1995 – 1996: Establishment and management of the “Eden” agency – an agency specializing in models and actors working with agencies and production companies around the world. Public Acclaim: 1998: Chose by the “Maariv” newspaper as one of the most important people of 1998, together with media people, artists and politicians. 1999: Chose by “Maariv Culture” as one of the ten people that would shape the media in the coming decade. 1999: Included in the “Tikshoret” newspaper’s list of the “most influential people in the Israeli media” 2002: Initiator and provider of the grant for the Oved Mahphud film monologue at the Yoram Levenstein Acting Studio. The film monologue competition at the acting school was founded by Oved Mahphud and has been held each year for the past five years. Some of the most senior directors in Israel are selected each year to participate and among whom the winners of this grant are selected. This provides an opportunity to get to know and be exposed to all the young actors completing their second and third years at the school. This project has created large numbers of working actors, now well known in the Israeli film industry after their careers have been launched thanks to this unique grant competition.
  6. 6. Resume – Ovadya Oved Machpud Member of the Israeli Film Academi Member of the ACUM Association – a non-profit corporation administering the rights assigned to it by its members – authors, composers, lyricists, poets, arrangers and music publishers. Member of the Producer’s Association Additional Skills: Knowledge in fashion, textile, and styling. Feels and understands textile with a unique yet fashionable taste. During the past 15 years I have designed and dressed outfits for the TV, cinema, and front cover appearances of my stars. This includes the outfits, which were often fully designed and at other times altered, make up and decided on the design and make up of stars in various projects. Ongoing decisions about the hair style according to the star’s evolution. Additional skills include negotiations with leading companies from around the world. Preparation of contracts, deep understanding of acting, movement, singing, fashion, styling, and picking locations for shooting movies.