Employment Branding


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Presentation made to the HR Forum on Employment Branding

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Employment Branding

  1. 1. mj Why you are in danger of losing your talent to your competitors Creating a World Class Talent Brand
  2. 2. WE ARE AT WAR....... BUT it does not involve guns or violenc
  3. 3. The Global War for Talent We are all competing for the best talent
  4. 4. Each day YOUR top talent is targeted with new jobs & better career promises
  5. 5. The battle is not just about attracting Top Talent but also how we retain it
  6. 6. What makes a great company? PEOPLE! And competitors want your best talent!
  7. 7. Key for staff is......... Feeling valued, recognised, challenged, enjoying their work. If they are they will want to recommend their friends and ex colleagues to join
  8. 8. Talent Pool: An Overview -Is shrinking -We are all growing - Experience talent pool especially tight as industries converge and fight to attract & retain similar talent - EA is a games company BUT we seek talent from all industries. ALL the companies in this room today has potential EA staff. So what strategic choices do we face?
  9. 9. The Choice of Talent Strategies… •Bums onorseats – hire cheaptoand lose them when they get too expensive frustrated enough leave •Inside the business at entry level and develop / promote through Up – hire mainly •Gone again – react to resignations by ―spot buying‖ talent on the open market •Always Open – employ a mix of push andand find them roles techniques to constantly attract the best talent pull sourcing within the organisation •Employer to work and directly communicate withongoing image as a great place Branding – build and maintain an candidates
  10. 10. Our Audience Candidates are not a species We must create them
  11. 11. Not everyone’s looking.....
  12. 12. The best candidate for your role...... is not necessarily registered with a Recruitment Agency right now!
  13. 13. The best candidate for your role...... ..is not necessarily registered on a job board right now! ...may not search job boards..... ....maybe used to people approaching them...
  14. 14. Your best candidate may not have even considered working for your company.... or even heard of you!
  15. 15. Lazy recruiting has had its day.... Lazy recruiting = Recruitment agency ‘Post & Pray’ Job Boards
  16. 16. Tactics used to generate candidates that could Unscreened easily be CV’s done in house
  17. 17. So by definition what is a candidate? • Someone who has nominated themselves to be part of an election process • It is a voluntary act At what point does someone volunteer to be a candidate? • When they see your ad? • When they apply to your advertisement? • When you interview them?
  18. 18. What turns a regular person in to a candidate? ‗I‘m not recognised for my contribution‘
  19. 19. What turns a regular person in to a candidate? Dissatisfaction with the way they are treated
  20. 20. What turns a regular person in to a candidate? Or they‘re just over this job
  21. 21. This wasn’t in the Job Description
  22. 22. So the problem is timing? • We either wait for the moment they become a candidate and jump on them • Or we make them a proposition they find attractive any time WE CREATE A CANDIDATE
  23. 23. You are in a race Leading businesses are realising great recruitment is about building relationships & communicating with people, (hence creating an emotional connection with them), before they become a candidate
  24. 24. Emotion creates a connection which bonds loyalty & trust
  25. 25. Our Vision EA’s VISION To be the ultimate go-to career destination for the best talent. EA Globally seen as a great place to work in the hearts & minds of premier talent. This involves Marketing BRAND Marketing
  26. 26. A brand is a mixture of attributes, tangible and intangible, symbolized in a trademark, which if managed properly, creates value and influence. Brands simplify decision making, represent an assurance of quality, and offer a relevant, different and credible choice among competing offerings. Interbrand The Brand Glossary
  27. 27. A Brand is a person’s gut feel towards a Product, Service or Organisation
  28. 28. Each of these brands will create a connection with you. Question is what?
  29. 29. The average American is exposed to between 2,000 and 6,000 brand messages a day. There are 25,000 products in the average supermarket. Interbrand Brand Fact
  30. 30. Why brands are important.
  31. 31. A powerful consumer brand can… • Provide vision and inspiration to employees • Drive innovation and creativity • Guide every business decision • Become something consumers love • Multiply sales by hundreds of millions • Add billions to shareholder value
  32. 32. As product parity grows… Brand becomes a determining factor in consumer purchase decisions.
  33. 33. 75% consumers will pay 20% more for brand 50% consumers will pay 25% more for brand 40% consumers will pay 30% more for brand 25% consumers say price doesn't matter they buy brand Scott Davis Brand Asset Management
  34. 34. What is an employment brand? How a business builds and packages its identity, from its origin‘s and values, what it promises to deliver to emotionally connect employees so that they in turn deliver what the business promises to customers. Building the employment brand from inside the business, with a consistent substance, voice, and authenticity, may be the most powerful tool a business can use to emotionally engage employees.
  35. 35. Increase in unsolicited candidates Higher Long term eg to jobs quality Impact site Candidates Ammunition Higher for offer/accept Employees ratios & managers Increased Increased Employee The benefits Manager Referrals Satisfaction of a World Improved Increased Media Exposure Class Talent Retention rates Brand Improved Increased College employee Recruiting motivation Decreased Competitive Corporate Advantage negativity Increased Stronger Shareholder Corpo value Culture
  36. 36. Employment brand….an HR Thing? HR Marketing Corporate Comms
  37. 37. Employment brand….an HR Thing? HR HR Marketing Corporate Marketing Comms
  38. 38. EA Brand Steering Committee Business Representation from across the whole business - Marketing - HR - Recruitment - Sales - PR - Geographical Leaders - Leading Creative staff - Training & Development - Internal Communications
  39. 39. Creating A Global Framework Global Consistency One Voice, One Message From San Francisco to Singapore Brisbane to Boston
  40. 40. But We are all different: One Size does not Fit All!!!! Descriptive not prescriptive
  41. 41. The Stages of the Employee Experience (how we communicate with candidates, build perceptions about us & ultimately build and develop a relationship) Stage Stage Stage One: Stage Two: Stage Stage Five: Stage Six: Three: Seven: Notice Consider Four: Join Work Leave Apply Remember
  42. 42. Notice If people seem If people seem to enjoy what to get a long they do with each other
  43. 43. External PR •‗PR is our friend‘ •Pushes messages to a audience via EA people ‗Humanizes EA‘ via articles, interviews etc •Online & offline media •Recruiters then use coverage to email to candidates & motivate staff internally
  44. 44. Edge Magazine 30 Page Feature on working in Singapore
  45. 45. EA hosted a Roundtable Discussion on Singapore
  46. 46. Working in India Online article
  47. 47. •Meet your candidates—be visible Presentations •Attend Industry Events & Events •Hold open houses •Present at Universities
  48. 48. EA is recruiting The best jobs at GCA Game Convention Asia are not a Singapore 18/20th September fantasy at EA Meet the EA Asia recruitment team ‗Don‘t just play it...create it‘ Jobs.ea.com
  49. 49. Create your own events
  50. 50. The Goals ‗A showcase event‘ -EA demonstrates thought leadership -Press & candidates mingle together in an informal setting -No barriers to entry for candidates attending -Recruitment lead generation -PR media column inches The Results -600 attendees -1000 names lead generation Great Video Footage Host of great Press Coverage
  51. 51. Considers Open Make recruitment recruitment advertising advertising up to new Make ideas recruitment relevant advertising Create a real buzz Strengthen the sense of choice
  52. 52. YouTube Facebook Social Networking .....the start of a journey
  53. 53. YouTube Facebook Social Networking .....the start of a Social Networking is all about journey building Relationships.... remember relationships turn into pipeline and job applications
  54. 54. So why does Social Media Matter?
  55. 55. What is our Goal? To build relationships with potential talent, allowing us to YouTube spread subconscious E-Brand messages, thus improving Facebook brand perception and hence convincing Talent to apply to work at EA. Social Networking allows a ‗direct-consumer‘ / ‗direct- potential employee‘/‘direct to potential EA advocate‘ relationship to be built. This benefits TA by not only providing more content to present to candidates but ultimately generating new untapped pipelines. Not about blatant in your face recruitment
  56. 56. http://www.youtube.com/user/InsideEA
  57. 57. Advertising
  58. 58. Recruitment advertising is not just about listing jobs but messaging out to your candidate pool Message Advertising
  59. 59. Indian University Recruitment Poster
  60. 60. Global recruitment Recruitment brochure brochure & Posters For events, EA reception areas, EA Meeting rooms, University Handouts
  61. 61. Swag •Swag needs a purpose •Clear messaging •SWAG targeted for key events •Event competitions
  62. 62. Jobs site is THE shop window to the world Jobs.ea.com & Job Descriptions It is a Marketing tool to ‗sell to candidates‘‘ Contain: Company info, Employee Profiles, news, fun aspects to review.
  63. 63. Jobs Site Employee Profiles ‘Humanize’ EA Asia employees and shares their advice & experience to inspire and motivate others in their career choices
  64. 64. Globally consistent Job Descriptions
  65. 65. Segmented Recruitment Database Mailers •Targeted emails to core groups eg Engineers, Artists etc •Keep Candidate pool informed of EA activity •Can be used for messaging eg special events or intros to studios
  66. 66. Apply If people act interested in the candidate as a person If rejection is handled If experience is with respect efficient & organized If the candidate feels If EA acts like a good the decision process place to work is fair If EA‘s materials If the values feel follow the standards aligned set by external comms & marketing If the expectations If everything seems are clearly to work understood If the candidate feels If the interview is the interview is challenging thorough
  67. 67. Candidate Experience Pre Interview Interview Pack Experience Post Reception Interview Area Experience Interview Experience Candidates are both potential recruiters for EA and Blog Critics
  68. 68. Pre Interview Experience •How candidates interact with EA leaves lasting impressions •Phone/Emails •Cust Service feedback evaluation •We want potential recruits ‗gushing‘ with the thought of working at EA •A great early process defines the offer decision process •Point & provide them content
  69. 69. Interview Pack •Interview pack, provides a consistent central message but with localised content •Critical in building empathy in the recruitment process •It defines interview process and answers candidate questions in advance •If candidate not read—shows lack of passion
  70. 70. Which feels EA & Entertainment? Reception •Reception leaves a lasting impression •Does it look & feel EA? •Are there recruitment messages----huge traffic goes through reception. A Visitor could be a hire •Is their recruitment collateral?
  71. 71. Interview Experience •Collateral/giveaways •Even if not offered they feel special throughout interview process & remain desperate to work for us •Interview experience feedback •Feedback to hiring manager
  72. 72. Post Interview Experience •How we feed back---how personalised •Keep in touch via Salesforce eg Silver medal candidates •How celebrate job offers
  73. 73. Join Is the paperwork handled efficiently? If the Essential experiences questions promotes are handled the brand of effectively the business Onboarding If experience Employee is consistent can with brand of culturally the business assimilate
  74. 74. Work Performance Management Rewards for Systems Pay for innovation & risk performance taking Segmenting & Distributed rewarding top decision making performers High performance Segmenting & Open Comms Culture weed out low performers Leadership bench & Emphasis on succession L&D planning Cultivation of 2 ways comms leaders & feedback
  75. 75. PROUD OF EA Internal Referral Scheme •Staff are our BEST recruiters •Also Best Indicator if people are happy at EA •Globally consistent scheme with consistent messaging •Recognize & reward the best referrers--- increase visibility— league tables PB •Dedicated referral events onsite
  76. 76. Draft ‘Hot Jobs’ email
  77. 77. Intranet Sites •Internal comms to fuel staff pride •EA Knowledge– training & development includes staff profiles • Central Recruitment toolkit space for adverts, policies etc
  78. 78. Leaves resignation retirement termination
  79. 79. Remembers MEMORIES
  80. 80. Never lose sight of your roots & Past Foot soldiers Alumni The Past can lead to a brighter future •Leavers---know us– once loved us---re- engage? •Newsletter & Tailored communications •Privilege status eg EA Events •Keep them in touch
  81. 81. What is our Goal Any Questions or Feedback?