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LEGaTO System Overview


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Birds-eye view of the various components used in the LEGaTO project, arranged hierarchically in the compute stack starting from use cases, to programming model, compiler and high level synthesis (HLS) languages, runtime, middleware and hardware.

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LEGaTO System Overview

  1. 1. LEGaTO aspects Smart Home Secure IOT Gateway USE CASES PROGRAMMING MODEL COMPILER & HLS RUNTIME MIDDLEWARE HARDWARE Smart City Sequential Task-Based OmpSs programs C and HLS Source Code C Source Code Native compiler and Linker CPU/GPU Binaries Bitstream Deployment, Monitoring, Control FPGA Synthesis OpenStack Middleware RTL Compilation Runtime Microserver Hardware Platform XiTAO Front-End XiTAO Runtime SCONE Compiler Mercurium MaxCompiler AutoAit DFiant HLS OmpSs Eclipse IDE Plug-In Machine Learning CPU Node Composition Redfish API Monitoring and Control REST API GPU FPGA/DFE Healthcare SecurityProgrammabilityEnergy- Efficiency Fault - tolerance SCONE Runtime HEATSNanos Runtime Fault-Tolerance Interface