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Legal x gen

  1. 1. A Complete Case Management System for Legal Industry © Aspirea Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Traditional Way of “Case Management” for a Legal Practitioner
  3. 3. A Customer Walk in to the Lawyer’s Office Necessary information is captured Supporting documents are collected Fee/ Payment Collection Case Study/ Preparation Case Submission To Court Assigning Assistants to the case Hearing Date Hearing
  4. 4. Drawbacks/ Problems With Traditional Process Information Management and Sharing is difficult. Requires Photo Copying etc.. Dates/ Activities Management Remember the dates and communicate to concerned person as well.. Payments/ Invoices Hard to track the payment records Record/ Information search Difficult to fetch/ retrieve old information faster Difficult Customer Relationship/ Communication Managing customer relation ship and better communication is tedious
  5. 5. Conclusion…. Most of your valuable time is wasted in, • Content/Information Management • Communication with Client for Dates and Activities • Tracking Payment and Invoices • Task Assignment
  6. 6. Why LegalXGen? LegalXGen is a single platform for, • Case and Content Management • Rule based messaging for activities and reminders • Document Management • Template Based Email for faster communication • Task Assignment • Payment and Invoicing • ….and lot more
  7. 7. LegalXGen is designed to address the problems of, • Individual Legal Practitioners • Small, Mid and Large Size Firms • Legal Departments of Corporate Firms
  8. 8. CALLS EMAILS FAXES IN PERSON REQ Significant amount of your valuable time goes in, 1. Case/ Matter Search & Payments 2. Addressing Customer Queries & Customer Management Doing such things traditionally takes minimum 30 minutes of your time daily WE VALUE YOUR TIME & ASSUME COST OF YOUR 30 MIN IS MINMUM Rs. 250 With this rate you lose minimum In One Day Rs. 250 In 10 Days Rs. 2,500 In 1 Month Rs. 5,000 In 1 Year Rs. 60,000 RETURN OF INVESTMENT (ROI) WITH LegalXGen
  9. 9. Your data is still un organised You don’t have information on your tips With LegalXGen you may achieve, 1. Better and efficient way to manage your Case/ Content 2. Document Management 3. Template Based Emails for Faster Communication 4. Alerts, Activities and Reminders 5. Document Builder 6. Time Tracking, Billing, Payments and Invoices 7. Customer Management and lot more in much much lesser cost….. &
  10. 10. LegalXGen a Single Solution which addresses your all the problems
  11. 11. Information availability…..Any time anywhere…. An internet application, Makes your information available anytime anywhere
  12. 12. Interactive Dashboard Gives a quick snapshot for the important dates/ Case Status/ Availability
  13. 13. Easier Way for Case Management
  14. 14. Rich & Easy Case Details Capture (Case information is captured in small-small groups) Simple and Interactive Document Management
  15. 15. Case Hearing Details Capture
  16. 16. Case References Capture
  17. 17. Assigning Assistants to a Case (Assistants has own login with specified access rights)
  18. 18. Case Activities Management
  19. 19. Payments and Invoices Management
  20. 20. Payments and Invoices Management… send invoices by one click…..
  21. 21. Template Based Messaging makes your communication simple and faster (Customizable message templates for faster communication)
  22. 22. Rich Customization Options Customize Messages, Status, Reminder Settings etc..
  23. 23. Messaging Alert Rules Clients are automatically communicated about any important dates..
  24. 24. Internal Messaging System Communicate with your subordinates by only one click
  25. 25. Manoj Kumar Strategic Advisor & Investor Take a tour, Demo credentials, User Id : test Password: master Ashish Tripathi +91 98809 46821 Thank you,