For Free Assitance With A Legal Problem To Become A


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For Free Assitance With A Legal Problem To Become A

  1. 1. FOR FREE ASSITANCE Referral Numbers Student Rental WITH A LEGAL PROB- LEM, TO BECOME A Better Business Bureau (414) 273-1600 Guide PARALEGAL, OR FOR Building Inspection (414) 286-2507 MORE INFORMATION Consumer Protection (414) 266-1231 CONTACT: Emergency Shelter Hotline (414) 302-6633 Fair Housing Council (414) 278-1240 Health Department (414) 286-2268 Landlord/Tenant Hotline (414) 272-6952 Location: Union Room 357 Legal Action of Wisconsin (414) 278-7722 Phone: (414) 229-4140 (Low income legal assistance) Web: Milwaukee Bar Lawyer (414) 765-0600 Email: Referral and Information Service Brought to you by the: Rent Assistance (414) 278-4894 Rent Withholding (414) 286-5650 State Bar Lawyer Referral 1-800-362-9082 2200 E Kenwood Blvd Milwaukee, WI 53201 Location: Union Room 357 Phone: (414)-229-4140 Email: Web: **No state tax revenue supported the printing of this brochure**
  2. 2. Before you rent… Landlord’s Disclosure Requirements Security Deposits Tenant may do any of the following within the first 1. Check out the property you are interested in ing, at or before the time of rental agreement is seven (7) days of tenancy: renting on the City of Milwaukee’s Department of entered into, the name, rent, manager of the prem- Neighborhood Services (DNS) on the website be- ises, and who can be readily contacted by the ten- - Inspect the rental unit and notify the land- low. This website lists all current building code and ant, the owner of the premises or other person au- lord of any and all preexisting damages. landlord violations for the property. thorized to accept services of legal process and other notices and demand on behalf of the owner. - Request a list of physical damages or defects, if any, charged to the previous 2. Check out the landlord at the Wisconsin Circuit tenant's security deposit. This may have to Court Access Program (CCAP) website listed below. entering in a rental agreement, all uncorrected be in writing. *This must be provided within This site lists any criminal and/or civil cases involv- building code violations received from code en- thirty (30) days of when the request was ing your prospective landlords and/or roommates. forcement authorities, which affects the individual received or within seven (7) days after the rental unit and common areas. landlord notifies the previous tenant of the security deposit deductions* 3. Inspect the entire premises before you sign the responsible to pay the utility charges, and if so Returning the security deposit: lease. Make sure the rental unit receives both hot which ones. It also must be disclosed how the Within twenty-one (21) days after the tenant sur- and cold water. Test the heating facilities (they must charges are to be determined and distributed. renders the rental premises, the landlord shall de- be able to maintain 67 degrees Fahrenheit). Make liver or mail to the tenant the full amount of any certain that the rental unit is served by electricity Repairs security deposit held by the landlord, less any and that the outlets are in safe operating condition. amounts properly withheld. Check to see if the plumbing is in good operating It is the duty of the landlord, unless the repair condition also. was made necessary by the negligence or im- A landlord may withhold for the following reasons: proper use by the negligence or improper use by - Tenant damage, waste or neglect the tenant, to keep in reasonable state of repair - Obligated unpaid rent 4. Document preexisting damages before you sign portions of the premises over which the landlord - Unpaid utility service the lease. Walk through the rental unit and docu- maintains control. Also, keep in a reasonable state ment preexisting damages on a check in/out sheet of repair all equipment under the landlord’s control However, a rental agreement may include (You can get one in the University Legal Clinic). necessary to supply services, which the landlord “Nonstandard Rental Provisions” (must be signed Sign this sheet and have you landlord sign it. Taking has expressly or impliedly agreed to furnish to the separately) that authorize a landlord to withhold pictures is also very helpful. tenant, such as heat, water, elevator, or air condi- other items from a tenant's security deposit, not tioning. All necessary structural repairs are to be including normal wear and tear (ie, routine painting, made by the landlord. carpet cleaning). 5. Review the lease with your landlord. They are required to provide you with a copy of the lease be- If a landlord refuses to make necessary repairs, This pamphlet is strictly an overview of selected fore and after you sign the original lease. a tenant may need to contact the Department of regulations. If you have a legal problem or question Neighborhood Services at (414) 286-2268. A land- consult with the attorney at the University Legal lord may not retaliate (evict, etc.) in response to a Clinic. 6. Promises to repair made by your landlord should tenant's good faith complaint. be put in writing, and they should also include a reasonable completion date.