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Why Podcast Transcription is Important


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Podcasts, when transcribed, improve online visibility and become handy and easily retrievable

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Why Podcast Transcription is Important

  1. 1. Why Podcast Transcription is Important Podcasts, when transcribed, improve online visibility and become handy and easily retrievable Podcasts, audio records used to educate, inform and convey ideas or information on a wide range of matters, are essential elements of corporate blogs and websites. Podcasts allow individuals to naturally express their ideas to the targeted audience. These prerecorded podcast could be made easily retrievable and handy when they are well transformed into text format. This would surely optimize the objective of a podcast, which is to provide maximum online visibility to the individual or organization. Here are the main reasons why podcast transcription is important: • Podcast transcription lets search engines index podcast content, which contributes to higher rankings. It improves the accessibility of the content to a wider audience and boosts the website’s overall visibility and positioning online. • Educational podcasts when transcribed would be more useful as an educational tool, helping to clarify doubts easily and with a deeper understanding. • Audiences prefer a well-documented report which clearly conveys ideas, rather than having to go through the video for clarity on the subject. Analysts also say that information is better understood when read than heard. • Foreign audiences could easily pick up information from a written document rather than from a recording with a vaguely spoken or difficult to understand accent. • Hearing impaired individuals can make use of the transcripts to learn the content and overcome the inconvenience faced if they have to deal with podcasts alone. • Podcasts serve a better option for building relations and engagements and podcast transcripts optimize these possibilities. • A blogger will have to spend more time to transcribe the podcast to get relevant quotes. When transcribed content is available, its exposure is improved with more chances of backlinks and hence, more traffic to the website. • Podcasts allow visitors to utilize the content of a website and so revisits could be expected in future, contributing to website popularity and acceptance. Increased traffic can help with increased subscriptions, leading to enhanced revenue. Combining transcribed podcasts to form ebooks can be a good option. • The text format allows those creating podcasts to keep track of what was mentioned in the podcast. When podcasts as well as transcribed records are available, website visitors enjoy greater flexibility and choices. Search engines cannot read podcasts alone, and podcast transcripts can improve search ranking. Podcasters can focus on what they do best by partnering with a reliable transcription company which provides quality podcast transcription services.