Why Outsource Dissertation Transcription?


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Outsourcing dissertation transcription to a professional company ensures accurate and timely solutions in the required format.

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Why Outsource Dissertation Transcription?

  1. 1. Why Outsource Dissertation Transcription? Outsourcing dissertation transcription to a professional company ensures accurate and timely solutions in the required format. Students are faced with stringent deadlines when it comes to completing doctoral and MPhil dissertations. Their work would involve converting audio and video files relating to research material, notes, interviews, footage of conferences and seminars into accurate text files or transcripts, which would be eventually used to write the final dissertation. That’s when dissertation transcription services come in handy. Need for Comprehensive Dissertation Transcription Services As a student doing her PhD in the University of Princeton, Michelle was bogged down with dozens of interview materials and research recordings to transcribe. In addition to compiling her dissertation, she had to attend classes and discussions and work on making academic presentations. All this left her with little time to compile and organize her audio and video files into transcripts which could be incorporated in her final report. With the tight university budgets that Michelle worked with, the job of transcribing research materials from various sources in to a single text file turned out to be a costly task. One of her professors suggested she outsource these dissertation transcription tasks to a reliable transcription company. Michelle took the advice and she never regretted it. She got her research documents transcribed accurately, in the specified format and within the prescribed deadline – at very affordable cost. How the Professional Service Providers Help Creating top quality and accurate dissertation transcripts demand technical expertise and adeptness in the industry. A professional outsourcing firm would have a team of experts who can ensure accurate transcripts for different types of documents such as group discussion notes, power point presentations, lecture notes, seminar write–ups, question answers and essays, academic symposia, oral history interviews, internet downloads, journal articles, focus group studies, lecture notes, student notes, library reference material and press cuttings. Reputable transcription firms can transcribe audio recordings submitted in any format - digital audio or video files, MP4, DVD, WAV, MP3, DSS, Audio CD, or tape format. Key Benefits of Outsourcing Dissertation Transcription Assigning the transcription tasks to a reliable professional service provider allows students to concentrate focus on their studies and other related activities. Accuracy and timeliness are very important factors in case of when preparing dissertation transcripts. Some of the key benefits of outsourcing the documentation task are: • Top Accuracy – Reputable companies have skilled transcriptionists who can transcribe material relating to different disciplines. Their expertise in typing, language, and technical comprehension allows them to convert any type of audio or video file into clear text format. They can ensure error free and accurate
  2. 2. documentation for dissertations. Stringent quality checks are in place to deliver results that are up to 99% accurate. • Confidentiality of data – Reputable companies ensures security and confidentiality of the material they are entrusted with. They offer various secure modes of file transfer such as FTP and browser based 256 bit encryption protocol to ensure the confidentiality of client documents. • Customized solutions – These companies can provide verbatim or nonverbatim transcripts with time coding if necessary. provided with transcripts that meet their specific needs. • In short, students are Cost efficiency – A professional company provides dissertation transcription services at affordable cost, ensuring savings up to 30-40% lower than market rates. No charges are made for bolding, underlining, headers and footers. Many firms also offer special discounts for the academic community. Finding the Right Service Provider is Important To enjoy all these benefits, it is important to select a right service provider. An online search can be conducted to locate an expert service provider specialized in transcribing dissertations. Some reputable companies providing legal transcription services offer dissertation transcription too. Choose a company that offers a free trial service which will help you to assess and analyze their service quality before signing up.