Tips on Hiring a legal transcription company


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Hiring a legal transcription company is not an easy task as there are so many service providers out there. Going by some considerations can help you make the right choice.

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Tips on Hiring a legal transcription company

  1. 1. Tips on Hiring a legal transcription company Hiring a legal transcription company is not an easy task as there are so many service providers out there. Going by some considerations can help you make the right choice. Legal professionals have to deal with different kinds of legal documents on a daily basis. Legal transcription essentially involves the documentation of legal documents and letters such as court proceedings and judgments, trials, pleadings, arbitrations, memorandums, interrogations and wiretap recordings. Audio and video files of these proceedings have to be converted into text format accurately and in time to meet legal deadlines. In a busy law firm, it can become extremely difficult to manage documentation in-house. An ideal option is to hire the services of a reliable legal transcription company. Hiring a reliable and professional legal transcription firm can a challenging task as there are a plethora of service providers. Only a company with proven experience and several satisfied clients to its credit can ensure satisfactory legal transcription solutions. Here are some important factors to consider while hiring a legal transcription company: • Accuracy – It is crucial to select a reliable company that can offer accurate transcription as even a small error may even change the entire meaning of the data. This can even affect the outcome of the case. So check if the company has standardized processes for checking quality. A professional legal transcription company would have a multi-level quality check process to ensure 99% accuracy in the final transcripts. Detailed quality checks are carried out by legal analysts, editors and proofreaders before the documents are sent to the client. • Data Security and Confidentiality – Maintaining confidentiality of information assigned for documentation is imperative when hiring legal transcription services. Information leaks can have devastating effect on the client’s reputation, which would in turn, affect the legal firm’s credibility too. Such happenings can weaken the legitimacy of the legal case, mislead public and affect the safety of case victims and witnesses as well. So the service provider should have implemented stringent measures to ensure the safe transfer of files over the Internet such as browser based encryption and FTP.
  2. 2. • Expertise of legal transcription firm – Before hiring a transcription company it is important to check whether the company has the expertise to ensure proper legal transcription. This means it should have a professional team that is well-versed in legal terminology, jargon, and processes. Only this can ensure quality transcripts. Check out the firm’s track record and verify the number of successfully completed projects. • Cost Savings – The legal transcription outsourcing firm chosen should ensure quality services at affordable cost. If it cannot, the very purpose of outsourcing will be defeated. A reliable firm can help its clients up to 40% on its operational costs. Such firms would not have any hidden charges. An established company will be able to offer quality services to suit its client’s budget. Before you outsource your legal documentation tasks, it would be worthwhile to go in for a free trial. Professional companies offer a no-obligation trial of their service so that their clients can know whether they are contracting with the right legal transcription company.