Telephone Transcription Services for Businesses


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The telephone is used for a wide range of interactions by both businesses and their customers. Getting accurate transcripts of telephone call recordings is crucial when it comes to resolving important business matters.

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Telephone Transcription Services for Businesses

  1. 1. Telephone Transcription Services for Businesses The telephone is used for a wide range of interactions by both businesses and their customers. Getting accurate transcripts of telephone call recordings is crucial when it comes to resolving important business matters. Business organizations interact with their clients, customers, employees and prospective employees through the telephone. Accurate transcripts of telephone recordings can help the business organizations verify the details of financial transactions, track customer response, improve customer satisfaction and evaluate employee performance. For instance, if a customer calls up an insurance firm and makes enquiries about plan coverage, the interaction is recorded and documented to know if the firm provided the beneficiary with the right information. In the event of a dispute, the transcript of this call can become important evidence. To ensure accurate transcripts of their important calls, most businesses now rely on professional telephone transcription services. Conference Call Transcription Business firms often conduct conference calls among three or more remote parties (clients, employees or customers) to cut travel costs. Project meetings, team meetings, training classes, sales presentations or communications with employees staying at different locations are conducted via conference calls. Maintaining the transcripts of these calls will help the firms to review the meetings later. Conference call transcription involves documenting the calls and delivering accurate and timely transcripts to help businesses track the discussion and make decisions. Confidential Telephone Conversation Transcription Telephone conversations between businesses and their clients are often confidential. They may be discussing a new project or crucial issues related to project execution. Professional transcription companies can provide documentation solutions for such recordings with due regard for the security and confidentiality. Confidential telephone transcription services ensure that these transcripts are delivered securely over the Internet using safe modes of file transfer. Voice Mail Transcription This type of transcription is mostly needed for call centers or customer service centers of a business firm as they receive large number of voicemails from customers during working and non-working hours. Transcripts of voicemails are essential to address the issues with products or services offered by the firm and document them. Thus, voice mail transcription helps to resolve customer complaints and issues. The transcription jobs involve verbatim transcription (word by word) of voice mails so that you can clearly understand the problems faced by the customers.
  2. 2. Customer Feedback Transcription The process of transcribing the telephone calls received from each customer in call centers and customer service centers during their working hours into digital text is customer feedback transcription. It serves the same purpose as that of voice mail transcription. This type of telephone transcription service also involves verbatim transcription. Reliable transcription firms can generate quality transcripts from customer feedback in difficult accents and even in noisy backgrounds. Interview Transcription Business firms usually conduct telephonic interviews to recruit employees. Rather than checking the capability of candidates during the interview itself, they can record the interview and transcribe into accurate transcripts. These transcripts will help them to review the interview later to make a proper decision. Employee and client interviews can transcribed through interview transcription. The transcription service includes verbatim transcription and time-stamping (for checking the time taken by the candidate to answer the question). It is always better to rely on a professional transcription company for transcribing the telephone calls. Such companies can provide services according to your requirements with less turnaround time. They can also provide the services of trained transcriptionists, editors and proofreaders to ensure quality and offer several facilities including complete document flow management, dictations options (toll free number or digital recorder) and more. Service Charges The pricing of telephone transcription service may depend on volume (length of recording), requirements, turnaround time, type of dictation and facilities like document flow management. Certain transcription companies charge for hourly rate while some charge recording per minute. Turnaround time requirements also impact costs as also noisy dictations with difficult accents. Reliable companies offer competitive pricing for telephone transcription.