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seoMoz's mozcon recap for 2012. Hosted at the Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle and emceed by Laura Lippay. This Power Point distills over 24 hours of SEO greatness down to 42 slides.

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  • Matt is uber smart and has a ton of insight to drive the anti-spam conversation. His project is still relatively young, and as a good statistician, Matt isn’t making any firm-line conclusions about web spam predictors. However, Matt will attest that low MozTrust is inversely correlated with a high probability of web spam.
  • Note: “Micro-psycho segmenting” is not something I heard Marty say; this is a term that I made-up. If Marty has in fact used it in the past, due credit will be given. I don’t care about the credit of the name; however, I do not want to “put words into Marty’s mouth”.
  • SEOmoz Mozcon Recap 2012 by

    1. 1. July 25-27th, 2012Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    2. 2. Key Take-Aways• SEO is evolving from “push” marketing to “pull” marketing• Google search is in constant flux – 500 changes / year• Building a community of engaged users surpasses any other marketing tactic• Reverse Image search is an under-utilized tool• People love cats• People hate bullet points • I don’t hate bullet points, but not a fan of cats Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    3. 3. 35 Ways to Get Links by Paddy Moogan (@paddymoogan) of Distilled• Ego-bait fuels link building • E-books, content curating, crowd-sourcing, topical research• Use monitoring tools to reverse engineer your competitors’ footprints Use guest-post by-lines Dump OSE link data into CSE Monitor images for link and search for footprints attribution using reverse image search• Incentivize sharing a page; #tweetandeat• Build infographics quickly using• Use Amazon Wishlist for Bloggers you want to engage with• Take online offline with local meetups, blogger events, or SM campaigns Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    4. 4. Build the Agile SEO Framework by Jon Colman (@jcolman) of REI The waterfall methodology doesn’t work in rapidly changing environments.1) Principle: Customers first 1) Hack: As a <role>, I want <goal/desire>, so that <benefit>. 2) Hack: Lo-fidelity prototyping with balsamiq.com2) Principle: Cross-functional teams 1) Hack: Break down silos – traditional organizational models do not promote collaboration 2) Hack: Minimize meeting costs with daily stand-up meetings. Meeting $ calculator: Principle: Be biases toward action 1) Hack: Maximize the work “not done”; remove things that don’t create value4) Principle: “Don’t hate – iterate” 1) Hack: Ship early, ship often, 2) Hack: Stop chasing perfection Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    5. 5. Community as Inbound by Jen Lopez (@jennita) of SEOmoz Create a taskforce for online community management.1. It‟s a team sport – everyone should be involved!2. Turn critics into fans; delight and excite your user base3. Give a shit and be pro-active4. Listen and act 1. Let people know you care about their opinions! 2. Segment your time-zones and marketing channels5. Get people who love what they do Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    6. 6. How Relationships Drive Link Building by Jon Henshaw (@ravenjon) of Raven ToolsFACT: If you build links the wrong way, Google will destroy everything you love. The castle = your link profile | Sir Lancelot = Google While you may think that Google is always in the distance, it can and will eventually catch up to your “castle”. People DO NOT want: People DO want: To be sold something To develop relationships naturally To feel like a pawn or object Stay on topic, not YOUR topic To talk about links Create a positive experience Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    7. 7. Badass Excel Tips and Tricks for Your Data by Annie Cushing (@AnnieCushing) of SEER interactive• Format data in tables for easy filtering and sorting• Navigation short cuts • CTRL + Arrow to navigate to end of column or row • CTRL + SHIFT + Arrow to select data in row or column• Filtering of cells can be based on cell color; useful for conditional formatting• Customizing charts is almost always mandatory for high-impact data viz.• Excel for Mac is a FAIL. Use a PC to access power features. Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    8. 8. Web Spam Research: Good Robots vs Bad Robots by Matt Peters (@mattthemathman) of SEOmozMachine learning is being applied to algorithmically predict web spam. MozTrust is a very good indicator of spam propensity. Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    9. 9. Beyond Link Building: Real Companies Do Real Things by Wil Reynolds (@wilreynolds) of SEER Interactive• Real companies do real things - #RCS• Stop focusing on “link juice” and backlinks• Penguin is hell bent on “slapping down” You Cutts low-quality, manipulative sites Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    10. 10. Beyond Link Building: Real Companies Do Real Things by Wil Reynolds (@wilreynolds) of SEER InteractiveActionable advice:• Setup G alerts after every major content push• Go to Google, but don‟t press enter• “VS” searches – “Your brand vs ______”• “Search strategy should be driving content strategy”• SEO is no longer about cheap links and FOTM tactics • Start making SEO about industry leadership • Start making SEO about caring for customers • Start making SEO about engagement • Start making SEO about education Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    11. 11. Social Tools & Data Mining Making a Case for Content Strategy by Mike King (@ipullrank) of iPullRank.comCONTENT IS THE GLUE OF INBOUND MARKETING YOU MUST TAKE A STAND Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    12. 12. Social Tools & Data MiningMaking a Case for Content Strategy by Mike King (@ipullrank) of Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    13. 13. Social Tools & Data Mining Making a Case for Content Strategy by Mike King (@ipullrank) of• Create Data-Driven Personas – “A major virtue of personas is the establishment of empathy and understanding the individual who uses the product” - Donald A. Norman, Nielsen Norman Group Use Nielsen Prizm to quickly build personas from 66 pre-defined segments Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    14. 14. Social Tools & Data Mining Making a Case for Content Strategy by Mike King (@ipullrank) of• Content marketing is about turning the brand into a storyteller.• Use the Jungian story archetypes and align them with your business to create a compelling story.• Run your content ideas by your target audience before building any content!How to pitch content marketing strategies: 1. Tell the story 2. Appeal to the competitive spirit 3. Identify the need 4. Present the solution which is tied to ROI Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    15. 15. Link Analysis Through API by Richard Baxter (@richardbaxter) of• JSON and XPATH data can be pulled into Excel with Niel Bosma’s SEO Tools • Problem: querying large sets of data is inefficient in Excel • Solution: SEOgadget’s Links API Extension for Excel URL • Returns the metrics about a URL Metrics or set of URLs • Returns a set of links to a Links API page or domain • Returns a set of anchor text Anchor terms or phrases aggregated Text across links to a page or domain • Returns the metrics about many Top Pages URLs on a given subdomain Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    16. 16. High ROI Content Strategies for SEO by Cyrus Shepard (@CyrusShepard) of• “Traditional” SEO tactics don‟t work like they used to • Directories, Press Releases, Article Networks, Link Networks, etc.• Create Linkable Assets: New, Useful and Newsworthy • Tools, Guides/Reports, Free, Funny/Unique, Videos, Data Visualizations• Infographics vs. Ebooks: The winner is eBooks • Longer product lifecycle • Easier to produce and repurpose • Easy to distribute and more likely to get scholarly reference• Focus on conversion • Rich Snippet author photo can yield up to 56% increase in CTR• Garbage in, garbage out: invest heavily in excellent content Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    17. 17. How to Earn Links without Doing Anything by Ian Lurie (@portentinc) of PortentThere is no such thing as content marketing; it’s an outcome not an input! Content = Audience = Authority = Growth • SEO rankings are temporal. How long have Coca-cola and Ford been marketing branding themselves? • Building an audience will naturally result in links and shares • Use the Facebook ads tool to get better insight into your audience SAY. WHAT. MATTERS. Marketable content is the result of great marketing. Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    18. 18. Redefining Business Models in a Post-Penguin World by Greg Boser (@GregBoser) of BlueGrass Greg made specific recommendations for SEO service providers:• Building integrated marketing strategies from a vertical silo structure doesnt work. • Ditched channel-specific silos in favor of a structure based client lifecycle workflow. (one team works on all components)• Consolidated product and service offerings: can’t do everything!• Avoid “dangling carrot” clients• Updated contract structures • Implemented service-level agreements with guarantees • Added client obligations/responsibilities • Added simple budget reallocation tools Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    19. 19. Online Reputation Management by Rhea Drysdale (@rhea) of Outspoken Media• No one cares about ORM until there is a fire• What % of your branding and marketing budget goes to brand protection?• Insuring a brand starts with SOPs: Social media• The speed of information has accelerated, policies which is why everyone needs real-time Affiliate Community management management reputation management. “This [increase in PR jobs] is in response to businesses and Customer Listening service tools government agencies responding quickly to news and information that Brand development move fast on the Internet and social media.”• Build reputable, relevant and authority-building content. Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    20. 20. Persona Modeling Unhinged: The Zen of "Whole" Customer by Marty Weintraub (@aimclear) of AimClear• Psychographic variables are any attributes relating to personality, values, attitudes, interests, or lifestyles. • Much more „in-depth‟ than demographic data; offers insights to psyche• Use psychographic variables with PPC ad data (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Adwords)• Use cookies to set retargeting ads; and/or use to easily manage multi- channel, multi-targeted psychographic SEM campaigns.• Master persona + personality = micro-psycho segments • Master persona: Broad interest classification; • i.e. “Activities > Travelling” • Personality: Specific traits to further define master personas • i.e. causes, beliefs, charities, stances, issues, religion, websites, brands, legal, health, search data, thought leaders, music, TV, radio, artists, affiliations, dislikes, cars, media preferences, sexual orientation, race, gender, age Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    21. 21. Persona Modeling Unhinged: The Zen of "Whole" Customer by Marty Weintraub (@aimclear) of AimClear Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    22. 22. Persona Modeling Unhinged: The Zen of "Whole" Customer by Marty Weintraub (@aimclear) of AimClear Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    23. 23. A Secret Algo Project Launch by Pete Meyers (@dr_pete) of• Google has publically launched 20 named updates from 2003 to 2012• In 2010, under oath, Google shared with Congress they had 516 changes• Project: Algo Alert • 1000 keywords checked for top 10 rankings • Change monitored using Delta100 scoring • gives the “weather report” on Google algorithm changes. • The higher the temperature, the more volatile the rank shift is. Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    24. 24. The D Word: Leading the Way to Great Design by Jenny Lam (@helveticagirl) of Jackson Fish Market• Design’s impact on the bottom line is real. • has invested over $170 mm in design • Every dollar spent on design yield $415.17; advertising yields $7.21• #1 Factor in site credibility is the Design Look• Finding great designers is difficult: • Dotcom bust decommissioned many aspiring designers • Design is currently at a premium • It takes discipline and foresight to determine the right design skills for your team• Three fundamentals to design: integrity, harmony, and,, Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    25. 25. Google+ SEO & Authorship by AJ Kohn (@ajkohn) of Blind Five Year Old If you care about search, you have to care about Google+.Search Plus Your World is your SEO friend: Google+ shares will “shift” the SERP landscape for the user and their downstream.Actionable Tips: • Maintain a personal Google+ profile and a brand Google+ profile • Connect your social profiles in the “Links” section • Add a rel=“publisher” tag to your website in meta or via widget • Using keywords (exact + LSI + LSA) on your G+ profile is criticalBuilding out Google+: • Offer exclusive Google+ content • Host Live Hangouts on Air • Share and contribute to other peoples content (pull, don’t push!) Resource: Google Ripples to monitor sharing graph Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    26. 26. If MacGyver did SEO by Martin Macdonald (@searchmartin) of Expedia EAN Using Excel and daily rank tracking in your vertical, you can quickly analyze the index, identify new campaigns, and sites’ strength. Extract domain Rankings details gathered in AWR Pivot Sum all rankings Single site Keyword + analysis carried Landing Page out at runtime concatenatedAcquire SEO data through API’sBuild dashboards at runtimeOptify CTR Data * Tables built to Update rank dashboard Vol vLookup vs. daily Past update information Sum by Root Domain Build daily strength sheet Optify CTR Sum of data multiplied Changes per by perceivedCompare SERP day recorded search volume changes Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    27. 27. SEO Project Management by Aleyda Solis (@aleyda) of SEO project management is complex due to the volatile search scape and complex inputs required to administer a successful SEO campaign.Actionable Advice: • Set realistic expectations for all parties before selling a service/product • Meet with all involved SEO parties / stakeholders • Agree on the necessary resources and timing from the start • Evaluate possible risks and restrictions • Establish SMARTER goals • Defined communication channels and workflows • Develop a qualification checklist • Wait until the client is ready Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    28. 28. Attribution Modeling: Why You Must be Doing It and How .. to do It Easily with Google Analytics by Mike Pantoliano (@MikeCP) of Distilled.netAttribution modeling assigns value to visitors’ conversion path for ROI modeling. An example of a customer‟s conversion path: Referral from Website > Organic Search > Referral from Twitter > Direct > PPC > (not provided) > Branded Organic Search > Direct > Purchase• The customer’s conversion path is rarely linear.• First-touch / last-touch modeling doesn’t account for “everything in between”.• Caveats: Tracking cookies crumble, users utilize multiple devices Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    29. 29. Attribution Modeling: Why You Must be Doing It and How .. to do It Easily with Google Analytics by Mike Pantoliano (@MikeCP) of An example conversion of $1,000. Example conversion path: organic > direct > social > referral > direct Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    30. 30. Attribution Modeling: Why You Must be Doing It and How .. to do It Easily with Google Analytics by Mike Pantoliano (@MikeCP) of Distilled.netAttribution modeling provides data so that you can confidently invest in a given channel. Excel + Google Analytics (Basic) tutorial/worksheet: Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    31. 31. Estimating Traffic Based on Keyword Research by Jessica Bowman (@jessicabowman) of SEOinHouseAccurately selecting keywords for ROI purposes is an essential step that can make or break your SEO campaign(s). Predict actual search volume for a keyword Predict average ranking position. 3 main hurdles to overcome Predict average click through rate. Estimate Lift Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    32. 32. Estimating Traffic Based on Keyword Research by Jessica Bowman (@jessicabowman) of SEOinHouse1. Predict actual search volume for a keyword: I. Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool II. Use Bing Webmaster Tools’ Keyword Research Tool June 2012 Search Share (US)2. Adjust for Google and Bing‟s Share of Search 3.0% 1.5% I. Multiply volume by share Google 13.0% Bing II. Average Google and Bing Yahoo! 15.6% Ask 66.8% AOL Source: comScore Explicit Core Search Share Report, July 11, 2012 Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    33. 33. Estimating Traffic Based on Keyword Research by Jessica Bowman (@jessicabowman) of SEOinHouse3. Adjust the Number for Searcher Intent I. If the search results are mixed intent (i.e. “install windows”) use the formula: search volume * percentage of relevant sites = adjusted search volume4. Predict Keyword Position I. Perform competitive analysis a. SEOmoz’s Keyword Difficulty b. Analyze competing websites c. Look at social signals II. Based on comp. intelligence, what’s the min/max rank you can achieve? Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    34. 34. Estimating Traffic Based on Keyword Research by Jessica Bowman (@jessicabowman) of SEOinHouse5. Predict Average Click-thru Rate I. Google Webmaster Tools II. Bing Webmaster Tools III. SlingShot SEO 2011 Report6. Calculate the lift Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    35. 35. A New Form of CRO by Joanna Lord (@JoannaLord)“Conversion rate optimization was born out of the need for lead generation and ecommerce internet marketers to improve their websites results.”CRO has involved to include more than sales and leads, but also engagement. Ten Things to improve with CRO: #10) Your Story – Golden Circle Theory #9) Your Pillars #8) Your Relationships #7) Your Triggers #6) Unique Value Proposition #5) Your Schedule #4) Your Tools #3) Your Thank You #2) Your Feeback Avenues #1) Your Biggest Success Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    36. 36. Rock Your SEO With Structured Social Sharing , by Dana Lookadoo (@lookadoo) “Structured” sharing refers to the microdata to optimize social sharing. optimizedun-optimized Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    37. 37. Rock Your SEO With Structured Social Sharing , by Dana Lookadoo (@lookadoo) 10 Steps For Microdata with Analytics:1. OG:title – in head, <meta property="og:title" content=“Your Title" />2. OG:desc - in head, <meta property="og:description" content=“Your description" />3. OG:image – in head, <meta itemprop="image" content=“ABSOLUTE IMAGE URL” />4. OG:type – in head, <meta property="og:type" content="website" />. Type values5. OG:URL – in head, <meta property="og:url" content=“CANONICAL URL"/>6. UTM Variables – for social referal data: URL, medium, campaign, source7. Share Blurb for FB & G+8. Hashtags – great for Google+, but not used for Facebook9. Twitter / Retweetable – format: [Title]: [URL] via [@YourProfile] #hashtag10. Document & Track - Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    38. 38. The Best Citations to Get and Other Local SEO Tips . by Darren Shaw (@EdmontonSEO) Citations are a critical metric in getting ranked in Google+ Local map listings• What is a citation? DBA Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Website• Find top citations per industry / city• Hyper-local Citation Building SourcesLocal Ranking Tips:• Sponsor local non-profits and universities• Build [quality] links to your Google+ Local Business listing• Connect with influencers and ask them to review your product or service• Getting 10 reviews will enable Zagat ratings• Encourage reviews on 3rd party websites; not just a Google+ endeavor Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    39. 39. Creating Awesome Video on a Budget by Jeff McRitchie (@mybinding)Tips to maximizing video production while minimizing expense: 1. Leverage existing content 2. Don’t record faces to make voice-overs easier / less expensive 3. Don’t use scripts 4. Brainstorm lists using internal data (i.e. analytics) 5. Group and shoot similar videos on the same day 6. Show customers how to use your product in real-time Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    40. 40. E-Commerce SEO – Tips & Tricks by Fábio Ricotta (@fabioricotta)• Invest in unique product descriptions; don’t rely on manufacturers• Target keywords / products on the cusp of page 1 for maximum results• Use internal linking (i.e. homepage) to bolster product pages• Place related products next to infographics to maximize CRO Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
    41. 41. Follow Avvo on Twitter: @avvo @avvoanswers @lawyer_seo Additional resources: Avvo, Inc. Confidential - ©2012
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