Introduction To Basic Legal Citation


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Introduction To Basic Legal Citation

  1. 1. 4999 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 22 / Friday, February 2, 2007 / Notices Dakota Prairie Grasslands—Bismarck The first harvest and transportation system SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Tribune (North and South Dakota). notice of intent for this project was improvement. Flathead NF—Daily Inter Lake. published in the Federal Register on Responsible Official Gallatin NF—Bozeman Chronicle. February 9, 2005. The Notice of Helena NF—Independent Record. ˜ Jim Pena, Forest Supervisor, Plumas Availability for the Draft Environmental Idaho Panhandle NFs—Coeur d’Alene National Forest, PO Box 11500, Quincy, Impact Statement was published on Press. CA 95971. May 20, 2005. A Final Environmental Kootenai NF—Daily Inter Lake. Impact Statement (2005 FEIS) and Lewis & Clark NF—Great Falls Tribune. Nature of Decision To Be Made Record of Decision were issued on Lolo NF—Missoulian. The responsible official will decide August 9, 2005. The decision was Nez Perce NF—Lewiston Tribune. whether to implement the proposed appealed and later reversed on Supplemental notices may be placed action, an alternative to the proposed November 18, 2005. in any newspaper, but time frames/ action, or not to implement the project At the request of the Forest deadlines will be calculated based upon at this time. Supervisor, the Federal Register notices in newspapers of record listed Early Notice of Importance of Public published a Notice of Intent on above. Participation in Subsequent December 28, 2005 to prepare a Environmental Review: A draft Dated: January 26, 2007. supplement to the Final Environmental supplemental environmental impact Impact Statement. The Federal Register Kathleen A. McAllister, statement will be prepared for comment. published a Notice of Availability of a Deputy Regional Forester. The comment period on the draft Draft Supplemental Environmental [FR Doc. 07–459 Filed 2–1–07; 8:45 am] supplemental environmental impact Impact Statement on February 24, 2006. BILLING CODE 3410–11–M statement will be 45 days from the date A Final Supplemental Environmental the Environmental Protection Agency Impact Statement and Record of publishes the notice of availability in Decision were issued in August 2006. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE the Federal Register. The project was appealed again and the The Forest Service believes, at this Forest Service Forest Supervisor withdrew his August early stage, it is important to give 2006 Record of Decision. reviewers notice of several court rulings Plumas National Forest; Plumas Purpose and Need for Action related to public participation in the County, CA; Empire Vegetation environmental review process. Management Project The purpose and need remain the First, reviewers of draft supplemental same as was described in the 2005 FEIS. Forest Service, USDA. environmental impact statements must AGENCY: The purpose of and need for the project structure their participation in the Notice of intent to prepare a has three elements: (1) To implement ACTION: environmental review of the proposal so supplement to the environmental fuel reduction in the Wildland Urban that it is meaningful and alerts an impact statement. Interface (WUI) and, as part of the larger agency to the reviewer’s position and HFQLG fuel treatment strategic network contentions. Vermont Yankee Nuclear SUMMARY: The Forest Service will as called for by the HFQLG Act (Section Power Corp. v. NRDC, 435 U.S. 519, 553 prepare a supplement to the Empire 401[b][1] and [d][1] and HFQLG (1978). Also, environmental objections Vegetation Management Project Final amendment to the LRMP, to reduce the that could be raised at the draft Environmental Impact Statement. This potential size and intensity of wildfires supplemental environmental impact supplement will replace the 2006 and provide fire suppression personnel statement stage but that are not raised supplement. This supplement will safe locations for taking action against until after completion of the final clarify Management Indicator Species wildfires; (2) to implement group supplemental environmental impact and soil and watershed effects. In selection and individual tree selection, statement may be waived or dismissed addition, the supplement will take into as directed in the HFQLG Act (Section by the courts. City of Angoon v. Hodel, account field data and information 401[b][1] and [d][2]) and the HFQLG 803 F.2d 1016, 1022 (9th Cir. 1986) and gathered since 2005. It will also amendment to the LRMP, to test the Wisconsin Heritages, Inc. v. Harris, 490 incorporate information presented in effectiveness of an uneven-aged F. Supp. 1334, 1338 (E.D. Wis. 1980). the 2006 supplement and the 2005 Final silvicultural system in achieving an all- Because of these court rulings, it is very Environmental Impact Statement. aged, multistory, fire resilient forest, important that those interested in this providing an adequate timber supply DATES: Scoping is not required for proposed action participate by the close that contributes to the economic supplements to environmental impact of the 45-day comment period so that stability of rural communities, and statements (40 CFR 1502.9(c)4(4)). The substantive comments and objections improving and maintaining ecological draft supplemental environmental are made available to the Forest Service health of the forest; and (3) to reduce impact statement is expected to be at a time when it can meaningfully impacts of the transportation system on issued in February 2007 and the final consider them and respond to them in forest resources and provide the supplemental environmental impact the final supplemental environmental necessary access for the fuel treatments statement is expected in May 2007. impact statement. and the group and individual tree ADDRESSES: Plumas National Forest, 159 To assist the Forest Service in selection harvests. Lawrence Street, P.O. Box 11500, identifying and considering issues and Quincy, CA 95971; Mount Hough Proposed Action concerns on the proposed action, Ranger District, 39696 Highway 70, comments on the draft supplemental The proposed action will remain the Quincy, CA 95971. environmental impact statement should sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES same as described in the 2005 FEIS. be as specific as possible. It is also FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Gary Possible Alternatives helpful if comments refer to specific Rotta, Interdisciplinary Team Leader, pages of the draft supplement. Mt. Hough Ranger District 39696 Alternatives include varied levels of Comments may also address the Highway 70, Quincy, CA 95971 (530) fuel treatments, group selection timber adequacy of the draft supplemental 283–7687. harvest, individual tree selection VerDate Aug<31>2005 16:13 Feb 01, 2007 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00002 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:FRFM02FEN1.SGM 02FEN1
  2. 2. 5000 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 22 / Friday, February 2, 2007 / Notices environmental impact statement or the section ‘‘I Want To * * *’’, click on Advisory Committee Act, 5 U.S.C. App., ‘‘Learn about the Advisory Committee.’’ 10(a)(2); 41 CFR 102–3.150 (2005). merits of the alternatives formulated and discussed in the statement. Dated: January 29, 2007. James E. Link, Reviewers may wish to refer to the By direction of Deborah A. Garza, Chair of Administrator, Grain Inspection, Packers and Council on Environmental Quality the Antitrust Modernization Commission. Stockyards Administration. Regulations for implementing the Approved by Designated Federal Officer: [FR Doc. E7–1623 Filed 2–1–07; 8:45 am] procedural provisions of the National Andrew J. Heimert, BILLING CODE 3410–KD–P Environmental Policy Act at 40 CFR Executive Director & General Counsel, 1503.3 in addressing these points. Antitrust Modernization Commission. Comments received, including the [FR Doc. E7–1706 Filed 2–1–07; 8:45 am] ANTITRUST MODERNIZATION names and addresses of those who BILLING CODE 6820–YH–P COMMISSION comment, will be considered part of the public record on this proposal and will Public Meeting be available for public inspection. COMMITTEE FOR PURCHASE FROM Antitrust Modernization AGENCY: PEOPLE WHO ARE BLIND OR (Authority: 40 CFR 1501.7 and 1508.22; Commission. SEVERELY DISABLED Forest Service Handbook 1909.15, Section ACTION: Notice of public meeting. 21) Withdrawal of Deletion Notice The Antitrust Modernization SUMMARY: Dated: January 26, 2007. Commission will hold a public meeting In the document appearing on page Elizabeth A. Taylor, on Thursday, February 22, 2007. The 40980, FR Doc. 05–13969, in the issue Acting Forest Supervisor. purpose of the meeting is for the of July 17, 2005, the Committee [FR Doc. 07–458 Filed 2–1–07; 8:45 am] Antitrust Modernization Commission to published suspension of the effective BILLING CODE 3410-11-M deliberate on possible recommendations date of the Deletion Notice published on regarding the antitrust laws to Congress page 35223, FR Doc. 05–3139, in the and the President. issue of June 17, 2005 for the following DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE products: DATES: February 22, 2007, 9:30 a.m. to approximately 5 p.m. Advanced Grain Inspection, Packers and Cup, Disposable registration is required. Stockyards Administration NSN: 7350–00–914–5089—Cup, Disposable ADDRESSES: Morgan Lewis, Main NSN: 7350–00–761–7467—Cup, Disposable Conference Room, 1111 Pennsylvania Grain Inspection Advisory Committee NSN: 7350–00–914–5088—Cup, Disposable Avenue, NW., Washington, DC. Reestablishment Cup, Disposable (Foam Plastic) FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: NSN: 7350–00–721–9003—Cup, Disposable Grain Inspection, Packers and AGENCY: Andrew J. Heimert, Executive Director & (Foam Plastic), 6 oz. Stockyards Administration, USDA. General Counsel, Antitrust NSN: 7350–00–145–6126—Cup, Disposable Modernization Commission: Telephone: (Foam Plastic), 16 oz. Notice to reestablish committee. ACTION: (202) 233–0701; e-mail: NSN: 7350–00–926–1661—Cup, Disposable Mr. Heimert is also the Designated (Foam Plastic), 10 oz. SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given that Federal Officer (DFO) for the Antitrust NSN: 7350–00–082–5741—Cup, Disposable the Secretary of Agriculture has (Foam Plastic), 8 oz. Modernization Commission. reestablished the Grain Inspection, For Registration: For building security Lid, Plastic (Foam Cup) Packers and Stockyards purposes, advanced registration is NSN: 7350–01–485–7092—Lid, Plastic (Foam Administration’s Grain Inspection required. If you wish to attend the Cup), 6 oz. Advisory Committee. The Secretary of Commission meeting, please provide NSN: 7350–01–485–7094—Lid, Plastic (Foam Agriculture has determined that the your name by e-mail to Cup), 8 oz. Committee is necessary and in the or by calling the NSN: 7350–01–485–7093—Lid, Plastic (Foam public interest. Commission offices at (202) 233–0701. Cup), 10 oz. NSN: 7350–01–485–7889—Lid, Plastic (Foam Please register by 12 noon on FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Cup), 16 oz. Wednesday, February 21, 2007. Terri L. Henry, Designated Federal This notice withdraws the deletion of SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Official, Grain Inspection, Packers and the above products from the purpose of this meeting is for the Stockyards Administration, USDA, Procurement List effective immediately. Antitrust Modernization Commission to Telephone (202) 205–8281; Fax (202) deliberate on its report and/or 690–2755; E-mail Sheryl D. Kennerly, recommendations to Congress and the Director, Information Management. President regarding the antitrust laws. [FR Doc. E7–1714 Filed 2–1–07; 8:45 am] The Commission may conduct The SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: additional business as necessary. BILLING CODE 6353–01–P purpose of the Advisory Committee is to Materials relating to the meeting will be provide advice to the Administrator of made available on the Commission’s the Grain Inspection, Packers and COMMITTEE FOR PURCHASE FROM Web site ( in Stockyards Administration with respect PEOPLE WHO ARE BLIND OR advance of the meeting. to the implementation of the U.S. Grain SEVERELY DISABLED The AMC has called this meeting sroberts on PROD1PC70 with NOTICES Standards Act (7 U.S.C. 71 et seq.). pursuant to its authorizing statute and Relevant information about the Procurement List Proposed Additions the Federal Advisory Committee Act. Advisory Committee is available on the Antitrust Modernization Commission Committee for Purchase From AGENCY: GIPSA Web site. Go to http:// Act of 2002, Pub. L. 107–273, sec. People Who Are Blind or Severely and under the 11054(f), 116 Stat. 1758, 1857; Federal Disabled. VerDate Aug<31>2005 16:13 Feb 01, 2007 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00003 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:FRFM02FEN1.SGM 02FEN1