Dont be a twit be a tweeter


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Dont be a twit be a tweeter

  1. 1. Don’t Be a Twit: Be a Tweeter Presented By: Natalie Huha @legalerswelcome Michelle Spencer @txmischief
  2. 2. Under your Settings | Account tab, be sure to check Always use HTTPS.
  3. 3. Twitter Terminology & Effective Use
  4. 4. # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #Created with:
  5. 5. Home page or Blog site Bio 160 CharactersPicture UsernameTwitter handle should be your name and not very long. Note: we didn’t follow our own rule.Bios should be unique and express your personality.
  6. 6. • 140 characters ONLY • 22 Left • Shorten hyperlinks • Add a Hashtag so it can be foundOriginal tweets can be thoughts from something you’ve read, notes from an event you areattending, a tip to share, from a blog post, from a website, summarize key content.NOT what you ate for lunch.
  7. 7. Original Tweet Link shortened Retweet Retweet HashtagRetweetSymbolfrom Twitter Always acknowledge original tweeter(s). It’s OK to shorten, modify or add to the original tweet when retweeting.
  8. 8. Direct Message Syntax = d username No @ symbolCan’t DM someone if they don’t follow you.They MUST follow you.
  9. 9. Public Conversation MentionWhen you use the @ and a username in a Tweet, this means you are publicly talking to thatperson on Twitter or mentioning them. So don’t say anything you wouldn’t want grandma to hear!
  10. 10. If you get the fail whale, try Twitter in a couple of minutes.
  11. 11. Don’t EVER, we mean EVER tweet something you shouldn’t have. Technically you can delete it,BUT if someone retweets your tweet or takes a screen capture, you’re in BIG TROUBLE.
  12. 12. What the Heck Do I Tweet? (and How?)
  13. 13. Tweet content that you get from your subscription e-mails, retweet others’ tweets, tweet notesWhen you are at an event (hint hint #ILTA11), tweet blog posts, tips, tricks, and trips!
  14. 14. Get a Smartphone or Tablet. Really. Laptops are so 2005.
  15. 15. Posting (uploading) Pictures You can upload a picture to Twitter from any mobile device. It shrinks the picture and attaches a link, so when users click on the link, it displays the picture. Amazing.Image source:
  16. 16. You can upload a picture to Twitter from any mobile device. It shrinks the picture and attachesa link, so when users click on the link, it displays the picture.
  17. 17. Social Media Management (Hootsuite & TweetDeck)Image source:
  18. 18. Hootsuite is web-based, FREE, available on your mobile device and allows you to manage morethan one social media account. That’s right. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can all be managedfrom one dashboard.
  19. 19. #Hashtags #RuletheWorldImage source:
  20. 20. Hashtags are like adding search terms to your tweets. They can appear anywhere in a tweet andshould not contain any spaces. It’s best to use only one hashtag and no more than three.
  21. 21.
  22. 22.
  23. 23. @txmischief & @legalerswelcome tweet u at conference #ThankYou #ILTA11 #FFWe better hear you tweeting and following us at conference. We’ll be listening and tweetingwith all of you, so let us know if you need any help or have questions! Remember #ilta11If you’re not tweeting, then you’re not really at #ilta11. Get on Twitter.