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10 Simple Steps For Creating A Social Media Strategy V2


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10 Simple Steps For Creating A Social Media Strategy V2

  1. 1. Natalie Alesi10 Simple Steps for Creating a @legalerswelcomeSocial Media Strategy Samantha Collier @samtaracollier
  2. 2. Before you get involved with socialmedia:• Get approval from upper management• Get buy in from lawyers in the firm• Don’t mandate social media. It won’t work.• Remember that a social media strategy prevents any misunderstandings and emphasizes why social media is relevant to your firm’s overall goals.
  3. 3. iPhone 2007Apple App Store 2008 iPad 2010
  4. 4. ABA Model Rules 1.1 requires lawyers to be competent in representation of their clients. Comment 6: Lawyers “should keep abreast of changes in the law and it’s practice”
  5. 5. Reasons why Law Firms start usingsocial media:• Increase number of qualified sales and leads• Improve customer engagement• Network with peers and colleagues• Keep up-to-date• Monitor the competition # 1 WHY?
  6. 6. Benefits of social media marketing. The number one benefit of socialmedia marketing is standing out in an increasingly noise world.
  7. 7. Law Firms and Social Media FACT: Washington Post20 percent of law firms have a full-time social media specialist on staff, and about 40 percent said blogging and social networking initiatives have helped the firm land new work.
  8. 8. Goals can only be achieved if you keep a clear picture of who your core audience is. The better you know your target client, the better you can reach them. • What types of people do we want to talk to? • What are they talking about already? • Is it appropriate to join the audience, and if so, when? • What value can we provide? • When do we earn their trust?# 2 Audience
  9. 9. Do a little research on your target clients and yourcompetition. Find out where they hang out online. • Flickr • Facebook • Public Forums • Twitter • Message Boards • LinkedIn • Google+ • Pinterest • Blogs # 3 Channels
  10. 10. Commonly Used Social Media Tools
  11. 11. Mind Blowing Statistics Every Law Firm Should Know: • Businesses that blog get 55% more web traffic. The more you blog, the more pages Google has to index, and the more inbound links you’re likely to have. The more pages and links you have, the higher you rank. • 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog. Blogging is good. Directories are bad. • The majority of AmLaw 100 firms have blogs. What sets them apart is style, format and how up-to-date they are.# 4 Blog Presence
  12. 12. Ensure every lawyer at your firm has a complete LinkedIn Profile. It’s easy: • Professional picture • Keyword rich headline • Complete past employment and school information • Well written summary • Part of two or more relevant groups • Applications such as JD Supra, Slideshare and Events 5 LinkedInDid you know? LinkedIn now has over 150Million members including executives fromevery Fortune 500 company, #
  13. 13. # 6 Twitter Did you know? Twitter now has over 500 million users.
  14. 14. Decide if you would like to create a law firm Facebook Page or use your personal profile for business development.Did you know? Facebook now hasover 845 million users and isexpected to reach 1 billion by thesummer of 2012. # 7 Facebook
  15. 15. Did you know? Google+ has over 90 million users. A significant 77% of marketers plan on increasing their use of YouTube and video marketing, making it one of the top area marketers will invest in for 2012.# 8 Google + / YouTube
  16. 16. Time commitment for social media marketing
  17. 17. 9 Social Media #Management Tools
  18. 18. Newbie Tips 1. Schedule it on your calendar 2. Set your browser tabs to open to specific sites 3. Start with ONE channel and get great at it (LinkedIn)# 10 Time Management
  19. 19. Checklist Define WHY? Define Your Audience Start with ONE Channel (LinkedIn)  Understand privacy settings Listen, listen, listen & watch others Start a blog or expand the one you have, create engagement Understand your state ethics rules with regard to advertising Understand firms social media policy, be on the committee Manage your content and create a content schedule Get mobile, download social apps Engage others, RT them, thank them, talk to them, build a relationship, network, have conversations
  20. 20. DON’T Be spammy Be salesy Critique others for their opinions Not be consistent with content Confuse channel audiences Be scared Post the same content across all networks at the same time. Jump on the next thing every time a new social network comes out.
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  22. 22. 10 Simple Steps for Creating a Social Media Strategy Join our community! Natalie Alesi @legalerswelcome Samantha Collier @samtaracollier