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No. Section Faq Question

  1. 1. NO. SECTION FAQ QUESTION 1.1 Who are first4cover? 1.0 » About us 1.2 Who underwrites the policies? 1.3 What products can I sell? 2.1 How do I access the first4cover system? 2.2 Can I quote first4cover to existing customers? 2.3 Are there lots of forms to fill out? 2.0 » Quotes 2.4 Is cover immediate? 2.5 How long are the quotes guaranteed for? 2.6 Can I complete a quote while offline? 3.1 What does Buildings Insurance cover? 3.2 What levels of Buildings cover do you provide? 3.3 How does the system calculate the rebuild cost? 3.4 What does Contents Insurance Cover Cover limits, 3.5 What levels of Contents cover do you provide? 3.0 » excesses and endorsements 3.6 What is Personal Items cover? 3.7 What levels of Personal Items cover do you provide? 3.8 What additional covers are available? 3.9 What are the policy excesses? 3.10 How can I see if any endorsements apply to the policy? 4.1 Will the system issue quote documents? 4.2 Will the system issue sold policy documents? 4.3 Can I recall the policy? 4.4 Can first4cover be used for both “advised” and “non-advised” 4.0 » Documentation sales? 4.5 Do I need to add anything to the pack myself? 4.6 How do I obtain confirmation of cover for my records or for a 4.7 lender? Can I email documents to my customers? 5.1 What payment options are available? Customer 5.2 Who are Premium Credit Limited? 5.0 » payment 5.3 Can my customer change the monthly collection date? 6.0 » After sale 6.1 When do I receive my commission? 6.2 What should I do if I have processed an application incorrectly or made a mistake? FIRST4COVER FAQ DOCUMENT PAGE 1
  2. 2. 6.3 What happens with mid-term changes and renewals? 6.4 What support is available in the event of a claim? 7.0 » System 7.1 How do I ensure that I’m using the most up-to-date system version and insurer rates? 8.0 » Help 8.1 Who do I contact if I have any other questions or need help with the system or product? 1.1 WHO ARE FIRST4COVER? first4cover is a trading name of Equity Insurance Brokers Limited, part of the Equity Insurance Group. Equity Insurance Group are a leading UK insurance provider, insuring over 1 million policyholders, employing over 2,000 staff and are regulated by the Financial Services Authority. 1.2 WHO UNDERWRITES THE POLICIES? Our Home Insurance is underwritten by, a panel of the leading UK insurance companies. · Allianz Cornhill provides the Family Legal Protection cover. · Brit (administered by Capita) provides the Home Emergency cover. 1.3 WHAT PRODUCTS CAN I SELL? first4cover offers quick competitive quotes for: · Buildings and/or Contents Insurance including the option for Personal Items cover · Let Property Insurance · Family Legal Protection · Home Emergency Cover 2.1 HOW DO I ACCESS THE FIRST4COVER SYSTEM? There are a number of possible methods of accessing the first4cover site. These include linking via an existing administration system or going directly into the site using a login and password. Depending on how you are accessing the quote system, some of the customer details fields may have already been pre-populated to save you time. If not, simply enter the required details. FIRST4COVER FAQ DOCUMENT PAGE 2
  3. 3. 2.2 CAN I QUOTE FIRST4COVER TO EXISTING CUSTOMERS? Yes. For household insurance you can quote premiums to both new and existing customers. Using first4cover could be a valuable way of keeping in contact with your customer database. You may be able to save them money on their household insurance when their policy falls due for renewal. Please note that Mortgage Payment Protection can only be offered to customers applying for a new residential mortgage or within 90 days of mortgage completion. 2.3 ARE THERE LOTS OF FORMS TO FILL OUT? There are no forms to complete and you can apply on-line, the system will even create a personalised illustration for you and once accepted we will issue all documentation. 2.4 IS COVER IMMEDIATE? Cover is provided once payment details are taken and processed and is from the start date entered. It is important that you do not enter the payment details until you are certain of the completion date. We would usually recommend that payment details should not be entered more than 10 days before the start date of the policy. This would then also allow the customer’s payment dates, if they are paying by direct debit, to be in line with their cover. Once the policy has been sold the only way to amend the start date is to cancel the policy and set up a new one. 2.5 HOW LONG ARE QUOTES GUARANTEED FOR? All quotations issued by first4cover are guaranteed for 120 days. 2.6 CAN I COMPLETE A QUOTE WHILE OFFLINE? first4cover is an online system so you cannot complete a full quote while offline. However there is an offline data capture form, which you can download from the system. This form mirrors the system questions to allow you to easily capture all of the right information while with the customer and key it into the system once you can get online. 3.1 WHAT DOES BUILDINGS INSURANCE COVER? This is the cover you need to protect the physical structure of your home, and permanent fixtures such as kitchen units and bathroom suites, against fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes, smoke, riots, theft, subsidence, storms and floods. We've also included a number of extras, so if your home is damaged by something covered by your policy, we'll pay for things like alternative accommodation for you and your family while your home is repaired. Full details can be found within the Policy Wording. FIRST4COVER FAQ DOCUMENT PAGE 3
  4. 4. 3.2 WHAT LEVELS OF BUILDINGS COVER DO YOU PROVIDE? first4cover automatically provides cover for up to £500,000. There may be some circumstances where this automatic level is not available e.g. Flats or properties built before 1850. In these situations the system will ask you to enter the rebuilding cost of the property -NOT the market value - and this will then be the amount we use for our premium calculation and the amount that the property will be insured up to. In addition we automatically provide full accidental damage cover free of charge on buildings. (Please note that free accidental damage cover is not available if the property is let or unoccupied) Full details can be found within the Policy Wording. 3.3 HOW DOES THE SYSTEM CALCULATE THE REBUILD COST? first4cover includes a calculator to work out the cost to rebuild most properties. It does this by working out a value using the postcode, property type, age of property and number of bedrooms. Where the rebuild calculator is able to find a value the customer will automatically be offered rebuilding cover for up to £500,000. However their premium will be calculated on the actual rebuilding cost as estimated by the calculator. Where the rebuild calculator is not able to return a value; for example with a flat or a property with more than 5 bedrooms, we are still able to offer cover but you will have to enter the actual rebuilding amount as supplied by the surveyor. The premium will be based on the amount you enter so it is important that you enter the actual amount and not £500,000. 3.4 WHAT DOES CONTENTS INSURANCE COVER? Generally, moveable furniture and fittings - like sofas, curtains, beds, rugs and also aerials and satellite dishes. They are all covered for loss or damage from fire, lightning, explosions, earthquakes, smoke, riots, theft, subsidence, storms and floods. Plus we cover some extras - accidental damage to home entertainment goods like your television and computer, cover for freezer contents, replacement locks if your keys are lost or stolen, cover for contents in your garden, and extra cover for wedding gifts if you or someone in your family get married. We'll even give you extra cover over the festive season. It's all covered on a new-for-old basis except your clothes and linen, like towels and bedding. Full details can be found within the Policy Wording. 3.5 WHAT LEVELS OF CONTENTS COVER DO YOU PROVIDE? You can select any limit between £15,000 and £100,000; this section is subject to single items limits of: FIRST4COVER FAQ DOCUMENT PAGE 4
  5. 5. Up to £5,000 For any one Plasma, Liquid Crystal Display, Digital Light Projection, Front Projection or CRT Front Projection television, free-standing hot tub, free-standing jacuzzi or free-standing spa. Up to £1,500 For any other item, pair or set that is defined as a valuable. Full details can be found within the Policy Wording. 3.6 WHAT IS PERSONAL ITEMS COVER? If you add this to your contents cover, it gives you extra protection for your portable possessions when they are outside of your home- things like jewellery, glasses, cameras, pedal cycles and mobile phones - in Britain and abroad for the limit shown in your policy documents. If you have a new camera it's covered by your contents policy while it's in the house. But take it out for the day to take pictures of your family at a wedding and you'll need Personal possessions cover. Full details can be found within the Policy Wording. 3.7 WHAT LEVELS OF PERSONAL ITEMS COVER DO YOU PROVIDE? You can select any amount between £2,500 and £10,000 and there is a single item limit of £1500 (£500 for Pedal Cycles). The personal items section also includes the following additional benefits · Money Cover up to £500 · Credit Cards up to £1000 · Pedal Cycles up to £1000 Full details can be found within the Policy Wording. 3.8 WHAT ADDITIONAL COVERS ARE AVAILABLE? You can choose to enhance the policy by adding any of these valuable options - · Home Emergency Cover · Family Legal Protection · Accidental Damage to Contents · Personal Items The first4cover quote will automatically include Home Emergency Cover and Family Legal Protection. They can be excluded from the policy with a simple click, which will reduce the premium accordingly. Full details can be found within the Policy Wording. FIRST4COVER FAQ DOCUMENT PAGE 5
  6. 6. 3.9 WHAT ARE THE POLICY EXCESSES? The following excess apply Home Insurance Policy · £75 Accidental Damage claims · £1,000 Subsidence, landslip and land heave · £50 All other claims Family Legal Protection £0 excess applies unless you appoint your own solicitor and then a £250 excess will apply Home Emergency Cover £0 excess Full details can be found within the Policy Wording. 3.10 HOW CAN I SEE IF ANY ENDORSEMENTS APPLY TO THE POLICY? You can view any endorsements from the quotation page. Simply click on ‘view endorsement detail’. It’s important to remember that endorsements will not apply in every case but when they do, you must ensure the customer is fully aware and understands what is required before accepting the policy. 4.1 WILL THE SYSTEM ISSUE QUOTE DOCUMENTS? Yes. Once you have completed a full quote, a quotation pack is available for you to print and/or save so you can either send or email it to your customer. 4.2 WILL THE SYSTEM ISSUE SOLD POLICY DOCUMENTS? Once you have completed the sale, policy documents are sent by first4cover direct to your customer. They will be issued within five days of the completion of the sale. Can I recall the policy? Yes, click on the ‘home’ link at the top of your screen which will take you to the menu page. Simply click on ‘find an existing quote’. You can then search for your customer and the status of the policy will be shown, i.e. rated (quoted), accepted, cancelled or lapsed. 4.4 CAN FIRST4COVER BE USED FOR BOTH “ADVISED” AND “NON-ADVISED” SALES? Yes, first4cover is suitable for both options. You will need to inform your customer whether the sale is being made on an “advised” or “non-advised” basis within your own Initial Disclosure Document. FIRST4COVER FAQ DOCUMENT PAGE 6
  7. 7. 4.5 DO I NEED TO ADD ANYTHING TO THE PACK MYSELF? Yes. You will need to create a Covering Letter and a Statement of Demands and Needs if the sale is non-advised, or you have not asked first4cover to provide it. 4.6 HOW DO I OBTAIN CONFIRMATION OF COVER FOR MY RECORDS OR FOR A LENDER? Once you have converted a policy, a confirmation screen will be displayed. You can simply print this screen and it will provide the necessary information for the lender, solicitor or for you. It is possible to revisit this screen at a later date by using the search facility described in 4.3. 4.7 CAN I EMAIL DOCUMENTS TO MY CUSTOMERS? Yes. The quote documents are delivered to your PC on a PDF. All you have to do to email them is save the PDF, then attach it to an email and then send it to your customer. 5.1 WHAT PAYMENT OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE? We offer payment by interest free Direct Debit, there is no initial deposit and the premium is paid over 11 equal payments commencing around 10 days after the policy is accepted. Your customer will receive a welcome pack from Premium Credit Limited within a few days of taking out a policy. 5.2 WHO ARE PREMIUM CREDIT LIMITED? They are the company that handles the administration and collection of the Direct Debit payments. 5.3 CAN MY CUSTOMER CHANGE THE MONTHLY COLLECTION DATE? Yes, the customer simply needs to call Premium Credit Limited once they have received their welcome pack and the collection date can be changed free of charge. 6.1 WHEN DO I RECEIVE MY COMMISSION? Commissions for any business sold in a month will be paid at the end of the following month. 6.2 What should I do if I have processed an application incorrectly or made a mistake? Simply call us straight away on 0845 603 4539 quoting the policy number and the error made and our staff will be happy to process any amendments. If we have already sent a policy pack then we will need to speak directly with the customer to process an amendment. 6.3 WHAT HAPPENS WITH MID-TERM CHANGES AND RENEWALS? All queries and changes will be handled by the first4cover contact centre, you simply sell the policy and we take care of the rest, you will continue to receive commission payments for the life of the policy! FIRST4COVER FAQ DOCUMENT PAGE 7
  8. 8. 6.4 WHAT SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE IN THE EVENT OF A CLAIM? You can rest assured that if the worst does happen, your customer will have immediate access to our claims service. All our claims lines including Family Legal Protection and Home Emergency Cover are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 7.1 HOW DO I ENSURE THAT I’M USING THE MOST UP-TO-DATE SYSTEM VERSION AND INSURER RATES? We will communicate any relevant changes to you but there are no disks to load or updates to download. Every time you log into the system the most up-to-date version will be available to use. 8.1 WHO DO I CONTACT IF I HAVE ANY OTHER QUESTIONS? Call 0845 603 4539 to reach the first4cover user helpline. You will be presented with 3 options: Press 1 » if you are calling about an MPPI policy (queries about the cover provided, if additional cover is required, if a policy declines under the system etc.) Press 2 » if you are calling about a household policy (queries relating to the cover provided, if additional cover is required, if a policy declines under the system etc.) Press 3 » if you are calling about a technical query about the site PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS NUMBER IS NOT INTENDED FOR CUSTOMER USE. FIRST4COVER FAQ DOCUMENT PAGE 8