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Info On Starting A Small Business

  1. 1. Career and Workforce — WPDI Illinois Small Business (847) 543-2033 Development Center A Great Place to Start and Grow Your Business Our Services Whether you are considering starting a new business, growing an existing business or selling a business, the Illinois Small Business Development Center (SBDC) can assist you by providing training, advice and resources, such as: G One-on-one counseling (offered at Grayslake G Referrals to small business service providers and Southlake Campuses. Also available in G Access to our small business Español.) resource library G Assistance in developing business plans G Seminars on topics ranging from starting a G Strategic planning and marketing business to marketing to business planning G Support in securing loans Now offering counseling and “Starting a Business in Illinois” workshop in Spanish. Sé habla Español. Our small business development consultants work one on one with small business owners to address individual business needs. Services are FREE or offered at substantially reduced rates. The Illinois SBDC offers a variety of workshops for small businesses: 1. Start-up and business planning 2. Marketing/sales/public relations 3. Legalities of business ownership 4. Accounting and finance 5. Commerce and technology See page 15C for more Workshops details. For more information on our services, The Illinois Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is funded workshops and resources: Call (847) 543-2033 in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Illinois Department of Commerce & E-mail: Economic Opportunity and the College of Lake County. All SBA programs are extended to the public on a nondiscrimination basis. Visit: Room T302, CLC Grayslake Campus, Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance. Please contact 19351 West Washington Street, Grayslake, IL 60030 the center at (847) 543-2033 or TDD: (847) 223-0134. 24C
  2. 2. Career and Workforce — WPDI Illinois Small Business (847) 543-2033 Development Center Grow your business: Attend our workshops for small business success! Learn how to grow your company strategically, soundly and sanely with expert instruction from the Illinois SBDC. Our “Know to Grow” workshops provide new and updated low-cost learning opportunities for pre- venture small businesses, existing small businesses, emerging businesses and entrepreneurs. Workshops topics include: G Entrepreneurship – Is Franchised Ownership Right for You? Compare three options: Starting from Scratch, Buying a Business, Buying a Franchise. Our focus will be on the many benefits of going into franchising. G Business Entity & Investment Considerations Discuss various entities, their basic tax benefits along with smart money management of your business. G QuickBooks Beginning and Intermediate Learn what QuickBooks can do for your business (QuickBooks Intro or proficiency required). Marketing Workshops for Small Business: Don’t be sorry – be safe, attend one of our monthly Starting a Business in G Marketing Magic: A to Z Illinois workshops Insightful Program covering ALL aspects of G Learn what is required to legally start a forming a Complete Marketing Plan that is over business in Illinois and Lake County 90% successful. G Develop skills for start-up and operations G Make Your Business Grow! Marketing 101 G Feasibility and business plan elements for Small Business Separate yourself from your competition and Get Started! Enroll today! discover various ways to communicate your G September 9 (Grayslake Campus) message. G October TBA (in Spanish) G Making Marketing Work on a Tight Budget G November 5 (Southlake Campus) Reach the right customers the right way and G December 9 (Grayslake Campus) watch sales and profit rise. Know what you offer the marketplace and why it’s important. G Relationship Marketing NxLevel Learn the secrets of turning your rolodex into a Business Start up Workshop WORKFORCE SERVICES million dollar asset. Get to the Next Level. Start with an idea… G End with a business plan Marketing Your Business on the Web 10 week class -Tuesday evenings From creating an effective website, content do's 9/16-11/18, 2008 - 6:30-9:30 p.m. & don'ts, search engine optimization, marketing See page 15C for details your web site, e-commerce, and much more. G E-mail Marketing Using Constant Contact Sponsored by: Learn to market effectively and efficiently using Constant Contact. Everything is moving to the web – make the move. 25C
  3. 3. Career and Workforce — Small Business SMALL BUSINESS WORKSHOPS STARTING A BUSINESS IN ILLINOIS Starting a business in Illinois isn’t as simple as pressing a button. There are laws, regulations, rules and reports a company must Accounting & Finance abide by and produce. Don’t be sorry, be safe and learn what is required of businesses. In this two hour workshop, you will learn BASIC RECORDKEEPING FOR SMALL BUSINESS about: Corporations, LLC’s, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships; Accurate and complete records are a must for all business owners taxes for sales, employees and income; regulations and licenses; to succeed and meet government tax requirements. Learn how to insurance and bonding; labor laws and practices; feasibility & busi- prepare a balance sheet, income statement, and projected cash flow ness plan elements. statement. Additionally, understand the use of financial ratios and Cost: $20.00 comparative analysis to measure your business' progress and iden- 3342 TBSM 10-001 0630P-0830 T GLC T327 09/09 09/09 OSMOND tify when to make adjustments. 3345 TBSM 10-004 0630P-0830 T GLC T327 12/09 12/09 OSMOND 3344 TBSM 10-200 0630P-0830 W SLC V336 11/05 11/05 STAFF Cost: $60.00 3655 TBSM 6-001 0630P-0930 W GLC T327 10/01 10/08 STAFF COMENZAR UN NEGOCIO EN ILLINOIS QUICKBOOKS MODULE 1 – A PRACTICAL INTRODUCTION Comenzar un negocio en Illinois no es tan simple como presionan- Benefit from this hands-on workshop where you will learn how to set do un botón. Hay leyes, regulaciones, reglas y reportes que toda up and understand financial statements including Profit & Loss, compañía debe respetar y producir. Esté seguro de lo qué se Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Breakeven. QuickBooks is the stan- require de su negocio, no este arrepentido después. En este taller dard for small business management. de dos horas, usted aprenderá acerca de: corporaciones, LLC, aso- ciación y propietario único; impuestos para ventas, empleados e SMALL BUSINESS Cost: $149.00 ingresos; regulaciones y licencias; seguro y vinculación; leyes labo- 3546 TBSM 20-001 0600P-1000 R GLC T338 09/11 09/18 STAFF rales y practices laborales; la viabilidad y elementos del plan empre- 3605 TBSM 20-002 0600P-1000 R GLC T338 11/13 11/20 STAFF 3606 TBSM 20-200 0830A-0430 R SLC V102 10/23 10/23 STAFF sarial. Costo: $20.00 3343 TBSM 10-002 0630P-0830 W GLC T308 10/08 10/08 STAFF QUICKBOOKS - MODULE 2 - INTERMEDIATE In this QuickBooks Module you will learn to analyze financial data to ENTREPRENEURSHIP – IS FRANCHISED BUSINESS OWNERSHIP better understand your business; how to create and customize reports; how to track and pay sale tax; and payroll functions includ- RIGHT FOR YOU ing setting up payroll, overview of payroll tracking and payment Whether you have been downsized, outsourced, given early retire- process for payroll taxes. ment or just want to leave the corporate world to achieve more fulfill- Cost: $99.00 ment and satisfaction, franchising is one of the leading paths to busi- 3654 TBSM 21-001 0600P-1000 R GLC T338 12/11 12/11 STAFF ness ownership, but is it right for you? We will compare three options: Starting from Scratch, Buying a Business and Buying a Franchise. Our focus will be on the many benefits of going into franchising. Learn what you get and what you give when you buy a franchise. Finally, Start-Up & Business Planning learn how to find which franchised business fits you best. Cost: $30.00 SMART START TO YOUR SMALL BUSINESS 3604 TBSM 11-001 0630P-0830 R GLC T327 10/09 10/09 STAFF 3633 TBSM 11-200 0630P-0830 R SLC R024 11/06 11/06 STAFF Starting your own business is exciting and liberating, but it can also be scary, confusing and risky. Attending this workshop is your first step on the road to success. The seminar provides valuable advice and information concerning the basics of the business world and how they affect your business. Learn how to determine the type of Marketing & Sales legal structure that is best for your business, how to prepare and present your business plan, determine and apply business feasibili- ty, what financial assistance is available to you, how to analyze your MAKE YOUR BUSINESS GROW! - MARKETING 101 FOR SMALL profit and loss statement and explore break-even analysis. BUSINESS Cost: $35.00 This workshop will show you why marketing is vitally important for a 3868 TBSM 7-200 0630P-0930 R SLC R006 10/02 10/02 STAFF small business. Learn what marketing is and different ways it can be done. Separate yourself from your competition and discover various ways to communicate that message through advertising. Discover NXLEVEL BUSINESS START-UP the value of keeping in touch with your customers and efficient ways Begin with an idea end with a business plan. This 10-week to accomplish it. course teaches the fundamentals of starting a business from Cost: $30.00 forming the idea to gaining your first customer and everything in 3603 TBSM 25-001 0630P-0830 W GLC T327 09/17 09/17 STAFF between. Week by week you will build your business through market research, financial modeling and operations. Registration deadline is September 3, 2008 Cost: $350 (Books Included) 3547 TBSM 8-001 0630P-0930 T GLC T327 09/16 11/18 OSMOND Cost: $435 (Books and Business Plan Pro software) 3548 TBSM 8-002 0630P-0930 T GLC T326 09/16 11/18 OSMOND Sponsored by: Having trouble understanding all these codes and numbers? See page 1C for information. 15C
  4. 4. Career and Workforce — Small Business RELATIONSHIP MARKETING Commerce and Technology Want to know the secrets of turning your rolodex into a million dollar asset for your business? This course teaches the essential keep in touch strategies that build customer loyalty, increase sales, and set EMAIL MARKETING USING CONSTANT CONTACT you apart in your industry. Learn why keep in touch marketing is Learn to market effectively and efficiently using Constant Contact. essential in today's marketplace and helps you attract customers like This workshop will provide the fundamentals for Internet based com- a magnet. Leverage key techniques for building strong, life-long munications. Everything is moving to the web – make the move. relationships with prospects, clients, and your entire network. Cost: $70.00 Cost: $30.00 3632 TBSM 23-200 0630P-0830 T SLC V104 10/14 10/28 STAFF 3891 TBSM 51-001 0700P-0830 W GLC T327 10/22 10/22 STAFF MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS ON THE WEB MARKETING MAGIC: A TO Z Whether your company is a one-person show or part of a growing This workshop is an all inclusive quot;Insightful Programquot; covering ALL corporation, we will show you a solution that works. A well-designed aspects of forming a Complete Marketing Plan that historically is web site can be one of your most powerful marketing tools. In this over 90% successful when the E.P.I.C. (Examine, Planning, class we will discuss: good and bad design elements, creating an Implementing & Controlling) process is followed. It is definitely true effective website, web content do's & don'ts, search engine opti- that the more you put into this process the more successful the mization, marketing your web site, e-commerce, how to build a site results of the Plan. This has worked successfully for small and large that appeals to your target audience, and much more. You don’t companies for over 35 years. need a larger budget to compete on the web; you just need an effec- Cost: $50.00 tive well thought out website. If you are on your first web site or fac- 3608 TBSM 58-200 0630P-0930 W SLC V336 11/12 11/19 STAFF ing a redesign of an existing site, this class will help you through the process. MAKING MARKETING WORK ON A TIGHT BUDGET Cost: $35.00 3904 TBSM 26-001 0630P-0930 W GLC T327 09/24 09/24 STAFF Reach the right customers the right way and watch sales and profits rise to the next level. You will study your competitors, refine your product message, develop marketing materials, and generate unique and cost-effective promotional ideas that are ideal for a busi- ness on a limited budget. Cost: $35.00 3607 TBSM 59-001 0730P-0930 W GLC T327 10/15 10/15 STAFF Legalities of Business Ownership LEGAL FUNDAMENTALS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES As a small business owner, the first decisions that you make about your business have long-term implications. This workshop helps focus you, as a business owner, to select a legal structure (i.e., sole proprietorship, a Limited Liability Company and S or C Corporation) and provide information on liability differences and tax conse- quences associated with each. Attend this workshop and discuss which is best for your small business, as well as trademark implica- tions, immigration and employment concerns. Cost: $40.00 3865 TBSM 81-001 0630P-0930 R GLC T327 10/16 10/16 STAFF BUSINESS ENTITY & INVESTMENT CONSIDERATIONS FOR SMALL BUSINESS This workshop provides a discussion of various entities available for small businesses and their basic tax benefits. Smart Money man- agement is essential to the growth of your business. Make sure your hard work pays off by planning ahead. The Illinois Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is funded in part through a cooperative agree- Cost: $30.00 ment with the U.S. Small Business Administration, the 3905 TBSM 83-001 0630P-0830 R GLC T323 11/13 11/13 STAFF Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic 3869 TBSM 83-200 0630P-0830 T SLC R006 10/07 10/07 STAFF Opportunity and the College of Lake County. All SBA programs are extended to the public on a nondiscrimi- nation basis. Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance. Please contact the center at (847) 543-2033 or TDD: (847) 223-0134. 16C For more information on these workshops, call (847) 543-2033 or visit the web at: