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Car Warranty Insurance Uk

  1. 1. quot;A Warranty Without Weasel Wordsquot; Warrantywise the UK's Best Used Car Warranty sales: 0800 169 7880 email: claims: 0845 293 2570 Policy email: web: Document Warrantywise the UK's Best Used Car Warranty Warrantywise is a trade mark of Warranty Wise Insurance Services. All covers underwritten at Lloyd’s of London and subject to limitations, terms and conditions; available from Warrantywise and at Any figures quoted are including VAT and/or IPT at the appropriate rate. The ‘UK’s Best Car Warranty’ is an opinion held by Quentin Willson. Pictures and diagrams for illustration only. Warrantywise is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority. quot;A Warranty Without Weasel Wordsquot;
  2. 2. Warrantywise the UK's Best Used Car Warranty Designing the UK’s Best Used Car Warranty Contents Key Facts 3-4 has been quite a challenge. What is Insured 5 For years I have been saying that used Policy Policy Additions Out of Pocket Expenses 5 9 Document Servicing Your Vehicle 10 car warranties aren’t worth the paper How to Make a Claim 11 they’re printed on, well here’s my General Conditions 12 chance to change all that... What this Insurance does NOT cover Definitions 14 16 Quentin Willson Important Information 18 1 quot;A Warranty Without Weasel Wordsquot; 2
  3. 3. manufacturer (within our policy HOW YOU CAN MAKE A CLAIM 2 Secondly, if you are still not number is 300482. You can check the These are the Key Facts that the Financial Services Authority (FSA) who conditions) or (vi) if you have made If you need to make a claim simply completely satisfied you can write FSA Register at regulate the insurance industry, requires that we bring to your attention. any false declaration to us in order to ring our claims office on: to the Lloyd’s Syndicate Underwriter or by telephoning the FSA on obtain this insurance or in order to 0845 293 2570 and follow the claims at: Complaints Department, 0845 606 1234. satisfy our claim conditions; in all procedure outlined within the policy. Cassidy Davis, Fourth Floor, SIGNIFICANT FEATURES AND BENEFITS Limitations are: proposal and schedule to us together FINANCIAL SERVICES cases by sending you notice in writing 50 Fenchurch Street, London, COMPENSATION SCHEME Cover is available for ‘all’ mechanical • Damage to bodywork, paintwork, with your request in writing (by Special (by Special or Recorded Delivery) to THE INSURERS EC3M 3JY. and ‘all’ electrical parts of your windscreen, interior and exterior trim or Recorded Delivery to ensure we You are protected under the Financial These facts are not the full terms and you and by refunding you the We only offer insurances underwritten vehicle (there’s no list of parts). receive it) within 30 days of the policy 3 Then, if, for any reason your Services Compensation Scheme. conditions, they are in the remainder including carpets and seat 100% by Cassidy Davis - Lloyd’s start date and providing we have not balance of any remaining premium complaint has not been addressed of this policy – but are a way in which Repairs at any VAT registered garage, coverings etc. If the insurers become insolvent or are authorised any claims, all cover will after the deduction of our Syndicate 5820 at Lloyd’s of London. to your complete satisfaction you you can compare insurances quickly including your local garage or main unable to meet their obligations, the • Any consumable items replaced cancelation fee. be cancelled and your premium ADVICE can write to: Policyholder and scheme will cover 100% of your from one company to another and dealer. during the recommended servicing refunded in full without any OUR ACCEPTANCE Market Assistance, Lloyd’s Market insured benefits up to £2,000 and decide if our services are right for you of your vehicle such as: spark plugs, Warrantywise operate a non-advisory Car hire, recovery, hotel and travel deductions. You can cancel outside Services, Lloyd’s of London, One 90% of the remainder of any claim, – they should provide an accurate oils, fluids, filters, wiper blades, fan Once we have received your signed service and do not recommend any expenses are included together with of this period at any time provided Lime Street, London EC3M 7HA. without any upper limit. summary but do not form any part of belts, bulbs, brake pads and brake proposal we will issue you with a particular policy of insurance or any 90 days European cover. you have not made or attempted to this contract of insurance. policy schedule, this confirms our policy addition or course of action to 4 Lastly, should you still remain shoes (unless required in order to YOUR DEMANDS AND NEEDS No ‘Weasel Words’ (Quentin Willson’s make any claim, then the remaining dissatisfied you have the right to complete a valid claim). acceptance of your policy on risk. you. phrase). We don’t insist on any Excess balance of your premium will be ask the Financial Ombudsman It is important that you read our The insurers reserve the right not to or exclude claims for Betterment, • Parts that have not suffered a refunded less our cancellation fee. FEES Information leaflet or booklet WARRANTYWISE – THE UK’S BEST accept your proposal and to cancel Service to review your complaint. Consequential Damage or for failure failure. In all other cases or where you are (supplied with your quotation) or the USED CAR WARRANTY? your insurance forthwith without the We will not charge you any fee for The right to apply to the due to Wear & Tear. • The failure of parts due to wear & paying your premiums monthly, Ombudsman must be exercised details provided on our website at: This warranty is offered by Warranty issue of a policy schedule and to providing you with details or tear where our additional cover cancellation is without return of any within six months of the date of any and read the Wise Insurance Services. Quentin return to you any premiums paid information about the insurances we SIGNIFICANT REQUIREMENTS against wear & tear has not been premium. policy document and then make Willson, who has been instrumental in without any deduction. offer. previous decision. Please write to: Your vehicle must have at least 3 included. The Financial Ombudsman Service, your own choice of insurance its design, believes it to be the UK’s CANCELLATION BY US months MOT remaining at the policy HOW LONG COVER LASTS HOW TO CONTACT US AND HOW TO South Quay Plaza, together with any policy options or Best Used Car Warranty. It will pay • Faults which were present with the We reserve the right to cancel your start date and must be serviced by a MAKE A COMPLAINT additions that you may require as a towards the costs of parts and labour vehicle prior to the policy start date. Your cover will commence on the 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR. VAT registered garage as policy immediately if; (i) your vehicle 1 Firstly, if you have any questions policy start date and will continue for vehicle owner who demands to garage repairs following a failure of • Faults caused due to a lack of is declared an insurance category 5 At any time you can contact recommended by the manufacturer the period of insurance confirmed in please contact Warrantywise by ensure that your vehicle warranty an insured part of your vehicle. correct servicing, neglect or write-off or (ii) if your vehicle is stolen Quentin Willson via email at: during the policy period. the policy schedule up to a telephoning 0800 169 7880 (or) if needs are fully met, both now and in Provided the appropriate premium accidental damage. or (iii) if you transfer ownership of your maximum of three years. you have a complaint by writing to the foreseeable future in line with the has been paid this insurance may be SIGNIFICANT EXCLUSIONS • Claims in excess of the retail value vehicle without initiating a policy the Customer Services Manager, WHO REGULATES US period of cover available and extent extended to include other applicable AND LIMITATIONS transfer (within our policy transfer of your vehicle. HOW TO RENEW Warrantywise Insurance Services at of insurance available from benefits (policy additions) details of Warrantywise aim to provide you Warrantywise operate insurance conditions) or (iv) if you change Ribble Court, 1 Mead Way, We will write to you on or before the services as a Coverholder at Lloyd’s Warrantywise. which are to be found within the with the highest level of cover, CANCELLATION BY YOU your address to outside of the date of expiry of your policy advising Shuttleworth Mead Business Park, of London and are authorised and policy and at however there are some things If having applied to Warrantywise you United Kingdom (v) if you fail to whether or not the insurers will offer Padiham, BB12 7NG. regulated by the Financial Services this insurance may not provide. decide that you do not want this maintain or service your vehicle as you beneficial renewal terms. Authority (FSA). Our FSA registered 3 Importantly these Exclusions and insurance, simply return the policy, recommended by the vehicle 4
  4. 4. What is Insured • Air Conditioning System. Excess: There is no main Policy 9. RADIO, CD/DVD and SATELLITE equipment and/or diagnostic IMPORTANT the cost of repairing or replacing the Note: For a full list of exclusions • Electrical Systems and Instruments. Excess but if You have decided to NAVIGATION techniques recommended by the We reserve the right to specify the use Vehicle's catalytic converter, following please see: What this Insurance Does This Insurance will pay towards the • Oil Seals and Gaskets (Engine and include a voluntary excess with Your 10. TYRES Vehicle manufacturer. of a similar (like for like) replacement the exhaust gas failing to meet the NOT cover. Repair Cost following a Failure of Your Gearbox). Policy this will be shown in Your Policy wheel with regard to the make and relevant in-service manufacturer's Vehicle, within the Geographical Claim Limit: This Policy Addition is 4. FAILURE DUE TO WEAR & TEAR Schedule together with Your reduced WHAT IS INSURED specification of Your wheel(s) before emissions standards or MOT emissions Limits, during the Period of Insurance, ...all Parts, integral and attached to subject to a claims limit of £500, WHAT IS INSURED premium. If You have selected one or more of the damage. Photographic test, subject to: subject to the Conditions and each of the above Assemblies and including VAT, per claim (or any other This Policy Addition covers You against the following Policy Additions (if evidence may be required in support Exclusions herein. Parts directly associated with each Exclusions: Any Part of any Optional amount specifically noted on Your (a) The catalytic converter being Repair Costs where Failure occurs available as a part of Your Policy) and of a claim. Any suspected criminal Assembly's function are also included. Assembly (above) or Policy Additions Policy Schedule). found to be no longer due, solely or in part, to Wear and You have paid the additional damage to wheels should be PARTS COVERED (following pages) will be excluded serviceable using diagnostic IMPORTANT premium (see Your Policy Schedule for Excess: Nil, unless You have selected reported to the police (within 48 Tear on any Part or Parts within the This insurance is designed to enable from the Level of Cover unless You equipment and/or diagnostic You may choose to exclude one or inclusion) You will be entitled to the a voluntary excess which will be hours) and a Police Crime Reference scope of this Policy. you to cover all mechanical and all have selected that particular Optional techniques as recommended by more of the Optional Assemblies additional cover, subject to the shown on Your Policy Schedule. number obtained which will be electrical Parts of Your Vehicle. For Assembly or Policy Addition as a part the Vehicle manufacturer or Claim Limit: This Policy Addition is listed above (please see Your Policy Conditions as set out herein. required before any valid claim can Your convenience We have broken of Your Policy and You have paid the Exclusions: This Policy Addition does Vehicle Inspectorate. subject to the Single Claim Limit. Schedule for details of those that are be authorised. down a vehicle's Parts into named appropriate additional premium (see IMPORTANT not provide for the replacement of covered). (b) The results of the failed test being Excess: Nil, unless You have Assemblies, some of which are Your Policy Schedule for inclusion). You can choose to include any of the any Part of the air bag system where Claim Limit: This Policy Addition is made available to Our claims selected a voluntary excess which will optional and which You may choose ALSO INCLUDED applicable Policy Additions after the replacement is necessary due to subject to a claim limit of £1,000, Note: For a full list of exclusions department before authorisation be shown on Your Policy Schedule. to exclude in order to better suit Your Policy Start Date at any time within the impact, shock, accidental damage including VAT, at the maximum rate of Consequential Damage to Parts. please see: What this Insurance Does is requested. needs. first 30 days of this Policy, however no or the replacement of the air bag £250 per alloy wheel, including VAT Exclusions: The cover does not Where the failure of a part, not NOT cover. All Parts of the following selected claims will be authorised against such itself nor the air bag detonator unit or (or any other amount specifically (c) The results print out from a extend to Worn Parts which have not included within the Level of Cover, Policy Additions during the first 30 noted on Your Policy Schedule). suffered a Failure. Assemblies are included... under any circumstances where successful test following the causes the Failure of a Part which is days or 1,000 miles after such deployment of the air bag has replacement is submitted to the Included in all Policies included within the Level of Cover. Policy Additions inclusion, whichever occurs first. previously taken place. Excess: Nil, unless You have selected claims department with the repair Note: For a full list of exclusions • Engine. a voluntary excess which will be please see: What this Insurance Does Parts Replaced in Pairs. In order to enhance the cover invoice. • Gearbox and Transmission. Note: For a full list of exclusions Note: For a full list of exclusions shown on Your Policy Schedule. NOT cover. This insurance also covers the provided and maintain the claim that please see: What this Insurance Does • Clutch. please see: What this Insurance Does Claim Limit: This Policy Addition is this is the UK's Best Used Car Warranty, Exclusions: Space saver wheels. 5. INCORRECT FUELLING • Drive Train. following Parts, recommended by the NOT cover. NOT cover. subject to a claims limit of £500 per We have made available the Wheels damaged due to off-road WHAT IS INSURED • Running Gear. manufacturer to be replaced in pairs claim, including VAT (or any other following Policy Additions. 1. AIR BAG SYSTEM 2. ALLOY WHEELS use, racing or rallying or wheels which This Policy Addition covers You against as good engineering practice, when amount specifically noted on Your Optional (see Policy Schedule for WHAT IS INSURED are corroded or porous, damage to the reasonable cost of: only one Part has suffered a Failure 1. AIR BAG SYSTEM WHAT IS INSURED Policy Schedule). inclusion) This Policy Addition covers You against stud holes and cosmetic damage. (for example) brake discs, brake 2. ALLOY WHEELS This Policy Addition covers You against Excess: Nil, unless You have selected (a) emptying, flushing, cleaning out • Steering and Suspension. drums, road springs, shock absorbers. the Repair Cost of any Part of the the cost of repairing or replacing Alloy Note: For a full list of exclusions 3. CATALYTIC CONVERTER and/or unblocking of Your • Braking System. Vehicle's air bag system due to the Wheels that have suffered accidental a voluntary excess which will be 4. FAILURE DUE TO WEAR AND TEAR please see: What this Insurance Does Vehicle's: fuel tank, fuel lines, Claim Limit: You are Indemnified Failure of a Part causing the shown on Your Schedule. • Fuel System 5. INCORRECT FUELLING rim damage (kerbed) including the NOT cover. against reasonable Repair Costs up filters, lift pump, accumulator, • Cooling and Heating System. activation of the air bag warning reasonable costs of fitting and to the Single Claim Limit and within 6. KEYS and LOCKS Exclusions: Accidental damage to, regulator and fuel return system, system where a Part of the air bag balancing of the wheel during normal 3. CATALYTIC CONVERTER the Sum Insured (including VAT). 7. LABOUR RATES or corrosion of the catalyst. including the disposing of wasted system is found to be no longer everyday on the road driving, WHAT IS INSURED 8. MOT FAILURE contaminated fuel, 5 serviceable using diagnostic rendering the wheel un-roadworthy. This Policy Addition covers You against 6
  5. 5. (b) cleaning, repairing or replacing IMPORTANT the Labour rate selected by You as including VAT (or any higher or lower BRAKES manufacturer's warranty period, defects which may block the 9. RADIO, CD/DVD PLAYER, of Your Vehicle's injector pump Any suspected theft or criminal shown on Your Policy Schedule. amount noted on Your Policy All braking components listed within where the insured Part is subject driver's view of the road and SATELLITE NAVIGATION and/or injectors, due to You filling damage should be reported to the Schedule). the VOSA MOT Test Schedule, but to a manufacturer's recall glazing generally; exhaust system, WHAT IS INSURED IMPORTANT Your Vehicle's fuel tank with police (within 48 hours) and a Police excluding brake pads and shoes. campaign; inherent catalyst and emissions (unless This Policy Addition covers You against In the event of a valid claim being Excess: Nil, unless You have incorrect fuel. Crime Reference number obtained manufacturer's design fault or the included under the Catalytic the Repair Costs due to the Failure of authorised, unless You have selected a voluntary excess which will SEATBELTS which will be required before any problem was in existence prior to Converter Policy Addition); the Radio or CD/DVD player or Claim Limit: This Policy Addition is purchased this Policy Addition, this be shown on Your Policy Schedule. All seatbelt components listed within valid claim can be authorised. the sale of the MOT Policy general vehicle condition; Satellite Navigation equipment subject to a claims limit of £500, insurance will pay towards the cost of the VOSA MOT Schedule, but Photographic evidence may be Number of Valid Claims Allowed: Addition or any other defect cracked or broken mirror glass, provided that the items were fitted to including VAT (or any higher or lower a Repairer's Labour at the basic rate excluding cut or chewed straps and required in support of a criminal One valid claim is allowed in any previously reported to Us. fuel leaks, registration plates and Your Vehicle by the Vehicle amount noted on Your Policy of £35.00 per hour, including VAT. webbing. damage claim. period of 12 months. VIN numbers together with any manufacturer as original equipment. Schedule). 5. Vehicles which are: modified in Note: It is important that You GENERAL serviceable items such as wiper Claims Limit: This Policy Addition is PARTS COVERED any way from the manufacturer's Excess: Nil, unless You have consider carefully the adequacy of All General items listed within the blades etc; loss, damage or Claim Limit: This Policy Addition is subject to a claim limit of £500, The following Parts are covered should original specification, or include selected a voluntary excess which will the hourly Labour rate that You may VOSA MOT Schedule. liability which is claimable under subject to a claims limit of £1,000, including VAT (or any higher or lower they require repairing or replacing any experimental equipment be shown on Your Policy Schedule. have decided to include within Your any other existing insurance, including VAT (or any other amount amount noted on Your Policy during the Period of Insurance in order Exclusions: We will not pay for any whether or not supplied by the Policy as We will not pay any more warranty or guarantee; misuse or specifically noted on Your Policy Exclusions: This insurance does not Schedule). for a VOSA MOT Certificate (VT20) to costs caused by, arising from, or in manufacturer, owned temporarily than the rate selected, including VAT. any kind of act or omission which Schedule). extend to include the repair or be issued. The failed Parts must be connection with the following: or otherwise (resulting from trade- Excess: Nil, unless You have If a Repairer charges a higher rate is wilful, unlawful or negligent. replacement cost of any other Part(s) noted on the VOSA MOT fail in or acquisition for the purposes Excess: Nil, unless You have selected a voluntary excess which will than the level You have selected You 1. Any of your out of pocket of resale) by a car dealer, lease 8. VAT where You are VAT registered selected a voluntary excess which will damaged by using incorrect fuel nor certificate (VT30) which must be be shown on Your Policy Schedule. will be responsible for the difference. expenses, including: Car Hire, company or business formed for or where Your Vehicle is registered be shown on Your Policy Schedule. does it include the cost of disposed produced to support a valid claim. Recovery, Hotel or Travel the purposes of servicing motor with DVLA to a VAT registered fuel or the cost of re-fuelling. Exclusions: This cover does not Claim Limit: Single Claim Limit. Exclusions: Software faults or Only the Parts listed under the expenses during any period Your Vehicles or used at any time for business. extend to include any Part of the upgrades, aerials. Note: For a full list of exclusions Excess: Nil, unless You have selected following headings as specified on Vehicle is off the road and commerce, hire or reward, or in central (or automatic) locking system 9. Any costs incurred in excess or please see: What this Insurance Does a voluntary excess which will be the VOSA MOT Test Schedule are undergoing MOT Failure repairs. any sort of rally, racing or any kind or alarm mechanism and also outside of the liability under this Note: For a full list of exclusions NOT cover. shown on Your Policy Schedule. included, any item not specifically 2. Any claim made within 90 days of competition or trial, please see: What this Insurance Does excludes the replacement of any key Policy Option. It is Your mentioned is not insured. of the Policy Start Date or more commercial driving or tuition. NOT cover. 6. KEYS AND LOCKS fob batteries. Exclusions: For a full list of exclusions responsibility to meet any dealer please see: What this Insurance Does LIGHTING EQUIPMENT than 30 days before or 30 days 6. Any Vehicle over 9 years of age or Repairer charges in excess of, WHAT IS INSURED Note: For a full list of exclusions 10. TYRES NOT cover. All lighting equipment listed within the after the MOT due date notified or with higher than 90,000 or rejected as not being Our This Policy Addition covers You against please see: What this Insurance Does WHAT IS INSURED VOSA MOT Test Schedule, but on Your Policy Schedule. recorded miles at the date of liability under this insurance. the reasonable cost of repairing or NOT cover. 8. MOT FAILURE This Policy Addition is designed to pay replacing Your Vehicle's ignition and excluding cracked or broken glass or 3. The cost of the MOT test or the claim. WHAT IS INSURED 10. Any advisory faults or parts noted for the cost of a tyre (or tyres) that door keys or locks that have suffered 7. LABOUR RATES plastic lenses, bulb replacement and cost of any re-test and Labour This Policy Addition covers You against 7. Any other repair work on the Advisory Notice have incurred accidental sidewall or a Failure, been lost or stolen or WHAT IS INSURED headlight beam aim. and Parts necessitated by failing the Repair Cost of insured Parts that necessitated in order to pass an accompanying a VOSA VT20 MOT tread face damage (including suffered criminal damage. This Policy Addition covers You against a re-test. MOT test such as: corrosion of Certificate. have failed a VOSA annual MOT test. STEERING AND SUSPENSION punctures) rendering the tyre un- the charges for a Repairer's hourly All steering and suspension parts listed 4. Any claim where the fault, bodywork or chassis; fire, frost, roadworthy. Note: For a full list of exclusions Labour, in excess of the minimum Claim Limit: This Policy Addition is within the VOSA MOT Test Schedule, causing the need for repair, was impact or accident, including please see: What this Insurance Does £35.00 per hour, including VAT, up to subject to a claims limit of £750, but excluding wheel alignment. evident prior to the expiry of the road traffic accident; windscreen 7 NOT cover. 8
  6. 6. The cost of a tyre repair is: the 1.6 mm, this applies across the around the tyre circumference. Out of pocket Note: You must obtain appropriate for up to 90 days per annum Servicing your Vehicle PROOF OF SERVICING - REQUIRED reasonable cost of repair materials, central three quarters of the breadth The contribution applies to all receipts and a hire agreement from provided You accept the following: TO SUPPORT ANY CLAIM YOU MAKE including the cost of a new valve, of tread and round the entire outer valid claims made against the expenses - included a VAT registered car hire firm (proof The Failure and repair must be in a You are required to ensure the correct Servicing at a Franchised Main puncture patch if necessary; plus the circumference of the tyre. You are insurance. The insurance does Should a valid claim be authorised for required). country that is a current member of servicing of Your Vehicle during the Dealer: reasonable cost of Labour to repair fit required to pay a contribution not extend to worn out tyres any Part under the terms of this Policy, the European Union (EU). This Period of Insurance: If Your Vehicle has full main dealer VEHICLE RECOVERY CHARGES and balance the repaired tyre. towards the cost of tyre repair or which have not suffered damage the insurance will pay towards the insurance will not pay more than the (a) at Your own cost and expense, service history and Your Repairer is UP TO £200 replacement depending upon the nor tyres with less than the legally following associated costs and Labour rate quoted on Your Policy from the same main dealer network The cost of a tyre is: the reasonable If Your Vehicle needs to be (b) using only a VAT registered extent of tyre wear as follows: required depth of tread expenses. Schedule or the equivalent United then we will accept the main dealer's cost of an original tyre of similar make recovered, You can claim up to £200 garage or franchised main remaining. Kingdom manufacturer's list prices for confirmation as proof of service (or) if and quality as the damaged tyre, Between 1.6 mm and 2.0 mm of REPLACEMENT CAR HIRE UP TO £250 per claim, including VAT. dealer, Parts at the date of any valid claim You have the details of when the last including the cost of a new valve (but usable tyre tread depth remaining, (b) We reserve the right to specify the You can claim up to £50 a day, (c) by following the manufacturers IMPORTANT and subject to the Sum Insured. You appropriate service was carried out, excluding pressure sensing valves) if Your contribution = 70% use of similar (like for like) including VAT, towards the cost of a recommended service schedule This only applies if You have stated to will have to pay the Repairer and We such as a correctly completed and necessary; and the reasonable cost replacement tyres with regard to replacement vehicle whilst Your Own and intervals. Between 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm of Us that You are not covered by any will pay You in Pounds Sterling at the stamped entry in Your Vehicle's of Labour to fit and balance the new the make and specification of Vehicle is being repaired. You are usable tyre tread depth remaining, other recovery service. Sterling rate of exchange prevailing at service book, also by a franchised tyre. Your tyre(s) before the damage. responsible for the first 24 hours that IMPORTANT Your contribution = 50% the date of Failure, upon receipt of a main dealer, then that will suffice. We shall continue to provide You cannot use Your Vehicle. After Note: You must obtain appropriate We expect that all the following Claim Limit: This Policy Addition is VAT registered Repairers invoice. No Between 3.0 mm and 4.0 mm of cover on the repaired or this period You can claim for a receipts from a VAT registered service items (when and where subject to a claim limit of £1,000, work should be completed without Servicing at any VAT Registered usable tyre tread depth remaining, replaced tyre following a valid replacement vehicle for up to 5 days recovery operator (proof required). appropriate) will have been replaced: including VAT, at the maximum rate of Our prior authorisation unless under Garage: Your contribution = 30% claim. and a maximum of £250, including Lubricants, fluids, filters, coolant, £250 per tyre, including VAT, during the Emergency Repairs provision If Your vehicle service book contains OVERNIGHT HOTEL EXPENSES OR refrigerant, sparking plugs, heater VAT. within General Conditions. a stamped entry by any other VAT the Period of Insurance (or any other Exclusions: The following are (c) Any suspected criminal damage ONWARD TRAVEL UP TO £150 plugs, fan belts, timing belts and amount specifically noted on Your to tyres should be reported to the registered garage then We will require specifically excluded from the cover: IMPORTANT If You are left stranded without Your Note: You must retain copies of all tensioners. In particular We would Policy Schedule). police (within 48 hours) and a to see a dated and detailed service Worn tyres (generally) which have not We will only be liable for car hire Vehicle, more than 10 miles away related VAT receipts, agreements and draw Your attention to the servicing of Police Crime Reference number VAT receipt and/or service schedule suffered from accidental sidewall or during the reasonable period Your from Your home, You can claim up to booking forms showing precise details camshaft belts and tensioners which Excess: Nil, unless You have selected (in either case) showing exactly which tread face damage and/or which obtained which will be required Vehicle is off the road and £150 per claim, including VAT, can fail and cause serious engine a voluntary excess which will be of the service provided and date, as service items were replaced and have subsequently failed the MOT before any valid claim can be undergoing authorised repairs and towards the overnight expense of a damage which would not be shown on Your Policy Schedule. they will be required to validate any attended to, as proof of the last Test; tyres damaged due to; being authorised. Photographic only at the rate You have been hotel room (less subsistence) or covered without proof of service. claim (proof required). service in question. Replacement of damaged, worn driven under-inflated, used off-road, evidence may be required in charged within the above limits. onward travel costs by railway, bus or tyres: Tyres have typically between in competition, on track days, pace- support of a claim. taxi for one person. IMPORTANT TIME PERIOD - WHEN YOUR VEHICLE SERVICE PARTS Exclusions: We will not be liable for If You believe You are likely to incur IS DUE FOR SERVICING 6mm and 8mm of tread depth when making, racing or rallying, damaged This Policy will not pay for the cost of Note: For a full list of exclusions any replacement car hire charges in Note: You must obtain appropriate new. The legal minimum tread depth by police stingers, damage due to any of the above expenses You You are allowed 1,000 miles either any routine replacement of any please see: What this Insurance Does respect of; fuel or insurance, any lack receipts from a VAT registered hotel, of the main grooves of car (and road traffic accident, spare tyres (not should notify Us at Your earliest side of the service mileage or 30 service Parts unless such Parts are NOT cover. of availability of the correct Parts, any railway, bus or taxi firm (proof similar tyres) in the United Kingdom on the Vehicle) including space saver opportunity as we cannot make such days either side of the time period, as required in order to complete repairs delay Your Repairer may have in required). additions after a claim has been and the European Community is tyres and pressure sensing valves. recommended by Your Vehicle under a valid claim. If Your vehicle is commencing repairs or any delay validated. USING YOUR VEHICLE ABROAD manufacturer (whichever comes first) within 30 days or 1,000 miles of its IMPORTANT: You may have in finding a suitable This insurance is also valid whilst Your without any further allowance. (a) Tread depth is the smallest Repairer. Vehicle is outside the United Kingdom 9 measurement at any point 10