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TFE Workforce Training Workshops


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Off-the-Shelf, fully-customizable, training courseware in personal productivity, leadership skills, time management, interpersonal skills, creative problem solving, managing conflict, project management, strategic management, presentation skills, change management, customer driven organization, and negotiation skills.

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TFE Workforce Training Workshops

  1. 1. TFE Workforce Training WorkshopsBusiness & PersonalDevelopment TrainingCourses and Workshops Your Total Workforce Training Solution… Organizational Managerial PersonalTraining and Training and Training andDevelopment Development Development Workshops Workshops Workshops
  2. 2. TFE creates content-rich training material that is skillfully presented by a seasoned professional trainer. The TFE Suite of standard, off- the-shelf, Business and Personal Development Workshops is grouped into three categories:  Organizational Training and Development: A module of Training Workshops that addresses planned development and reinforcement of organizational strategies, structures, and processes.  Managerial Training and Development: A module of Training Workshops that focuses on the practice and application of fundamental management principles which increase managerial effectiveness.  Personal Training and Development: A module of Training Workshops that concentrates on developing individual competencies in order to achieve outstanding personal effectiveness within an organization.TFE creates, develops, and publishes Each TFE Off-the-Shelf Training Workshop Package includes a contentbusiness informational and instructional rich, graphically appealing, animated PowerPoint presentation withcontent for both web-based and live, interactive exercises and detailed worksheets. The PowerPoint isinstructor-led training events. TFE supplemented with a Learners Workbook, Training Games, Knowledge Checks and Learners Recommended Reading List.focuses on providing the highest qualityprofessional development coursewarefor facilitators, corporate trainers, HRmanagers, training consultants, and Organizational Training and Development Moduleother training professionals. Position your organization for the future…Heres how the TFE Learning/Training Leadership Skills Workshopexperience benefits you: Master your skills to lead successfully… Leadership Skills Workshop  TFE learning experience is focuses on the traits and characteristics of dynamic leadership which is critical in order to overcome the challenges when dealing with hostile CONVENIENT… We bring the competitors, demanding customers, and reticent employees. With the training workshops to you. No need Leadership Skills Workshop, you will learn how to help your employees to have your employees travel to a demonstrate greater initiative and accountability as they strive for remote location. continual improvement in their business skills…  The TFE learning experience is Project Management Workshop VALUABLE… Participants learn tactics, techniques, and strategies Achieve excellence with ease… Project Management Workshop outlines that help them solve real-world, a process-based model that provides key tools and techniques necessary problematic, entrepreneurial for delivering excellent projects on time, within budget, and with scenarios. successful outcomes. Project Management Workshop focuses on the practical application of key concepts that ensure that your projects are set up for success from the start…TFE BusinessTFE Total Workforce Training Solutions Catalog & Personal Development Training Workshop
  3. 3. Change Management Workshop The TFE learning experience is EFFECTIVE... Participants learn to Embrace change--it’s your greatest source for achieving a competitive make better decisions for their advantage… Change Management Workshop presents change business since TFE Workshops are management as a process, rather than as an event. You will gain a clearer performance-based and our understanding of how to make change a permanent feature of your interactive exercises empower organization in order to forge a competitive advantage… learners to implement the newly- Effective Workplace Communications Workshop acquired tactics, techniques, and strategies into everyday practice. Enhance your communication skills, and communicate more effectively in the workplace… Effective Workplace Communications Workshop The TFE learning experience demonstrates key concepts, techniques and practical applications that IMPACTS the bottom line… As the sharpen your communication skills for achieving greater productivity in participants incrementally progress individual and team performances. This Workshop will help you improve from one TFE Workshop to another, your communication skills in all areas of your work relationships.… they will learn specific tactics, techniques, and strategies that Managerial Training and Development Module enable them to impact their bottom Improve the level of managerial effectiveness in your organization… line more positively and to build long-term business value. Customer Driven Organization Workshop Exceed your customers’ expectations… Customer Driven Organization The TFE learning Workshops are Workshop looks at the various organizational components that come into AFFORDABLE… Since we develop play as you lead your organization to excellence in customer service. and publish all the Workshop content Customer Driven Organization Workshop will help you learn the skills ourselves, you eliminate expensive necessary for enhancing customer relationships and for gaining as well as research and content creation costs maintaining repeat business… that you would normally incur if you were creating this content -- in- Strategic Management and Measurement Workshop house with your own staff. Chart a directional Workshop for excelling… Strategic Management and Measurement Workshop defines the process for delivering successful The TFE learning experience strategic initiatives. It focuses on setting direction not only for your RECOGNIZES individual organization, but also for your stakeholders as well. Strategic achievement… Participants receive Management & Measurement Workshop will help you gain a wider formal dated verification that they perspective of strategic thinking, planning, and implementing… have successfully completed a specific TFE Workshop! Creative Problem Solving Workshop Develop smart solutions that are derived from disciplined analysis… Creative Problem Solving Workshop defines the process for effectively solving problems with greater confidence. Creative Problem-Solving Workshop will help you learn techniques for analyzing situations more accurately and drawing conclusions with greater clarity… Negotiation Skills Workshop Learn valuable negotiation skills--they lead to long-term entrepreneurial well-being… Negotiation Skills Workshop defines the process of effective negotiating in order to achieve a “win–win” situation that will ultimately produce continuous profits, business growth, and sustained relationships. Negotiation Skills Workshop will help you understand the structure, techniques, and approaches that will influence outcomes in the most positive ways… TFE Total Workforce Training Solutions
  4. 4. Managing Conflict WorkshopManage conflict effectively and catapult your success… Managing ConflictWorkshop delivers practical techniques that help employees understandand handle conflict situations within your organization. Managing ConflictsWorkshop will help you learn effective strategies of conflict managementthat will improve your communication performance, and ultimately,increase the success of your business initiatives… Personal Training and Development ModuleUnlock the knowledge, skills, and abilities in yourself and your employees.Personal Productivity WorkshopAdd that spark and leave your mark… Personal Productivity Workshoptakes a practical look at issues that can hinder, as well as, increase yourproductivity. You will acquire a full range of productivity enhancementtools for immediate use. Personal Productivity Workshop will help you dealwith paper flow efficiently, manage work interruptions quickly, and handleinformation overload judiciously…Time Management WorkshopMake time spent, well worth it… Time Management Workshop presentsand demonstrates practical tools and techniques that will increase yourproductivity, improve your efficiency, and reduce your stress. TimeManagement Workshop will help you learn how to make adjustments, howto shift priorities, and how to meet immediate demands in both personaland business matters…Interpersonal Skills Workshop NEW WORKSHOPLet your persona make a positive difference… Interpersonal SkillsWorkshop delivers key concepts and techniques that maximize your DESIGNinterpersonal skills in order to achieve and maintain a competitiveadvantage. Interpersonal Skills Workshop will help you improve your We work with your subject-mattercommunication skills in every aspect of your working relationships experts to capture their knowledge andand will sharpen your skills with superiors, peers, and subordinates… design a new training Workshop fromPresentation Skills Workshop ground up. Projects may include needs analysis, knowledge capture,Learn keen business presentation skills–they are always the order of the instructional design and storyboarding,day… Presentation Skills Workshop provides detailed insights, techniques, multimedia content production, andand practical applications for creating presentations that present ideas and technical consulting.concepts in such a way as to induce, influence, or convince people to buy.Presentation Skills Workshop will help you gain the direction and skill set Legacy Associates, Inc. | Training for Entrepreneurs.comthat you need to become comfortable with your own presentation style… 8374 Market Street #167, Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34202 USA Telephone: 941-556-1299 | Fax: 941-866-1953 Website: 0@ignrem n r fEpr if Tnrteu o aorns n c i e. E-mail oTFE TFE Total Workforce Training Solutions Business & Personal Development Training Workshop Catalog