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WE.MAKE.IT bag_handmade_by BREUL


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This slide share is part of my first ever crowdfunding campaign for my BREUL lefties´finest brand. The brand specializes in fine leather good for naturylly left-handed people.

Published in: Design
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WE.MAKE.IT bag_handmade_by BREUL

  1. 1. I am Susanne Breul, the designer/ owner at BREUL lefties´finest. My last minute application for an international design award catapult- ed my business to new heights. To finance this „rite of passage“ I count on your generous backing & I since- rely hope you´ll like my designs.
  2. 2. Text What a thrill: Going to sleep as a designer, waking up a finalist. This is what my application looked like. I had barely three weeks to find a manufacturer, have the bag made and shipped from Hamburg to New York. We made it. Let´s party!
  3. 3. The design process from the idea to 3-d-puzzle: What should go in? As much as needed, cutting out the superfluous. And the making of my self-sewn mock-up with everything in it it´s place.
  4. 4. My German manufacturer made this beautiful prototype from a soft, locally sourced and vegetable-tanned cow´s leather over a weekend, so I could send it to the awards headquarters in time.
  5. 5. The bag No.1 in all it´s glorious detail. Enjoy and thank´s for watching, backing and sharing!