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Tv advert analysis


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Published in: Education
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Tv advert analysis

  1. 1. The setting takes place in a laundry room of the shown woman’s house and about the woman describing the automatic freshness and static control of Bounce, a dryer pad product that freshens and cleans clothes. There is diegetic music heard in the background of Ukulele, bass guitar and guitar. As the woman says “I just stick it into my dryer and…..” We hear a building yell which then a few seconds later anThere is a mid-shot as he says “OLD SPICE explosion occurs on the left side of theBODY SPRAY MAKES YOU SMELL LIKE POWER!” house with Foley sound effects.As he says this we hear the non-diegetic soundof a revving engine. The camera cuts where hestands beside the woman, he says “It’s SOPOWERFUL …..(A cutting mid-shot to Terry) ITSELLS ITSELF IN OTHER PEOPLE’SCOMMERCIALS!”
  2. 2. A long shot is the used and Terry smells the woman and says “you smell like outdoor fresheners” she replies but is then interrupted as she says “you smell like power” Terry interrupts and the camera switches to a midshot of Terry as he says “Yeah I do” The woman tries to speak but is interrupted by Terry’s chest pumping with Foley music of an electric driller. Then a long shot and he rocketsThe logo SMELL is POWER is shown and a Foley through the roof saying “POWER” Themetal clanking sound is heard as the Bounce end of the ad with the diegetic fluteproduct hits the 4 displayed cans which ignites music and dialogue is heard.them like fireworks and rockets them upwards aswe see Terry Crews flying horizontally across thescreen, and the ad ends with an explosion.
  3. 3. This advert is from lynx, advertising their new fragrance called lynx instinct. In this advert there is a caveman who isn’t very attractive to say the least, then he sprays on the product all of a sudden becomes this big macho man and all the cave girls like him. Lynx have always done original adverts, but this is quite different as it is an animation, which you wouldn’t really expect especially as the target audience for lynx is teenage boys and young men on the go. But they still get across theThere is diegetic music heard in the background message that, when you put on lynx youof including instruments like Guitar, drums, and will be seen tougher and girls will like youbongo’s. we here Cody start singing when the a lot more.girls walk accidently into a unknown part of theforest when there are men. The music creates atension where when cavemen use the LynxInstinct they will be in leather and get all thegirls which relates to the music.
  4. 4. The setting was set in an island in Australia. The time was when men were first with no intelligence which made the cavemen. They have used this location because it relates to the music. This is done because it creates the illusion where men cannot chat up girls however when a stone cracked and gave birth to a deodorant the man used it which put self confidence into him.The slogan Unleash the man leather appears atthe end and shows the audience the to instinctproduct varieties. As this is on the music comesto an end which then the advert finishes.
  5. 5. This is another Lynx advert, but this time it is advertising Lynx Chocolate. It isn’t hard to understand this advert really, It starts off with a young man in his bathroom spraying himself with Lynx Chocolate then all of a sudden he turns into this chocolate man and as he walks down the street, gets on the bus goes to parties etc.all the ladies are after him; biting his bum (as seen inthe first picture), eating parts of him and breaking offhis arm. This advert is very intriguing, its certainlyunusual and once you’ve seen it you would rememberit , they persuade us with this unusualness and it isn’t aadvert that you have to think about to understand it,because as soon as you remember the chocolate manyou would immediately think ‘ Oh Yeah… LynxChocolate’ and consider buying it.
  6. 6. The setting has been set in a variety of locations which include a house, inside bus, on street and many more. These locations have mainly been used because it shows the audience the character becomes a very sweet person who is irresistible to women. The music is diegetic and the actual song is sweet touch of love by Allen Toussaint. The music and the name relates to the advert because temptation of something sweetThe slogan As irresistible as chocolate makes men makes everyone want to havethink at home about which and how many girls whatever it is. The instrumentsthey will pull with one simple deodorant which include guitar, piano and the drums.makes it an overt message.
  7. 7. The setting has been set in Australia on a coast line which includes forests, cliffs and the ocean. When the known character sprays it there are around thousands of women all over the world who smell it and run towards the man crossing the ocean by just swimming, running past the dangerous forest and jumping of high cliffs where all of them are in bikinis. The music is diegetic and the type is a song which audiences will usually hear inThe slogan spray more get more also relates a war film. This relates to the story plotbecause each time the character sprays his because the women are in a mission tobody with Axe more and more women come. find where that smell is coming from.This is an important factor because it tells theaudience one little spray is enough to get allthe women in the world and this shows that itwill last very long.
  8. 8. The models in this video are viewedthrough a male gaze. The females in thiscommercial are portrayed as fetishes. Theyare wearing very tiny bikinis, have largebreasts, and have slim figures. The male isan example of narcissism. Viewers want tobe like him because they want toexperience what he gets to experience.Viewers associate him with AXE and havingit sprayed all over his body. As a result, people buy it havingassociating it with something positive, theattraction of many beautiful females. Inthe end, once again, sex appeal is used tomarket and sell this product successfully.