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  1. 1. Pre-production By Daniel Vidal
  2. 2. Pre-productionWhat is pre-production?It is everything that must be completed before filming or shooting begins. This includes tasks such as hiring actors or models, building sets, budgeting, planning, scheduling, renting equipment and tests, to name a few of the many pre-production tasks.
  3. 3. Company nameCD productions is the name the group ( Charlie and Dan ) and we decided on and our logo isThe logo shows how professional our company is and can appeal to unsigned artist that need a music video.
  4. 4. Production USPOur production company is the best because we have experience in filming and musical productions.
  5. 5. Job sharesI am the producer and camera operator which initials me; set the budget, doing a risk assessment, permission for location and artists also creating storyboards, filming the video.While Charlie is the director and editor he will need; to set production schedules, ideas locations as well as editing, film casting
  6. 6. Contact Charlie Grover Director/ Daniel VidalProducer/Camera