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Inital concept


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Published in: Education
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Inital concept

  1. 1. Initial Concept, USP and Target Market Charlie, Dan, Bas, Ozan
  2. 2. Concepts• 1st concept In the gyms changing rooms a shot of the main character is seen when he sprays the deodorant on him. later on the other bodybuilders are seen spraying plain and bad smelling deodorant which doesnt help them stay cool. This makes them leave and go home to their mummies where our main character stays on training like a man. Then we see that them men that stayed on are all sweating. However they leave to, then the main character goes to the showers where we see him spray the deodorant which makes him all cool like ice. this lasts all day.• 2nd concept Wictor, A 10 old trained Martial arts specialist locked in a cage. Smells the deodorant being sprayed and eventually breaks out to retrieve it. There’s a conflict between Wictor and the guy that sprays the deodorant, then finally Wictor gets the deodorant of the guy and sprays it on him which then at the end it ends with a close up of the product.
  3. 3. USP• We have many unique points, the product is 24 hour protection, it can smell like a particular aftershave, it can be portable, the can can last for months, it can be colourful and give off an impression that the brand is angry and ‘means business’.
  4. 4. Target Market• We can appeal to a younger market of ages ranging from 10-15. We’ve also got an idea to aim for teenagers and young adults.
  5. 5. What we’re going to do• To decide the right concept, usp and target market we will come together with a focus group and grasp their ideas to what we can do to make it better