2010 timetable outdoor ed


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2010 timetable outdoor ed

  1. 1. Tutor: BRIDGWATER COLLEGE TIMETABLE 2010-2011 Group: BFD SPORT (OUTDOOR EDUCATION) 15 minute break 15 minute break (Lunch) (Lunch) (Lunch) 9.00-10.00 10.15-11.15 11.15-12.15 12.15-1.15 1.15-2.15 2.15-3.15 3.30-4.30 Mon A1 A2 A3/F1a B1 B2 E1 E2 Anatomy and Anatomy and Fitness testing Lunch Study period physiology physiology and training Or Effects of exercise Effects of 7 a side football exercise L11 TG C9 LL C9 LL Tue C1 C2 E3/F2 E4 E5 D1 D2 Outdoor Outdoor Business skills Outdoor Study period Guidance and education education education support Lunch practical practical C9 MS practical L14 SR LL LL LL A7 Wed E6 E7 B3/F3 A4 A5/F1b A6 SPORTS ENRICHMENT Semester 2 Semester 2 Expedition Expedition experience experience C4 B5 D3/F4 D4 D5 C3 Injury in sport Thu B4 Study period Tutorial Lunch Lunch Functional skills L11 HPW Academic tutorial Or Or (English) L20 LL GCSE GCSE 220 LL D21 Bex Vincent B7 D7 C5/F5 C6 C7 B6 Fri D6 GCSE Leading outdoor Leading outdoor JSLA Functional skills GCSE activities activities (Maths) SH LL C9 LL C9 LL L11 Paul Morris