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2010 induction time table


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2010 induction time table

  1. 1. INDUCTION TIME TABLE BFD SPORT 6TH – 9TH SEPTEMBER 2010 ONLY 30 minute break 15 minute break 15 minute break (Lunch) (Lunch) (Lunch) 9.00-10.00 10.15-11.15 11.15-12.15 12.15-1.15 1.15-2.15 2.15-3.15 3.30-4.30 Mon 10.00 Safety brief & house keeping 020 late Library tour Registration Food Fair – enrollers initial Tutorial & restaurant Induction time assessment Lunch College trail Ice breakers table L10 Fresher’s fair - L27 Practical L10 15 minute break Hub Resi payments ATP Tue 9am – meet in L17 Assignment Principal’s Practical workshop Tutorial welcome Practical Practical Lunch Sports Hall (SH) SH ATP 220 L14 Clare Bowen Wed Academy Tutorial Assignment Sign up GYM INDUCTION workshop (L1) L10 SPORT HALL 220 Lunch ACADEMY TRIALS Thu Assignment Assignment workshop Practical Tutorial 1:1 interviews workshop Practical Lunch SH Submission at L11 220 SH L11 12.00 Room L20