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Globalization in Malaysia


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Published in: Education
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Globalization in Malaysia

  1. 1. GLOBALIZATION ERODES NATIONAL UNITY?? Ahli Kumpulan:1. Wan Mohd Aiman bin Wan Ahmad2. Mohd Khairul Azwan bin Mansor3. Nurul Najwa bt Mustafa4. Azuwanatulnaim bt Ayub5. Farahyusnita bt Mohd Zakaria6. Faridah Hanum bt Hj Anuar
  3. 3. WHAT IS GLOBALIZATION??• According to the dictionary Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (1998), third edition, is defined as the phenomenon of globalization makes the world smaller in terms of human relationships due to the speed of development of information technology.• According to western thinkers and scholars, the globalization can be summarized as a process of living any broad and infinity encompasses all aspects of life such as political, social, economic and can be felt by all human beings in this world. This means that everything belongs to together in the concept of a borderless world.
  4. 4. • Overall, globalization means that the world is getting downsized its space than the original. In the past, the world of far as the eye can see and is lined with a border, but now it does not happen again.• Relations between people are no longer confined. In fact, the people of Malaysia are able to communicate with people from all over the world quickly and easily even at a minimal cost
  5. 5. • The world is not only geographical borders but the influence of globalization reach into every aspect of life of a society such as the economy, technology, language, arts and culture, ideology, social and political.• The rapid explosion of information technology is the medium of the globalization agenda is expanding rapidly.• Malaysia was also entangled in this globalization. Therefore, various measures were taken to strengthen the country in a world of information and competiton
  7. 7. TYPE OFGLOBALIZATION BY : Wan Mohd Aiman
  8. 8. EducationEconomic Types of Social Globalization Politic
  9. 9. EDUCATION• Nowadays, learning to use cyber technology approach through ICT smart school program.• IPTA & IPTS officially used English language as medium of instruction.• Ministry of Education has upgraded vacational school to vocational and technical school.• An additional learning at the school level through education channels such as ASTRO Tutor TV for revision and additional knowledge.• The process of e-learning use computer and internet as a medium among the students for teaching and learning same physically in the school.
  10. 10. POLITICS• The existence of smart cities in Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, Putrajaya where the administration applies the use of the internet completely.• Internet become important for bloggers for people to voice out their unsatisfaction in politics ( For example Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional)• A street demonstrations due to the external influences easily being absorbed into the country is an example of our citizen change in the way they think about politics.• Political globalization process nowadays easily permeated into citizen of Malaysia mind and the lifestye also been manipulated by Western where the bad things easily become a trend.• Freedom to voice out by all citizen as a democratic country
  11. 11. SOCIAL• The production company in this era globalization consist of multi-racial which comprises all countries in the world• Influx of foreign culture for example fast food and get live sports on TV via satellite.• Existence of dumping reality television entertainment shows of Western-influenced.• The usage of English always get promoted and this effect the usage of Bahasa Malaysia and make it less efficient.• Changes in dress to more modern style.
  12. 12. ECONOMIC• Referring to border economies of a collapse of the worlds self and the world become one unit that can connect easy, faster and even closer.• Advanced technology to make all transactions quick and easy.• Market competition be open and free economy.• The modern technology and expertise transfer from the developed to developing a modern economy in developing countries.• Foreign capital injection allows a booming industry, create jobs, reduce unemployment, improve living standards and eliminate the poverty of developing countries.• The market economy and economic monopoly occurs in a country when there’s a chance.
  13. 13. Factors thatinfluence erodes unity BY : NURUL NAJWA
  14. 14. Labour or manpower Technology Communication systemSocial & cultural
  15. 15. LABOUR OR MANPOWER Birth rate is high, the way of development is increase. Under populated it is also not favourable for the economy. The per capita income, rate of saving, rate of
  16. 16. TECHNOLOGY The use of latest inventions in the production of goods. The less developing countries are poor - lack of technology and capital. - lack of technical skill and using old methods of
  17. 17. COMMUNICATION SYSTEM• Increases the internal and external trade and reduces the cost of production.• It expands the market.• Cheap and quick means of transportation and communication create the sense of brotherhood
  18. 18. SOCIAL• Hedonisme• The idea that all people have the right to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible to them.
  19. 19. EDUCATION• considered an investment.• In less developed countries the rate of literacy is very low which is the main cause of low production.• Now the government of less developed countries have realized the importance of education and is allocating a sufficient amount every year for this sector.• But unluckily our standard of education is not improving and rate of unemployment is increasing day by day due to many reasons.
  20. 20. Impact ofglobalization BY : Mohd Khairul Azwan
  21. 21. IMPACT IN EDUCATION1) Excluding the Malay language as the language of science.2) Negative perception often we hear about PTV.3) Education in our country is more open to the outside world.
  22. 22. IMPACT IN SOCIAL• 1) We ever forget our cultural and historical roots.• 2) Sophisticated technology that is manipulated by the West.• 3) Globalisation causes cultural pollution occurs.• 4) Locals lost their own identity.
  23. 23. IMPACT IN POLITICS• 1) Change in thinking about politics.• 2) Political globalization process manipulated by Western powers.• 3) issue of pluralism
  24. 24. IMPACT IN ECONOMY• 1) With the advances in telecommunications, information economy can be followed completely.• 2) International trade can take place.• 3) Globalization causes the developed countries know our countrys economic situation• 4) Economic colonization by the developed countries.
  25. 25. How to overcome globalizationerodes national unity BY : FARAHYUSNIT A
  26. 26. 1) Establishment of the Department of National Unity and Integration.2) Empower school vision3) National Service Training Program (NSTP)4) Open House5) Program in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)6) Activities community
  27. 27. ESTABLISHMENT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL UNITY AND INTEGRATION• Purpose : to nurture and preserve national unity in this country• How: emphasize the number of policies in the field of socio-economic such as the National Education Policy, the National Cultural Policy and the New Economic Policy. Such policies have been strengthened further by introducing Rukun Negara of the national ideology.
  28. 28. EMPOWER SCHOOL VISIONDefinition :The concept of primary school learn togetherin a same area, regardless of race or religion. Under thisconcept, two or three primary schools of differentstreams will be placed in the same area. Each school willhave its own building which can be connected to eachother by using a bridge (link-way).Purpose:1)To create unity among students of varying backgrounds,2)To foster the spirit of integration among students fromvarious schools
  29. 29. NATIONAL SERVICE TRAINING PROGRAMME (NSTP)Implemented based on National Principles and have a multidisciplinarycurriculum that includes four modules namely physicalmodule, module statehood, Construction Module Character andCommunity Service Module.Module is able to inculcate patriotic love of the homeland as well asallow them to learn the customs and cultures of various races.Purpose :1) aims to enhance the spirit of patriotism among the younger generation, foster national unity and integration,2) forming positive character through the values,3) the spirit of volunteerism, and gave birth to the younger generation who are more physically fit, intelligent and full of confidence.
  30. 30. OPEN HOUSEDefinition: religious festival celebrated by followers ofdifferent religions in order to promote understanding amongethnic groups in Malaysia.Purpose: Raise awareness of the importance of mutualrespect and compromise in a pluralistic society.• For example: Ethnic Chinese example will endeavour to provide halal food to ethnic Malays when inviting ethnic Malays came to the house during Chinese New Year. This shows that ethnic Chinese are concerned with and understand the culture of the ethnic Malays. Similarly, ethnic Malays will not serve beef to Indian as they come into the house during Hari Raya.
  31. 31. PROGRAM IN HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS (HEIs)• Content courses in all educational institutions should emphasize the educational aspects of a harmonious multi-racial society. Spiritual values ​and common culture should be given priority in the subject Nationalism, Islamic and Asian and Ethnic Relations.• Recommendations established club or Rukun Negara club in every IPT because this recommendation is an attempt to instil awareness of the importance of unity• student affairs division should encourage the students to join the Rukun Negara club by giving certain privileges such as exemption of credit
  32. 32. ACTIVITIES COMMUNITY• Fostering a spirit of cooperation and mutual help each other by eliminating selfish attitude embedded in our society.• Activities strengthen ties intimacy should be carried out as a collaborative activity to a maximum of unity could be born
  33. 33. The Impact ofGlobalization (Advantages side) BY : Azuwanatuln aim
  34. 34. Education The process of education is same as the level of education with international learning.Social Does not have the boundaries to get the information. The exchange of information smooth.
  35. 35. Politic The gap between the ministry with public people reduce.Economy The growth of economy can compete with the other countries. The investment from the other countries increase
  36. 36. CONCLUSION The globalization on the Malaysia has the proand contra. As the citizen in Malaysia, we have verycolorful of the cultural and moral value in life. Evenour countries in globalization era, we need respecteach other with honor and not make the globalizationissue as the point to decrease the value of unitedbetween the race.It’s all about your minds!!!!
  37. 37. THANK YOU