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Removing an application from LinkedIn


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Step-by-step instructions to remove an application from your LinkedIn account so that it can't access your profile and connections.

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Removing an application from LinkedIn

  1. 1. Removing applications that canaccess your LinkedIn account:Step-by-step instructions.
  2. 2. Immediately after discovering that an application (FounderDating)spammed some of my LinkedIn connections—under my name, noless—I went searching for the way to revoke that application’saccess to my LinkedIn account.
  3. 3. If you get a message like this that appears to come from a friend orcolleague, be very careful . . .. . . especially if you click through, grant access to yourLinkedIn account, and complete and submit the briefrecommendation questions, all the while believing thatyou’re helping your friend and colleague.
  4. 4. These are the colleagues that FounderDating pulled from my LinkedInconnections. If you chose to “vouch” for them and didn’t notice thefine print below, you probably didn’t realize that clicking “Agree” willsend them spam under your name—until it’s too late.
  5. 5. [your first name goes here]This is a preview of the message—the preview you didn’t seeunless you noticed the small dark grey on black text below the boxwith your contacts.And as if spamming your friends under your name isn’t enough,they include your strong endorsement—”I highly recommendapplying”—and they do it with oh-so-hip attitude: “You can thankme later.”
  6. 6. To see the applications that can access your LinkedInprofile, go to “Settings” under your name in the upperright-hand corner of your browser window.your name
  7. 7. Then select “Groups, Companies & Applications”
  8. 8. Then select “View your applications”
  9. 9. Check the box next to the application you want to remove—in this case, “FounderDating”—and then click on “Remove”at the bottom.
  10. 10. After the page refreshes, this will appear at the top.
  11. 11. This is the message I drafted and sent to friends and colleagues whowere spammed by FounderDating’s system, all under my name. Ihope you don’t find yourself in the same position of having toapologize to your friends and colleagues.