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Venture-backed startup that was the most widely used site by mobile application developers. (Evans Data - 2001 mobile developer report) The company provided tools and testing, with labs in Dallas and London, and client support offices in San Francisco and Stockholm.

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AnywhereYouGo - The global mobile wireless development community

  1. 1. AnywhereYouGo.comProfiting from the growing demand for wireless solutions around the globe
  2. 2. Wireless application development and deployment Wireless Building Staffing Training Developing Testing Deploying development and and the monitoring deployment business process caseAYG’s Site Wireless Tutorials, Directories of Web-based tool OngoingProducts Career Center FAQs, mailing developers Interoperability interoperability Newsletters (4) (launched lists monitoring Device and tool testing through Content August 15) Books (2) under directories Labs in Dallas syndication and London contract Emulators and Conference Embedded In-person, other tools appearances systems lab Web-based available for (Rome, Geneva, (1Q2001) training download New York) (4Q2000)AYG’s Newsletters: Sponsoring Mailing lists are Sponsoring Labs: Microsoft, DiscussionsCustomers 15,000 subscriptions employers: heavily trafficked companies, Telia, underway with in 85+ countries Aspective, today include Yospace, Financial Times carriers, portals Telispark 4th Pass 818,601 page views Fee-based training Online testing: for September Discussions discussions Expanding 21,071 tests in (+10% over August) underway with underway with directories to September Microsoft, systems accommodate Content Syndicated  Powering Ericsson, Nokia, integrators, advertising through CNET, certification AT&T agencies Moreover, DevX, programs Screaming Media
  3. 3. Company overviewLeadership and rapid growth with a path to profitability Today, the most widely-used independent resource dedicated to wireless application development and deployment  Expanded revenue streams: Synergistic offering of site and newsletters, recruiting, training, and testing  Expanded technology coverage: WAP, Bluetooth, i-Mode, SMS, PDAs and other handheld devices  Expanded geographic reach: Offices in San Francisco, Dallas (with Lab), London (with Lab), and Stockholm  Expanded customers in all areas: Testing, site, Wireless Career Center, and training. Multiple revenue streams with solid customers  Testing labs: Microsoft,, Telia, Financial Times, OAG, Bloomberg  Site: Motorola, Ericsson, Fusion One  Wireless Career Center (launched August 15): Aspective, Telispark  Training: Launching training in the UK and the US in 4Q2000 Moving all services to Web-based delivery to ensure scalability
  4. 4. 200 + press mentions in the US, Europe "Good news for mobile application developers looking for information and resources that will help them create wireless services." Total Telecom " is a good way to stay up with developments in the wireless Internet industry.“ Wireless Week “A fantastic WAP site . . . you’ll find links, services, products, newsgroups and much more.” Nätverk & Kommunikation (original in Swedish)“The [ online testing] service generates a detailed report on the WML code that runs the site and includes suggestions for improvements.“ Information Week “. . . an ally on hand to guide them through the maze of technologies, specifications, and ever multiplying players in this space.” RCR “The [interoperability testing] service from is a very bold venture, but one that is much needed in the mobile commerce arena.” The Butler Group "New Destination to Link Wireless Internet Application Developers and IT Decision Makers." Yahoo! " addresses another challenge facing the industry—the shortage of trained wireless developers. The site will play an important role by linking developers with IT decision makers.” Computerwire“ . . . launched on Tuesday the first wireless career center— a venue for job seekers to post their resumes and for companies to find workers in the ever-growing wireless industry.” Wired News
  5. 5. Site, newsletters, career centerReaching key developers, decision makers around the world Cover WAP, Bluetooth, i-Mode, SMS, PDAs and other handhelds  Traffic up 10% in September  CPM $55 - $65 Drives traffic to Lab and online testing, training  62% of readers are in charge of implementing wireless solutions Newsletters reach subscribers in 85+ countries  Daily and weekly headlines  Mobile Commerce Insights (weekly)  Wireless Builder (weekly) Clients include Motorola, FusionOne, Aspective Users are technically-oriented  All technical positions: 69%  Wireless design and development as primary job function: 31% Users of site cover main wireless regions  US 50%  Europe 28%  Asia 14% (August 2000) Content syndication agreements signed with cnet and DevX expand reach of content and increase traffic to online tools
  6. 6. Reaching developers and IT decision makers in more than 85 countries
  7. 7. Testing and monitoringInteroperability is widely recognized as a key problem 28% of WAP sites tested had serious errors 19% of wireless portal links didn’t work Writing to the standard doesn’t ensure interoperability  “Many companies are finding that the performance of the site in the field during deployment is not resembling what had been experienced during the development phase when using the software development kits and phone emulators from the phone manufacturers. The service from is a very bold venture, but one that is much needed in the mobile commerce arena.” Weekly Research Notes from The Butler Group (UK), May 12, 2000 Interoperability issues will remain  Industry consensus remains elusive  Multiple devices and gateways  UK: 27 handsets announced and half dozen gateways available today in the U.K.  US: 44 handsets, multiple types of devices  Middleware products create new testing and certification opportunities testing provides only independent alternative  Resource-intensive to replicate in-house  Businesses want independent verification  Network operators want assurances without burden  Even developers are looking to outsource
  8. 8. Testing and monitoringLabs in London and Dallas, online testing address needs Labs in London (5/00), Dallas (9/00) generate fee-based revenue from testing  Clients include Microsoft,, Telia, Financial Times, OAG, Bloomberg  Utilize proprietary software, databases  Easy to scale  Software, databases provide leverage and generate increasing returns for experience  Engagements are expanding and fees are increasing Application monitoring provides ongoing revenue stream  Announced September 27 at PCIA’s conference  Targeting other network operators, portals  Provides recurring revenue from engagements and pre-deployment testing for applications that want to get on the portals Online testing expanding to fee-for-service offering  Free code checking today is very popular (22,000 tests in September, +22% over August)  Will launch robust fee-based testing in late 4Q2000  Online testing expands market, leverages existing software, further builds proprietary database Embedded systems/Bluetooth Lab will provide revenue and differentiation
  9. 9. Wireless Career CenterIntegrated site offering generating additional revenue Launched August 15  Offerings for employers, recruiters, employees  Headed by former exec Revenue is generated by employers posting jobs and sponsoring sections, and by recruiters searching the resume database Well-received by industry press “ . . . launched on Tuesday the first wireless career center—a venue for job seekers to post their resumes and for companies to find workers in the ever-growing wireless industry.” Resumes submitted by month Wired News, August 16, 2000 (current and projected*) 3,500 “, an independent resource site targeting the wireless developer community, launched a Web-based 3,000 recruiting site dedicated to attracting wireless developers and 2,500 information technology professionals.” RCR, August 21, 2000 2,000 Will have more wireless job postings than any 1,500 other site by year-end 1,000 Cross sell 500  Newsletters and other areas of the site cross-sell - Wireless Career Center 15d -Aug Sept* Oct* Nov* Dec*  Career Center will cross sell training
  10. 10. TrainingResponding to demand and leveraging core assets training launching 4Q2000  Will be highly-differentiated, drawing on ongoing Lab and online testing Leverages premier, trusted brand and responds to requests  Leverages existing content developed for site, books, conferences  35% of site readers report that their companies will outsource all or part of their wireless training  Delivered in-lab (hands on), at client site, at conferences, and online  Targeting consultants and developers at systems integrators, interactive agencies, and in enterprises Rollout plan  4Q2000 Piloting initial technical courses in London and business courses in Dallas  1Q2001 Adding online testing Expanding courses to include advanced wireless, embedded systems Cross sell  Training cross sells online and lab testing, site, and newsletters  Conference appearances and site and newsletter cross sell training
  11. 11. Conference appearances"Technology Briefing: An Introduction to Protocols & Languages impacting Mobile Application Development September 20 - 22Mobile-ML based Development " Rome"M x N : The Reality of WAP Deployment" Gigas Mobile Computing Strategies for e-Business September 20 - 22 Copenhagen"Implementing WAP as Part of a Multi-Channel Delivery System" Business Intelligences WAP 2000 September 25 - 27 London"Wireless Standards: PCIA GlobalXChange September 26 - 29Can All Devices Peacefully Co-Exist?" Chicago"Building a WML Application with Enhydra" Wrox Professional Wireless Developer Conference II October 7 - 9 San Francisco"Maximizing the Potential of Bluetooth/WAP Integration for Mobile Internet Bluetooth3 October 30 -Applications" Geneva November 3"Emerging Platforms: Bluetooth" @d:tech World November 8 - 10 New York"Bluetooth and Wireless Networking" Wireless DevCon 2000 December 4 San Jose"Real Time WAP-enabled Device Customization" Wireless DevCon 2000 December 4"Handheld Devices: User Interface Issues Conquered (Case Studies)" San Jose"What Do You Make Mobile?""Wireless Devices: Testing to Ensure Application Stability"" The Global Wireless Development Community " Technology Outlook: The Future of Pervasive December 4 Computing San Francisco"Best Practices in Wireless Application Development" Wireless Portals December 5 - 6 San Francisco "HTML, WML, and XML: EdevCon December 9 Build Multiple Front-Ends with Enhydra XMLC" New Orleans "Selecting Technology that Suits Your Organization’s Needs" Wireless Finance December 12 - 14 Conference chair New York “m-Commerce: Enabling Transactions through Wireless Technologies” IQPC January 31 – Conference chair Atlanta February 2Note: Does not include conferences that AYG only attends or sponsors, or those at which we only exhibit.
  12. 12. Recent conference appearances "Emerging Platforms: Broadband, Wireless and PDAs" @d:tech World May 10 San Francisco "Welcome to the Wireless Age: How You Can Make It Work for You" Internet World 2000 July 11 Chicago "Building a WML Application with Enhydra" Wrox Professional Wireless Developer Conference July 12 Amsterdam "An Application Programmers Bluetooth Primer" Wrox Professional Wireless Developer Conference July 12 Amsterdam "Going Wireless with Java, XML, and Open Source" Sponsored by Lutris July 13 Web-based seminar "Developing an Open Environment Web Application" Linux World Expo August 14 - 17 San Jose "How Much Can We Expect from the User?" Wireless Developer 2000 August 21 San Jose ""Going Wireless with Java, XML, and Open Source" Sponsored by Lutris August 24 Web-based seminarNote: Does not include conferences that AYG only attends or sponsors, or those at which we only exhibit.
  13. 13. Management team Lee Wright—CEO—Eagle River Interactive; founded People | Design | Technology Steve Nix—CFO—Smith Breeden Associates; Pulte Corp. James Pearce—UK Director—Sema Group; Ernst & Young Anders Byttner—Director, Sweden—HP Labs; Sema Group; Telia Ryan Fife—US Lab Director—Security First Network Bank; EDS Victor Brilon—Director of Online Testing—Eagle River Interactive; EDS David Wilson—Director of Global Product Marketing—Saraide/Infospace Laurie Holcomb-Munoz—Director of Sales and Business Development— Matchmaker Scott Palmer—Director of Channel Development—Organic; Landor Interactive Darius Abbassi—Director of Corporate Development—Viant; co-founder
  14. 14. Offices Offices in San Francisco, Dallas, London, Stockholm  Main office: 3008 Taylor Street, Dallas, TX, USA 75226