2014 marlborough historical society scholarship


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The 2014 Marlborough Historical Society Scholarship is $1,000, thanks to a generous donor.

We have also changed the approach from a written research paper to a project that might involve creating content with and distributing content through YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, WhatWasThere, HistoryPin, Facebook, Twitter, and many other tools to increase awareness and reach new audiences.

The process opens November 20, 2013 and proposals (not projects) are due January 20, 2014. Any resident of Marlborough who is a graduating high school senior is welcome to participate.

More information is at http://historicmarlborough.org/Scholarship.html

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2014 marlborough historical society scholarship

  1. 1. Announcing the 2014 Marlborough History Scholar Award Updated December 20, 2013 The Marlborough Historical Society in Marlborough, Massachusetts www.HistoricMarlborough.org/scholarship.html
  2. 2. Goals • Increase awareness and understanding of Marlborough history • Engage more people in historic preservation and local history • Connect with people who haven’t been reached by the Society’s efforts up to this point • Recognize the interest, creativity, and drive of a Marlborough student The Marlborough Historical Society www.HistoricMarlborough.org
  3. 3. Overview • Open to all residents of Marlborough who are graduating seniors, regardless of what high school they attend. • Award amount increased to $1,000 • Projects that involve the creation and posting of content to Facebook, YouTube, HistoryPin, WhatWasThere, Google Maps, SketchUp, Autodesk 123D, AR, Wikipedia, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, SlideShare, Scribd, and others – Student will submit a proposal (10 slides) by midnight, January 20 and the Committee will select one. – Student will create their project, including two review meetings with the Committee over this period. – Project due April 1 – Student will demo their project at our annual meeting on April 22. The Marlborough Historical Society www.HistoricMarlborough.org
  4. 4. Key dates • Opens November 20, 2013 • Committee available to meet with interested students January 6 – 18 – Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss and get feedback in advance of submitting your proposal: Scholarship@HistoricMarlborough.org • • • • • • • Proposals due by midnight, January 20 Student informed by January 24 Progress review with committee the week of February 10 Progress review with committee the week of March 10 Final project due April 1 Student presents project at Annual Meeting on April 22 Check awarded at senior ceremony The Marlborough Historical Society www.HistoricMarlborough.org
  5. 5. How it works: The proposal process • Submit a proposal that increases the awareness and understanding of Marlborough history. – – – – – Traditional and new media Any aspect of Marlborough history Proposal length: 10 slides (maximum) Include links to other works by the student and to examples Must agree to the use of a Creative Commons ShareAlike license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) Submit proposals to Scholarship@HistoricMarlborough.org Either e-mail slides or send a link to your slides posted at SlideShare or on your own Facebook page, or to a public Google Doc The Marlborough Historical Society www.HistoricMarlborough.org
  6. 6. Examples of proposed projects • Genealogical research on a related family or an historical figure – Document the project as a “How to” video or set of slides, including showing how you used resources at the Historical Society and elsewhere • Add historic photos to HistoryPin or WhatWasThere • Create themed Pinterest boards • Create a YouTube video or Facebook album • Write an essay and post to Scribd • Develop a presentation and post to SlideShare • Develop a mobile tour of historic sites in Marlborough  Must all be tied to Marlborough The Marlborough Historical Society www.HistoricMarlborough.org
  7. 7. Questions to address as you develop your proposal • Will your proposed project increase the awareness and understanding of Marlborough history? – Does it include a plan to make people aware of the site or app? How many people will it reach? – Does it encourage them to actively contribute? – Does it reach new audiences? This might include content that is presented in multiple languages. • Does it involve original research or the creation of something new? • Is the topic, presentation, or plan creative? • Can others contribute to it or build on top of it? • Will it need to be updated? Is there a plan to do this? The Marlborough Historical Society www.HistoricMarlborough.org
  8. 8. Tips • We will be happy to review and comment on your proposal prior to the deadline. You can then revise it to address any questions raised and submit it by the deadline of midnight, January 20. • These are some of the factors that will distinguish outstanding proposals: – – – – – Original and creative Brings new knowledge to new communities Includes well-thought-out plans to raise awareness Engages and leverage others Lives on after the initial launch The Marlborough Historical Society www.HistoricMarlborough.org
  9. 9. For more information • • • • • Our history scholar page at HistoricMarlborough.org Subscribe to our newsletter Follow on Twitter: @MarlboroHistory “Like” on Facebook: The Marlborough Historical Society If you have specific questions, contact us. The Marlborough Historical Society www.HistoricMarlborough.org
  10. 10. The history of the society and the history scholar award • • • • • • • Founded September 22, 1964, the Marlborough Historical Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to historic preservation, education, and celebration in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Other than a few small grants for specific programs, the Society receives no city, state, or federal money. As an all-volunteer organization, 100% of your donation funds the Society's historic preservation and education. In prior years, the award was a $500 scholarship given in memory of Dorothy Medill, Claudia McCarty and Frank Valianti, who were founding members of the Society. The award was redesigned in 2013 and, in 2014, was renamed “The Marlborough Historical Society History Scholar Award.” Thanks to an anonymous donor, the 2014 award will be $1,000. Donations for next year’s fund may be sent to the address below. Indicate “2014 History Scholar Award” on your envelope. Notable essays have covered the 1938 hurricane, Bartlett Park, and the Marlborough Country Club The Marlborough Historical Society 377 Elm Street in Marlborough Marlborough, MA 01752 www.HistoricMarlborough.org. The Marlborough Historical Society www.HistoricMarlborough.org