Relationship Networking & RNIA


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An introduction to the Relationship Networking Industry Association

Relationship Networking & RNIA

  1. 1. Relationship Networking Defining Your Reputation
  2. 2. Ever wonder why it is so difficult to manage your reputation these days?
  3. 3. In today’s hyper connected world...
  4. 4. ...we can actually become trapped by proprietary systems,
  5. 5. ...or overwhelmed by the volume of connections and information,
  6. 6. ...and often we can’t even agree on terminology!
  7. 7. If we want to have a chance of managing our reputation,
  8. 8. ...we need a consistent approach, with common language and measures that guide us.
  9. 9. We need: re⋅la⋅tion⋅ship net⋅work⋅ing - (noun) 1) the practice of interacting with another entity, in an ethical manner, for the purpose of creating sustainable value for both parties 2) the body of knowledge, standard language and core processes that supports the effective connection, or relationship, between two or more parties, or entities
  10. 10. Introducing, Relationship Networking Industry Association “RNIA is the central authority and international clearinghouse for promoting and managing Relationship Capital (RC). In a Relationship Economy, RC is a tangible way of communicating the value assigned to individual and organizational entities. RC measures the quality and effectiveness of the relationship interactions between them.”
  11. 11. RNIA is built on 7 Core Values
  12. 12. ac⋅count⋅a⋅bil⋅i⋅ty - acceptance of liability for the consequences of choices; consideration of the long-term effect of ones actions
  13. 13. bound⋅a⋅ries - the limitations imposed to indicate what is permissible within a value system; term used to demonstrate what is acceptable and not acceptable when engaging in interactions.
  14. 14. hon⋅es⋅ty - the quality of communicating and acting truthfully, stating facts and views as best as possible, both internally and to others.
  15. 15. re⋅spect - the acknowledgment of one’s own, or another’s, value.
  16. 16. re⋅spon⋅si⋅bil⋅i⋅ty - the sense that one’s own actions are the source or cause of Outcomes; the ability to act without guidance or superior authority
  17. 17. sup⋅port - the act of giving help, moral or psychological assistance, or advocacy, either internally or to another.
  18. 18. trust - a firm reliance on integrity, ability, or character; the presumption of keeping commitments.
  19. 19. With these 7 Values in mind...
  20. 20. ...RNIA has developed a set of structured processes, that make Relationship Networking operational.
  21. 21. The output is Relationship Capital...
  22. 22. ...and the outcome is the Relationship Economy.
  23. 23. Relationships will define your reputation. Photo Credit:
  24. 24. To learn more about managing your reputation,
  25. 25. ...or to be part of defining the Relationship Economy, Join
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