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Social SEO and Social Signals - London, 14 March 2012


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This is the last talk I gave for Communicate Magazine's tour on Google+ for Business and Brands

This is an updated presentation and I've expanded the 3 Step actions to implement immediately


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Social SEO and Social Signals - London, 14 March 2012

  1. 1. Social Search (SEO)& Social SignalsWith expanded 3 action pointsto implement immediately#GplusbrandsLondon, 14 March 2012
  2. 2. Evolving with Google The lines between Social and SEO are blurring– Backlinks to sites not necessarily required– Social Signals are the new backlinks
  3. 3. IMAGINE not having to worry about anonymous blog spam because you know exactly who the person is that wrote the article or comment = GREATER accountability = a better web.
  4. 4. Evolving with Google• SEO Social Search : really interesting because it’s one of the areas where you don’t have to necessarily optimise for search engines• It’s new, exciting change & future proofing
  5. 5. Is SEO dead? NO - Evolving Move from an anonymous web to a web in which everybody has at least some idea of the reputation of an author
  6. 6. Is SEO Dead? NO - EvolvingThe problem• Twitter & Facebook are private clubs• Google can only use signals it can see and can crawl
  7. 7. The ripple effect All these ‘likes’ but who are the key influencers?•
  8. 8. The ripple effect
  9. 9. 3 key G+1 actions toimplement immediately
  10. 10. 1. Put your keyword(s) in profile links
  11. 11. • Show links page
  12. 12. • Show links page
  13. 13. • Not logged into Google• No backlinks• Ranking achieved using social signals and AuthorRank
  14. 14. 2. AuthorRank Claim your content using -rel="author”TIP: If you post content on G+ this is taken care of for you
  15. 15. 2. AuthorRank Claim your content• 3 step process for content: – Write quality content on your site and on third party sites that people want to share – Allow Google+ users to share and validate content on your site by adding the +1 button to your site – Use author markup (rel=”me” and rel=”author”) wherever you, to link your content and author page to your Google+ profile
  16. 16. Setting up AuthorRank• Upload your photo – headshot• Verify the email address you’ll be associating with your content using Google’s process -• Add any blogs for which you’ve written to the “Contributor To” section of your “About” page on G+
  17. 17. Setting up AuthorRank• Then make sure each piece of content you write (no matter where) includes: – your name – a mailto link (“mailto:”Google should then take care of the restNOTE: it may take some time to show in results
  18. 18. Creates the rel=“me”
  19. 19. Creates the link to ‘Aboutauthor’ on my site
  20. 20. Verify what you’ve done• hsnippets
  21. 21. Verify what you’ve done
  22. 22. Finally…
  23. 23. Increase the number of social signals linking back to your contentASK !!!
  24. 24. Primary engagement only• Total +1s = 39,17,25 = 81• Total Comments = 145, 34, 33 = 212• Total shares = 34, 12, 31 = 78• These do not include secondary comments, +1s or reshares
  25. 25. [/end]Qs ?