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Talk at Communicate Magazines conference on Google+ (Goolge Plus) for Business & Brands - December 15th 2011

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  • The challenge:How to improve the way users retrieve information from the web is actually limited by Goolge’s own search interface. Google's simple search box interface has successfully trained most users to abstract complex queries into few keywords, and as result, much context is lost as we are searching.In some way, Google Instant was a way to mitigate this problem by previewing results per keywords, but the search experience is still limited to a keyword index, regardless the interface Google wraps around with.Moving forward, what's interesting is how AI can help search - & NOT to discard the constraints of human language. In ML, constraints are good, and for searchEnd of day, human being still converse in sentences, not keywords.
  • Content needs to align and answer what searchers are looking for – or being recommended to readOn page site elements are still key – headings, URLs, image naming etcBut off-page (links) are where the change is being seen – Traditional contextual ‘backlinks’ are being supported / replaced by social signals: like, tweet, +1s
  • The challenge:How to improve the way users retrieve information from the web is actually limited by Goolge’s own search interface. NOFOLLOW = = facebook links - tweetsDOFOLLOW = Tweetmeme & Google +1s (which feed directly into its algorithm)
  • SEO today is a mixture of ‘Blackhat / whitehat’ and various shades inbetween– in the search for more and more backlinks to rank for keywords and phrases that ‘we use’ that are increasingly becoming more and more competitiveWe see the results 100s of comments on blogs, and sites set up with content that is practically illedgible
  • With social, it’s interesting as we don’t have to optimise content for search resultsInstead we optimise content for the reader: inspiring / motivating them to click like, tweet, share and now +1 and share it with people they know
  • And my answer is a resounding NO… It’s just evolving quickly. As quick as the technology (hardware and software) that we see changing daily
  • Is SEO dead?Will Apple topple Goolge ?Time will tell … but Google was caught off guard with Apple’s release of Siri and now has it’s Android developers working flat out…!
  • Google (and this is subjective opinion) is moving towards a recommendation engineWhere people are accountable and authority takes precedenceIt’s using verified accounts to influence it’s algorithm and the SERPs – albeit in its infancyBut what google is now providing are insights into the reach being achieved by every post publish on G+ using ripples
  • Talk through visualPlus and this is a huge plus, yesterday night at 10pm Google announce that it had upgraded its webmaster tools to provide stats for publishers / authorsJust login to with Google Plus login details - simple
  • Social Search (SEO) & Social Signals

    1. 1. Social Search (SEO)& Social Signals#Gplusbrands
    2. 2. • Imagine if Google disappeared tomorrow… it would be annoying BUT would you find ways to fill in the gap… ?
    3. 3. Overview• Evolving with Google• Is SEO dead?• The ripple effect?• 3 key G+1 actions to implement immediately
    4. 4. Evolving with GoogleThe lines between Social and SEO are blurring.
    5. 5. Evolving with GoogleThe problem• Twitter & Facebook are private clubs• Google can only use signals it can see and can crawl – Nofollow – Dofollow
    6. 6. IMAGINE not having to worry about anonymous blog spam because you know exactly who the person is that wrote the article or comment = GREATER accountability and a better web.
    7. 7. Evolving with Google• Social Search (SEO): really interesting because it’s one of the areas where you don’t have to necessarily optimise for search engines• It’s new, interesting & future proofing
    8. 8. Is SEO dead? Move from an anonymous web to a web in which everybody has at least some idea of the reputation of an author
    9. 9. Some believe that Apple will displace Google as thesearch engine of Is SEO dead? Siri technology choice with its new
    10. 10. The ripple effect•
    11. 11. The ripple effect
    12. 12. 3 key G+1 actions to implement immediately1. Put your keyword(s) in profile links
    13. 13. • Not logged into Google• No backlinks• Ranking achieved using social media only
    14. 14. 3 key G+1 actions to implement immediately2. Claim your content using - rel="authorRich Snippits<a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google+</a>The + at the end of the ‘anchor text’ is important!
    15. 15. Finally…
    16. 16. Increase the number of social signals linking back to your contentASK !!!
    17. 17. Social Search (SEO)& Social Signals#GplusbrandsQUESTIONS