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Types of roof coatings

roof painting is one of the roofing process ( is done to enhance the aesthetic value and the quality of the roofs. roof coating is as important as roof maintenance process

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Types of roof coatings

  1. 1. Types Of Roof Coating
  2. 2. Roof Coating • Roof coating is one of the roofing process which used in both roof replacement and the roof restoration methodologies. • The roof coatings are done to enhance the protective factor of the roof and to increase the aesthetic value of the house. • There are different colors of roof paints available which suits the architecture of the house and the types of shingles. The roof painting and coating should be employed efficiently ( • The types of roof coatings are listed in the below slides
  3. 3. Polyurethane Roof Coatings • The main component of this type of coating is the urethane which can bare and resist to the contraction and expansion of the roof. • This type of roof has more durability compared to other types, as the elasticity is more. • Roof is the first thing to get damaged when the house losses its quality. • This type of coating is used in the high risky and frequent damage exposure places.
  4. 4. PVDF Roof Coatings • PVDF represents Poly vinylidene fluoride coating. • They can maintain reflection and they are made of water products. • PVDF coating prevent the roof from getting dirt at very faster rate. • This doesn’t get fade and the color is maintained over the long duration. • This type of paints are used most often in the metal roofing process.
  5. 5. Acrylic Roof Coating • This is well known coating type for its cost effective nature. • The acrylic coatings are used designed to adapt to all the climatic condition and they are resistant to UV radiation. • • They are environment- friendly product which keeps the roof cool all day. • Water ponding is very common among this type, as they have less tensile strength.
  6. 6. Silicone Roof Coating • Silicone roof coatings are used as the double coat in the roof which enhances the protection system. • This type of coating is most often used in the polyurethane roofs. • They are used in the places which experience temperature more than a limit. • They pickup the dirt at very faster rate compared to other types of coatings
  7. 7. • These are some of the coating varieties used in the roofing process. • Since they are the upper most layer, they are the first to get affected by the environment. • Inspecting the roof coating symbolizes as the alarming signs of roof restoration or roof replacement process. • To know more on roof painting visit -
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