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Types of characters for rhymes narration

there are number of characters employed in the process of rhymes narration and some are mentioned in these slides

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Types of characters for rhymes narration

  1. 1. Rhymes • Rhymes are the beginning education materials all the folks come across during their education phase of the life. • Rhymes educates as well as creates enthusiasm among the children. • Rhymes narration is also the very pleasant task, educators does with complete dedication. • Through rhymes different characters are animated and brought into live. Some of the characters are listed below
  2. 2. Animals and birds • Animals are usually a pet or wild. Children love to enjoy with some pets like dog, cat, parrots, cock, etc… • Whereas they have a scary feel when they see a lion, tiger, wolf, eagle, ostrich, etc… • Both these type of animals are bought into action through the animation. And they are even made to taken creating a dramatic environment.
  3. 3. Extinct species • Today’s children are very excited to know about the life in the past years. • We had number of species which became extinct and through the animated we can show the children about these species. • Some of species like dinos, mammoth, etc… creates happy feel among children.
  4. 4. Story characters • There are number of stories popular among children like Cinderella, Barbie and several other fairy tales. • Creating such characters for the rhymes narration, makes people understand the rhyme far more better. • This also keeps the children intact with the story of the character.
  5. 5. Non-living things • As a children, we all dreamt of few non-living things near us like table, chair, and so forth making conversation. • Such things can be brought to live with these animated rhymes • With the animated rhymes, lifeless things can be made to talk with very enhancing voice to them.
  6. 6. Cartoon Character • Children are the lovers and regular viewers of cartoon, they get inspired by those characters. • Rhymes narrated with these characters attracts the children more. • This helps the children easily observe the concept employed in the rhymes.
  7. 7. • These are few characters used for the rhymes narration. • Making the rhymes narration( -types-of-rhymes-narration-methods) innovative creates the more space of understanding among the children. • Rhymes are the wonderful education space which makes an lifelong impact on every children.