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translators working field

the field of work of translators( is described in these slides and types of translation fields are also briefly explained.

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translators working field

  1. 1.  Translation less country will make even the people from same country to be introvert.  Translation is done to break the big barrier called language which is the huge wall hindering the unity of the people and remains as big obstacle for the businesses
  2. 2.  Translation services is not confined to particular fields, it is for all the fields like  Medical,  Legal  Business  Education  Entertainment
  3. 3.  The translation is occupying major part in spreading the company in global market  Translation helps in both globalization and localization  It helps in maintaining smooth relationship with clients
  4. 4.  Medical- it is the part of saving human lives, if the file is not translated well.  Translation of such things should be done with whole heart  the medical terms are very complex that even a single letter change may hinder the being of an individual
  5. 5.  Education- this doesn’t involve theoretical books, there are many epics and philosophy written earlier by many poets and writers. Such things have the power to change the life a person. such valuable things are translated to benefit all the humans.
  6. 6.  Legal- the legal file translation is most important among all the types as the reputation of country and company involved here.
  7. 7.  The translation is not unique for written format. It takes many roles like  1.interpretation  2.translation services  3.transcription
  8. 8.  It is the oral form of translation.  This job is done among public  The interpreter should have good presence of mind and spontaneity to react in the public  The interpreters translates the language in the spot.  They work for deaf and dump people, whose language is out of the world.
  9. 9.  Transcription is the written form or oral format depending on the need.  But it deals with the phonetics along with the text  The sounds and rhythms are even translated by the transcriptase, who are graduated or trained exclusively for this job.
  10. 10.  Translation is the written form, in changing texts from one language to other  Unlike other two, there are many sources available to perform the job, like machine translators, native speakers and multi linguistic person.  But, who does the job better? The best quality will be delivered by professional translators.
  11. 11.  These are some of the fields and types of translations.  I hope these slides , somehow justified that professional translation services are very important in maintaining unity of the nation.
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