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Tips to check the quality of the solar panles

the qualities of the solar panels are checked considering various factors and some are listed in the below slide. these panles are used for various purpose (

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Tips to check the quality of the solar panles

  1. 1. Thinks To Check In The Solar Panels
  2. 2. Solar Power • Among all the renewable energy utilized, solar is the one which are available at ease and they have the flexibility in installation. • They are used from very small scale to big scale industries and products. • The solar can be easily trapped with the help of solar panels and utilized for home ( used-in-home) when compared to other renewable source of energies.
  3. 3. Selection Of Solar Panel • All the products irrespective of the type and the kind, should be maintained properly to extend the lifetime and to retain the quality from the beginning to the end. • the solar panels ( panels-for-the-house) are the one which acts as the core point in trapping the sun’s rays and are then utilized for converting them into electrical energy • Before making them, selection is even more important. • Some of the selection criteria to choose the panels are listed below:
  4. 4. Power Tolerance • As the name implies, the output power of the panel should be same as when checked as a new. Slight changes can be ignored. • But regular steps should be taken, when they doesn’t satisfy the limit. • The power output is the DC current which is expressed in watts. • The original power is known through the plate attached along with the panel.
  5. 5. Flexibility To The Roof • There are number of solar panels available in the market, not all the panels fit to the house. • Irrespective of cost and design, it is more crucial to check for the adaptability of the panel in particular location. • There are different types of panels for the flat surface, sliding roof, crooked path, etc… • Thus the panels can be decided to satisfy the aesthetic value and the adaptability
  6. 6. Panel Size • The size of the panel vary from single square feet to certain lengths and width. • The size the panel should be chosen to satisfy the need. • Being over-sized and reduced size will not bring positive impact to the functioning of the specific object or product. • the panels of specific width will produce only limited amount of current.
  7. 7. Temperature Co-efficient • percentage of power drop for the increase in temperature of panel is called temperature co-efficient. • The power loss varies based on the temperature co- efficient of the solar panels. • There is more probability that temperature of the panels increase very quickly. • So choose the panel with low-temperature co-efficient.
  8. 8. • These are some of the basic qualities to be checked in the solar panel which provides optimized results when selected accordingly. • Glazer India ( is the solar water heater producer in India for many purposes like domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. • They also produce number of solar products which are used for many purposes.
  9. 9. • 4116946693363/ • energy-saver-1691155824450388 •