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The deadliest lung cancer on women and preventive methods

the lung cancer is one of the deadliest maligant tumors faced by both men and women due to various causes. the slides here shows the causes, treatment procedures, symptoms on women and the preventive measures.

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The deadliest lung cancer on women and preventive methods

  1. 1. The deadliest Lung cancer on women and its preventive methods
  2. 2. Lung cancer • Lung cancer is one of the major disease among both men and women in the proportion of 1:5. • The lung cancer is serious among all the carcinogenic diseases and there are many sources which informs that this type of cancer is more in average which is also very threatening.
  3. 3. Lung cancer on women • Women are more prone to lung cancer compared to men. • Lung cancers in women causes the equal damage and effect like the men. • But there are some of the exception cases where women get effected with this disease. • The below slides shows the overview of lung cancer caused to women and the preventive methods.
  4. 4. Causes of lung cancer • universally accepted cause of lung cancer is “Smoking”. Despite this, there are many other sources like • Air pollution • Exposing to radon • Genetic disorder • Work place exposure • Passive tobacco intake • Presence of estrogen
  5. 5. Role of estrogen in development of lung cancer • Estrogen is one of the hormone secreted in the women to maintain the female characteristics. • The ovaries removed before the menopause stage will give rise to the chance of developing lung cancer. • The estrogen catalyzes the growth of lung cancer at very faster rate
  6. 6. Type of lung cancer on women • Women are prone to adenocarcinoma which is the type of Non-small cell lung cancer. • This develop at the outer layer of the lung and it increases at the faster rate. • This type of cancer occur in non-smoking women in and around the age of 50.
  7. 7. • There is another type of lung cancer called Bronchiovascular lung cancer. • This type of cancer occur amoung the non- smoking women and they are deveoped in the bronchi part of the lung. • The young women are more prone to this type of lung cancer.
  8. 8. Preventive methods • The lung cancer prevention should be taken as the mandate for the people with the family history of lung cancer. • And all the chain smoker women should be very cautious about this deadly disease. • The preventive methods are listed below with proper justification.
  9. 9. 1. Avoid tobacco • Smoking cannot be withdrawn at a stretch. It should be gradually reduced. • Tobacco intake, either through the trigger and mouth should be reduced completely at gradual rate
  10. 10. 2.Beware of Secondhand smoking • There are places where women get exposed to the tobacco exhalation from the chain smokers either it may be the working place or the family. • Recommend the person to avoid the smoking in the public.
  11. 11. 3. Food with phytoestrogens • Maintaining regular diet and excercising process, will keep you away from lung cancer. • The women has to take food rich in phytoestrogens like soy foods, berries, wheat barley, rice, carrots, apples, etc… to avoid the risk of lung cancer.
  12. 12. • These are the overview of lung cancer in women. • Either it is women or men proper precautions should be taken to avoid the most deadly disease called “lung cancer”. • To know more about the lung cancer in women visit cancer-in-women.html
  13. 13. • Lung Cancer Symptoms is the blog which is exclusively ingrained with stuffs regarding lung cancer and the types of treatment methods. • It is necessary for every human to gain knowledge about the lung cancer inoreder to be aware and spread awareness. •
  14. 14. Thank you