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Make your home smarter while remodeling

check out the slide which tells some of the smart home technologies being used in some part of the country

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Make your home smarter while remodeling

  1. 1. Make your home smarter while remodeling
  2. 2. Smart home • The technological era, has made everything smarter with the innovative products which gives lot of comfort to the folks. • the more comfort the product , more demand among folks. • Some of the smarter stuffs employed in house are listed in the further slides.
  3. 3. Automatic door • The doors are windows are made automatic with the PIR motion sensor. They detect the person’s movement and perform the operation of closing and opening.
  4. 4. Dimmer • The lights are replaced with the Dimmer which senses the brightness based on the temperature and light and performs the operation. • They increase or decrease the brightness based on those parameter
  5. 5. Enabling Bluetooth • Enabling the Bluetooth system for all the electronic gadget will make help the folks for easy access from the static place without movement • Folks can control such equipments whenever necessary.
  6. 6. Smart lock • They are completely safe compared to type of lock system • The smart lock is some time accompanied with burglar through which can owner is acknowledged about the unauthorized visit.
  7. 7. Fire alarm • This is most commonly employed in big malls and public buildings. but it is seen frequently in most of the houses. • The fire alarm breaks when detected with temperature greater than room temperature or when using smoke detector
  8. 8. Burglar alarm • This is placed in almost all the entries of the house and interface the lock with the messages which sends the sms or alert signal during the entry of un authorized person
  9. 9. Smart bathroom • On the whole bathroom is made smart to auto- detect the climate and provide water accordingly • Some medical checker can also implemented in the bathroom to monitor the daily blood pressure level, BMI, glucose level, etc… the data base of those is also maintained
  10. 10. Audio systems • The audio system is made available in all the part of the home without multiple speakers. • The access is provided in each room , so that the user can switch the system on or off, or reduce the volume based on the preferences
  11. 11. • These are some of the smart home technologies used. There are further more technologies which is in practice and some are in practice in the near future. • Thus it is wise to do the remodeling with smart technologies which are preferred more
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