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make products eligible for garage sale


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this slides provides some cleaning and maintenance methodology of stuffs to be used in garage sale(
get some more brief explanation from the link given below

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make products eligible for garage sale

  1. 1. What is Garage sale or yard sale??? The selling of used products in garage or yard is called garage sale or yard sale.
  2. 2. Benefits of garage sale to sellers 1. assured profit, since you are getting money from unused products. 2. Loss will not occur at any means unless the garage sale is stopped.
  3. 3. Benefits to the buyers  Buyers get products at very reasonable rate.  Chance of bargaining is more to get products at satisfactory rate.
  4. 4. Products to be sold  Garage sale is not limited to particular products.  Products like clothes, books, toy’s, electronic items, utensils, gadgets, sports items, etc… are commonly seen products in garage sale.
  5. 5. Quick way to sell all the products  There are many ways you can make the garage sale success like efficient advertising, comfort to people, offering discounts, etc…  Despite of all these stuff, there is a better way- “make the products attractive and appear like new”
  6. 6. How to do this?  The cleaning procedure is not that tough task. It is inexpensive and easiest job.  Not all the products are cleaned in the same way.  Here are some of the cleaning
  7. 7. clothes  Cleaning is more simple, just wash it and iron it.  To make the look even more enhancing, do some art work in the dress.
  8. 8. books  This doesn’t need cleaning work, just dust the books and make it clean.  If any torn pages found, repair it and label the book.
  9. 9. Sports items  Just water wash it and let it dry for some time.  Before keeping to the display check for its performance
  10. 10. Electronic items  Have a external wash and make it shine.  Checking its performance also important, so do it under experts help.
  11. 11. Wooden products  The old of wooden products will get projected easily.  Varnishing it will give bright and new look
  12. 12. gadgets  Gadgets will loss its performance very soon. So it is recommended to keep less used stuffs for sale. Update the current versions if possible.
  13. 13. Toys  People will be very cautious while choosing these toys.  As small children get exposed to it, hygienic factor is very important. so make it look like new and neat.
  14. 14. antiques  This is not found in all garage sale.  Antiques don’t need maintenance tips, since it regain its look as the days pass by.
  15. 15. Cosmetic and health  Some people sell spa equipment and creams  Check for the expiry date and keep it in display
  16. 16. These are some of the basic products commonly kept in garage sale Some other products like bikes, automobile parts, etc… are also kept in garage sale.
  17. 17. Why should we do this???  To gain more than expected profit.  To make people forget the word ”bargaining”  To get all the products sold at the end.
  18. 18. Have a successful and highly profitable garage or yard sale by following the tips in the given link  n12/tips-to-sell-all-the-products- during-garage
  19. 19. My local garage sale is one such sites where you can post and find the garage sale. They also provide barter services. To know more visit http://www.mylocalgaragesale.c om