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How to utilize empty property - tips to landlord

make your buy to let property investment ( effective by utilizing the empty property for certain period of time

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How to utilize empty property - tips to landlord

  1. 1. B E N E F I C I A L T I P S F O R L A N D L O R D How to maintain empty property and prevent loss
  2. 2. What is empty property  The house which remains idle for specified period of times is assigned to be the empty property
  3. 3. Reasons… There are some reasons which makes a house a empty property 1. place shift 2. renovation 3. legal issue 4. spread of unwanted rumors
  4. 4.  The property remains empty after the left out of one tenant and arrival of other.  In some cases tenants are readily available, but in some cases it is difficult Place shift
  5. 5. renovation  Renovation is also cause of empty property.  Addition of small place doesn’t harm tenants but it is because of the discomfort they depart.
  6. 6. Legal issue  Some house may undergo some legal issue.  Landlords will solve it gradually and tenants are not going to be the victim  But without realizing the fact, tenants shifts the place
  7. 7. Unwanted rumors  Seldom, this happens in some places.  People spread the rumors about the house due to some ill facts which makes the property empty for long duration.
  8. 8. Landlords gains more profit all day when the property is full but they face the reverse case when the property is empty. Then how the empty property is made profitable? • -check the slides below
  9. 9. Repair the defects  The tenants will not leave the house like how it was given.  The quality will decrease as the days pass by.  So inspect for the defects and utilize the time to rectify it.  This increases the value of the houses, so you can expect high rents from upcoming tenants
  10. 10. Inspect before tenant leave  Have a home inspector with you to inspect the house thoroughly for the defects.  Charge the tenants according to the defect.  You can even charge for repainting and cleaning, which saves your money.
  11. 11. Cut off the supplies  As soon as the tenants leave, cut off the unwanted energy supplies like current, heaters, gas etc….  Some supplies like water and current are used in case of renovating.
  12. 12. renovation  Utilize this period to renovate the house.  This renovation will change your house to another level.  Landlords can gain more profit than expected through the future tenants.  Thus the profit you gain will compensate with the loss you acquired with empty property and money you spent on renovating will be taken back.
  13. 13. Temporary rentals  Use the property for temporary rentals.  you may get the opportunity to rent the house for temporary use like storage place, sale place this will fetch you with more profit so accept it and utilize it.
  14. 14.  These are some of the ways you can avoid loss or gain profit with the empty property  To know more, visit empty-property-useful.html
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