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Fully furnished house– complete guide to tenants

the house differs by two types regardless of buy to let property investment( or investment property- fully furnished and unfurnished house

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Fully furnished house– complete guide to tenants

  1. 1. Fully furnished house- complete guide to tenants
  2. 2. • People get house as buy to let property investments and gets beneficial from the rents paid by the tenants. • In recent trend there are houses are differentiated as fully furnished house and unfurnished house.
  3. 3. Fully furnished • The property whose constriction is confined with all kind of furniture and amenities is called completely furnished house
  4. 4. Unfurnished house • The house which doesn’t posses extra amenities other than a cupboard, faucets, etc… is called unfurnished house.
  5. 5. Plan for “what ?” • Folks has to plan prior to the start of construction work. • The houses cannot be said as fully furnished, of the work is done after the construction process and the expected result is also not obtained
  6. 6. Overview on fully furnished • Here all the furniture and kitchen equipments are installed during construction process. • a special architecture is used for this purpose. • The space is created for fixtures, lighting, etc… while constructing
  7. 7. What is done? • Now most of the houses doesn’t have space for extra equipments. In fully furnished house, the electronic equipment likes fridges and washing machines are fixed along with the walls.
  8. 8. • Furniture items are beds and chairs are fixed along with the floor. • Some tables are also fixed in constant place with the approval from the owners of the house
  9. 9. • A bed and wardrobe are the main part in fully furnished home. No such houses will be constructed without these items.
  10. 10. • Soft furnishing is also important point which tenants consider while choosing fully furnished houses. • Some of the soft furnishings are window and door covers
  11. 11. • Tough furnished house is equipped with sufficient appliances and furniture, there are some stuffs which people need to purchase while using it like pillows, bed covers, mats, etc…
  12. 12. Helping factors for tenants • Stress free place shift • Don’t want to bother about the arrangements of the products • Saves money in spending cost on furniture and appliances • Quick adaption to the place soon after the let in of tenants.
  13. 13. Helping factor to owners • Can demand for more rents from tenants • More competition for the house in the area • The furniture may also sold to the tenants during let out.
  14. 14. Disadvantages of fully furnished house • Though more rent is merit for owners, it is demerit for tenants. • Owners have to face some insurance issue. • Safety problem way arise, so have a safety check on the appliances before letting in the tenants
  15. 15. • These are some of the view on having fully furnished home in buy to let property investment • the choice of furnished and fully furnished varies among the demand and expectation of folks
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