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Different fringe style bandage dresses

fringes are the popular designs ingrained in many portion of the dresses. the fringe style bandage dress has the craze among the fashion loving women

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Different fringe style bandage dresses

  1. 1. Fringe style • Fringes are considered to be fashionable and celebrity type dresses which are designed in many colors and styles to suit all type of women. • The designers are showing different designs on the fringes. • Fringes are even made in necklines and sleeves. • The different fringe style employed in the bandage dresses are mentioned in the following slides.
  2. 2. Draped Fringe • Draped fringes are the dresses which are designed wholly with the handing or folded fringes. • The bodycon dresses with these fringes are available in different colors and they best suit the red-carpet look. • The contrast colors are also highlighted separately for the fringes and the inner materials. • Draped fringe bandage dress - sleeveless-draped-fringe-crystal-embellished-bandage-dress/
  3. 3. Asymmetrical Fringe • The fringes in the end portion of the dress need not to be in the proper shape. • The fringes are arranged in the crisscross manner or without any proper pattern. • This adds fashionable value to the dress and gives cool look. • Asymmetric fringe bandage dress - sleeveless-sweetheart-neck-metal-eyelet-detail-bandage-dress/
  4. 4. Fringe Neckline • There are different types of necklines ( match-your-style) available for the bodycon and bandage dress • Fringe neckline gives elegant look for all type of bandage dress. • This fringe design is ingrained in any type of neckline designs.
  5. 5. All over Fringe • As the name implies, the fringe design is implemented on the dress as the whole. • The fringes here are about to cover all the parts of the dress. • This style gives attention grabbing look and are very highlighted in the public. • All over fringe style bandage dresses - sleeveless-bandage-dress/
  6. 6. Fringe Hem • Hem is the finishing portion of the dress. In bandage dress, the hem portion is innovated with the fringe design. • The fringe can be either draped or shaped in any form. • The fringe hem style dresses gives enhancing celeb-look and they are best opted for dinner and parties. • Fringe Hem bandage dress - white-crochet-lace-keyhole-strappy-summer-bandage-dress/
  7. 7. • These are some of the unique fringe design employed in the bandage and bodycon dress. • Dresskick( shows different types of bandage and bodycon dress varieties which suits the modern women. • Online shopping of these dresses as wholesale is possible within few steps at affordable rate.