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#DesignThyself September 2014


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Join Be Social Change for Design Thyself on Wednesday, September 17th at 7:30pm w/ Lee-Sean Huang, Co-founder and Creative Director at Foossa.
Are you interested in learning about design principles to affect change in the world? Why not start with yourself? #DesignThyself brings design thinking and design doing to a personal level. Learn how to use design as a tool for changing your own creative habits and behavior.
* Doors open at 7:00, class starts at 7:30 sharp *
Learn how to use design principles and methodology to cultivate a new creative habit and to make an intentional and proactive change in your life. We will draw from the fields of interaction design, activism for social/cultural change, as well as cognitive psychology. This class is based on material previously offered at the School of Visual Arts MFA Design for Social Innovation and on

People interested in cultivating a new habit or modifying existing behaviors.
People interested in applying design (thinking/doing) and cognitive psychology to their own lives.
Designers and aspiring changemakers looking to "be the change" the way they want to see the world.

LeeSean_HeadshotLee-Sean Huang is the co-founder and creative director of Foossa. He is also affiliated with Purpose, where he has worked as a designer, strategist, and now as an advisor. He has devoted his career to working with social enterprises, nonprofits, and communities to create transformative experiences for positive social change. He has collaborated with organizations including:, Human Rights Watch, the United Nations, the SEIU, Creative Commons, Made in the Lower East Side, and Afro Brazil Arts. He is also the author of the forthcoming guide, What’s Strategy Got To Do With It which forms part of the Social Good Guides produced by the Social Innovators Collective. Lee-Sean holds a Bachelor’s degree in Government from Harvard and a Master’s degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University.

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#DesignThyself September 2014

  1. 1. #DesignThyself Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  2. 2. #DesignThyself ! Learn design principles to acquire a new habit/behavior, make it stick, and document the change. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  3. 3. 3 Lee Sean Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  4. 4. Who are you? Why are you here? Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  5. 5. 5 Why Design Thyself? Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  6. 6. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  7. 7. Design Thyself Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean Know Thyself Cure Thyself γνῶθι σεαυτόν Cura te ipsum #DesignThyself
  8. 8. 8 What is Design? Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  9. 9. 9 Marc + Hannah DESIGN: Creating with intention through iteration Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  10. 10. 10 DESIGN: a plan for arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean Eames
  11. 11. 11 What are the boundaries of design? What are the boundaries of problems? Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean Eames
  12. 12. 12 “You’re born naked and the rest is drag” Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean RuPaul
  13. 13. 13 “You’re born naked and the rest is design” #DesignThyself Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  14. 14. 14 #DesignThyself Tools Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  15. 15. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  16. 16. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  17. 17. #DesignThyself Tools Personify Visualize Simplify Systematize Document Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  18. 18. Vijay New Delhi, India Milk delivery truck driver, 4 kids, lives on the outskirts of Delhi. Grew up in a slum, but salary has helped him move to an adjacent neighborhood with better government services. Concerned about the state of sanitation. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  19. 19. Camille New Orleans Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean Music student, studying jazz and ethnomusicology. Studied abroad for a summer in Senegal, which opened her eyes to issues in the developing world. Concerned with issues of girls/ women’s empowerment.
  21. 21. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  22. 22. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  23. 23. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  24. 24. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  25. 25. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  26. 26. Amish Futurist Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  27. 27. #DesignThyself Tools Personify Visualize Simplify Systematize Iterate Document Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  28. 28. B Desired State Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean A Current State Visualize
  29. 29. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  30. 30. #DesignThyself Tools Personify Visualize Simplify Systematize Iterate Document Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  31. 31. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  32. 32. Heuristic A mental shortcut that allows people to solve problems and make judgments quickly and efficiently. ! A rule-of-thumb strategy. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  33. 33. Tony Hsieh’s ICEE 4 categories of sharable content ! Inspire Connect Entertain Educate Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  34. 34. Tim Ferriss: Meta-Learn DISSS Deconstruction of a skill to be learned into manageable component parts ! Identification of likely failure points to be avoided in early training ! Selection of the 20% of inputs that drive 80% of results ! Sequencing, ie. whether learning a skill in something other than the obvious order might speed mastery ! Stakes, which are necessary for motivation in the face of the temptation to quit. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  35. 35. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  36. 36. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  37. 37. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  38. 38. #DesignThyself Tools Personify Visualize Simplify Systematize Iterate Document Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  39. 39. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  40. 40. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  41. 41. #DesignThyself Tools Personify Visualize Simplify Systematize Iterate Document Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  42. 42. #DesignThyself Project Cheat Sheet 1. Have a defined scope and time span. 2. Start small and fast. Break it down into chunks, missions, episodes, or quests. 3. But have a big goal/epic quest in mind. 4. Make it public. Make it social. 5. Use existing forces, tendencies, habits. 6. Build off what you know. 7. Restart something you have left behind. 8. Make it emotional. FUN! 9. Automate as much as you can. 10. Follow the freaks. 11. It’s ok to cheat. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  43. 43. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  44. 44. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  45. 45. Previous #DesignThyself Examples Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  46. 46. “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”–Bruce Lee Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean
  47. 47. thanks! Do Good. Design Delight. Lee-Sean Huang / / @leesean