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Five ideas for celebrating The Deadlys 2012 ....The Deadlys are about pride. They provide a positive affirmation of identi...
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The September 2012 Edition of our Critical Classroom Newsletter. Features teaching and learning ideas for annual The Deadly awards.

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The criticalclassroom august2012-e-newsfinal

  1. 1. The e (education) - newsletter of The Critical Classroom ( Like to see this newsletter online? Join our mailing list or visit us on It’s red carpet time!It’s time to get deadly! With the weather getting a bit warmer as we head into spring, we are reminded it’s time to GetDeadly! The Deadly Awards were started in 1995, and in recent years, walking the red carpet has becomea much anticipated annual event. To celebrate this wonderful affirming spring-time event, this month’sFive Ideas is about commemorating The Deadlys in your classroom. You’ll also find in our newsletter ourselection of recommended resources, and our own publications that are available for purchase.Cheers, LeesaSeptember, 2012 Christmas is Deadly Have you seen our Christmas is Deadly book? We have a full teaching and learning strategy that helps teachers implement a Christmas unit with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives. Purchase directly from us. See more teaching ideas here.Click on the links below to find us online - Facebook Twitter Google+ Delicious BloggerThe Critical Classroom - September 2012
  2. 2. Five ideas for celebrating The Deadlys 2012 ....The Deadlys are about pride. They provide a positive affirmation of identity and achievement. In the faceof overwhelming negative depictions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the mainstreamimagination for over 200 years, affirmation is important. We’ve prepared a few suggestions for you in caseyou’re looking for some new and inexpensive ideas -1. Collate your Deadly Vibe magazines Go to the library and pull together your school’s collection of Deadly Vibe magazines. Deadly Vibe has been published each month since 1997, and many great musicians, artists, sports people and other successful community leaders have been featured over the years. If your school hasn’t subscribed to the Deadly Vibe, head to the website to get your copies. You can also download the free Deadly Vibe class activities which feature a range of literacy and numeracy activities. See our suggested resources for more details.2. Create a red carpet display In your library or classroom, create a red carpet themed display, featuring images of the nominees and something about each. If you have a class blog, create a red carpet blog post and link to information about the nominees.3. Find out about the nominees Many of the nominees will have online information about them and their work. Discuss their work and careers. We have created a blog post about the nominees for 2012 Music Singles of Year and have provided some ideas for classroom activities and stimulus questions.4. Who would you vote for? Go through the nominations for 2012. In the categories that students know and/or can research, have them find out about each nominee. Each student can vote. Tally up the results and hold your own announcement ceremony.5. Try our Deadly pocket word search We have created a teaching resource for the classroom that you can download for free. The PDF will be available from our Issuu and SlideShare accounts. Grab our Pocket Word Search celebrating DEADLY!The Critical Classroom - September 2012
  3. 3. This month’s recommended resources ... (education resource) cantchant by Vernon Ah Kee: In 2008 Aboriginal artist Vernon Ah Kee created cantchant, an exhibition featuring 3D installation, video, and text works for the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane. A year later it was included in the Once Removed exhibition at the Venice Biennale. The education resources features high quality images, information and student stimulus questions. Website: CrackerJack Education is an Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander interactive educational website for Primary aged children. There are Individual and school - based memberships. Do yourself a favour and sign up for a free 7- day trial. You can also find CrackerJack Education on Facebook. Website: The Yarning Strong series is now available from Oxford University Press. Aimed at the Primary (Stage 3) and Secondary (Stage 4) classroom, the Yarning Strong series developed a number of original novels, graphic novels and presentations, by talented Indigenous novelists including Anita Heiss, Bruce Pascoe, Ali Cobby Eckerman, Larissa Behrendt and many others. Structured around four modules - Law, Land, Family, and Identity - the Yarning Strong kit is an excellent cultural and literacy kit. Website: The Little Black Game Pack is available from Yindi Artz. Named, Product of the Year by Global Kids Oz, the Little Black Game pack is for all ages, and serves as an educational resource which is a perfect tool to learn about Aboriginal culture and symbols. The game pack consists of 36 cards which you use to play an assortment of games such as Hunt, Gather and Catch (memory, fish and snap). Website: The Blak History Month poster is a fantastic resource available for sale from Kiss My Blak Arts store on Redbubble. Created in 2008, this grassroots initiative was started by Ms Sam Cook and has steadily grown to be recognised by individuals, communities and institutions around Australia. Celebrate Blak History Month in your classroom by purchasing a beautifully mounted poster. Website: Deadly Vibe magazine is a fantastic monthly magazine that features stories and images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, musicians, sports people and community leaders from all around the country. You can also go to the Deadly Vibe magazine website for Literacy and Numeracy activities for most editions. Website: Critical Classroom - September 2012
  4. 4. Our Publications .... The Critical Classroom is a free blog produced by the Iscariot Media team. The blog is divided into key learning areas, learning stages, and specific topics. There are also categories for professional development resources and free resources. Check it out at Blak History Month is a grassroots movement that is dedicated to building on the success of NAIDOC week to create the whole month of July as a celebration of Australias Blak History. The Australian Blak History Month for students and teachers website was created by Iscariot Media. It features a number of free resources for teachers. You can download the poster, nearly 100 free fact sheets about Great Moments in Blak History, student workbooks and quizzes. Easter is Deadly: Teaching and Learning Strategies for the Easter Celebration. Early Years (2010) Easter is Deadly explores the origins of Easter and how we can incorporate new symbols into our celebration that reflect our culture. Easter is deadly is suitable for the early years (0-8) and for middle years. ISBN: 0-9581073-2-7 pp20 pages | Price: $22.50 + postage Christmas is Deadly Christmas is Deadly:Teaching and Learning Strategies for the Christmas Celebration. Early Years (2004) Christmas is Deadly provides teachers with a step-by-step teaching and learning strategies that reflects the diversity of expressions of Christmas. Christmas is deadly is suitable for the early years (0-8) and for middle years. ISBN: 0-9581073-2-7 pp16 pages | Price: $22.50 + postage Keeping the Connection Keeping the Connection - water, country, spirit. Celebrating the United Nations International Year of Freshwater. Stages Early One - Five (2003) Keeping the Connection was developed to assist teachers in designing activities to celebrate the UNs International Year of Freshwater. Written from an Indigenous perspective, the activities are suitable for primary (Stages Early One to Three) and Secondary (Stages Four to Five) schools. ISBN 0-9581073-1-9 pp52 pages | Price: $37.50 + postageWe also sell a limited number of other publications by Aboriginal artist collective ProppaNOW.How to contact us ..... Visit our shop page for details on how to order. *Orders will be sent along with an invoice for payment to bemade within 14 days* The e(education)-newsletter of The Critical Classroom ( Like to see this newsletter online? Join our mailing list or visit us on The Critical Classroom is a project of Iscariot media.The Critical Classroom - September 2012