Easter is deadly info sheet updated 2011


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Information Sheet used with Blacklines Publications' Easter is Deadly text. Describes the Christian celebration of Easter, the story and the symbols.

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Easter is deadly info sheet updated 2011

  1. 1. Information sheet for important Easter days for Easter is Deadly Name of the day Historical Event Symbol8th March Shrove Tuesday (or Jesus ate a meal of milk, eggs and flour Pancakes are made on this day to symbolise2011 Pancake Tuesday) before he went into the desert to fast for Jesus last meal before fasting. forty days.9th March Ash Wednesday Jesus goes into the desert to fast. The first day of Lent. The use of ashes made2011 by burning palm crosses from the previous years Palm Sunday.Starts Lent Starts on Ash Wednesday and today goes for The colour purple is an important colour at9th March forty days. It refers to Jesus 40 days of this time. Purple symbolises people being2011 fasting. aware of themselves, who they are and what they do. Lent is often remembered by people doing charitable acts (doing things for other people).Starts Holy Week Is the last seven days before Easter.17th April Palm Sunday Jesus walks back into Jerusalem triumphant The events of this week are referred to as2011 following his 3 years of teaching and 40 days "the Passion". It is read at Mass. One Palm of fasting. As he walked into Jerusalem, Sunday, people take palm leaves to mass cheering people laid palms at his feet (It and there is sometimes a re-enactment of should be noted that many of the people Jesus walking through the crowds. The Palm who cheered Jesus triumphant arrival would Sunday celebration asks people to consider have been among the crowd calling for his times when they have been hypocritical and execution a week later). unfaithfuly in their lives.21st April Maundy Thursday At this meal (also called the Last Supper), The bread and wine symbolise Jesus flesh2011 Jesus sat with his twelve disciples. Here, and blood. It is re-enacted at mass each they ate bread and drank wine. Later that week in a ceremony called the Eucharist. night Jesus was betrayed by Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane and was arrested22nd April Good Friday The day of Jesus crucifixion. He carries a On Good Friday, many people do not eat red2011 cross through Jerusalem and is nailed to it to meat, but fish. die.23rd April Holy Saturday Christians believe that Jesus was resurrected Easter Saturday is the most important mass2011 from the dead (he came back to life) and of the year and must take place after that he became the Holy Spirit. sunset. It is when the Paschal (Easter) candle are blessed at the Vigil Mass. Easter Satursday is also the commencement of the Easter Tide which goes for 50 days ending at the feast of Pentecost. Christians have set Sunday aside as a24th April Easter Sunday Recalls the day that the women went to the special day in their week. They remember2011 tomb of Jesus but found it empty. An angel that Jesus was raised to new life on a appeared to them and told them that Jesus Sunday and gather at the church to had been raised from the dead. They hurried celebrate this event. The gift of eggs is a to tell the apostles. symbol of new life.25th April Easter Monday Easter Monday appears to have no religious2011 significance but is a legal public holiday in most countries that celebrate Easter.1BL901E104 ©Blacklines (Updated - 2011) * Dates in first column are based on Australian timezones .