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Retreats, conferences, and affinity spaces help us fill our wells, connect with others in The Work, and restore our energy and drive. However, these opportunities come too far and few in between. What are some daily and regular practices that can help us keep sustained, happy, and motivated? Learn strategies, share wisdom, and plan for reentering our daily lives that we continue to be the best advocates, allies, and practitioners we can be.

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  1. 1. NYSAIS Diversity PractitionersSeattle Girls’ SchoolRosetta Eun Ryong LeeRestorative Reentry:Sustaining Ourselves Back at HomeRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  2. 2. About Seattle Girls’ SchoolRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  3. 3. Going HomeWhat excites youmost aboutreturning to yourschool life andhome life? Whatdeflates or worriesyou aboutreturning?Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  4. 4. Post-Conference-Partum DepressionRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  5. 5. In-Between TimesRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  6. 6. Say Goodbye… For NowRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  7. 7. As James Taylor Said…Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)You just call out my nameand you know where ever I amIll come runningTo see you again.Winter, spring, summer, or fallAll you have to do is callAnd Ill be thereYouve got a friend.Aint it good to knowyouve got a friend.
  8. 8. Coalition of Experts and Allies Tell me what it’s like… What might have been going onwhen… What would you suggest… What could I do next time… Am I totally off base or… Can I run something by you?Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  9. 9. Sharing ResourcesRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  10. 10. I’ll Be Reaching Out To…Jot down names offolks you have methere (or at otherconferences andworkshop) to whomyou’d like to reachout and develop arelationship.Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  11. 11. Building Coalitions At HomeRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  12. 12. Find and Cultivate Hidden AlliesRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  13. 13. Affirm Folks Who Get ItRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  14. 14. Find and Develop Your ReplacementRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  15. 15. Leave No Space UncoveredRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  16. 16. I’ll Be Reaching Out To…Jot down names of folksat your school to whomyou’d like to reach outand develop arelationship. Who mightbe your unknown allies?Who can help coverthose backstagespaces?Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  17. 17. How Do I Cultivate Myself?Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  18. 18. Have Different Methods for Different OccasionsRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  19. 19. Develop Your Inner Credible HulkRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  20. 20. Equality versus EquityEverybody gets a shirt versus everybodygets a shirt that fits.Giving everybody some insulin inequality. Giving only people who arediabetic some insulin is equity.What is “fair”?Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  21. 21. Conflation of Individual/InstitutionalRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  22. 22. Correlation versus CausationCorrelation: When income is averaged and compared, thereis a strong correlation between race and wealth. This is dueto a myriad of historical, systemic, and economic factors thatimpact People of Color and Whites differently.Causation: When income is averaged and compared, there is astrong correlation between race and wealth. This must bebecause People of Color must not be as smart, hard-working, or good with money as Whites.Correlation: When more firefighters are fighting a fire, thebigger the fire is observed to be.Causation: The additional firefighters made the fire bigger.Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  23. 23. Accumulated AdvantagesRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  24. 24. Situational AdvantageRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  25. 25. Privilege“Privilege exists when one group hassomething of value that is denied to otherssimply because of the groups they belongto, rather than because of anything they’vedone or failed to do.”[as described by Peggy McIntosh and quoted by Allan Johnson]Privilege is SYSTEMIC. It drives thesystems that dominate our societies.Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  26. 26. Safety versus ComfortSafety: I feel that, in this space, I can ask questions withoutfear of judgment. I can voice my perspective and know thatI will be validated for the fact that that is my truth. Othersmay challenge my ideas, but that challenge is in the spirit ofgreater shared understanding and growth.Comfort: I feel that, in this space, my reality will be agreedwith, validated, and unchallenged. I don’t have to explainmyself to be understood, and I don’t have to justify myperspective, as everyone shares it.As educators, we are constantly setting up an environmentwhere students are safe but not always comfortable...SO THAT THEY CAN LEARN AND GROW.Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  27. 27. Where Do You Want to Grow?In what areas do you feelvery well prepared to havethe mind conversations,and what are some of yourstrategies for gettingthrough? What areas posechallenges or even stumpyou? What might you try?Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  28. 28. NCBI Effective Interventions Model Reduce Defensiveness– Tone– Body Language– Respect Keep the Conversation Going– Hear Them Out– Ask Open-Ended Questions– Set Aside Your Feeling for the Moment– Dialogue Build the Relationship Win an AllyRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  29. 29. Be Generous.We Were All Born InnocentRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  30. 30. Be Accessible.Jargon and Data Don’t Move HeartsRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  31. 31. Let It Go Now and ThenRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  32. 32. Where Do You Want to Grow?In what ways do you feeleffective in the heartconversation, and what aresome of your strategies forgetting through? In whatways do you feelchallenged or evenstumped? What might youtry?Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  33. 33. Self Care and InterestRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  34. 34. Have an Affirmation FileRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  35. 35. Develop Your MantrasRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  36. 36. Rosetta’s Mantras “I can do anything good.” We were all born innocent. “Not cool, Robert Frost!” With this brief life I’ve been given, Iplan to do as much good for as longas I can. Stubborn Ounces…Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  37. 37. Stubborn Ounces(To the One Who Doubts the Worth of Doing Anything If You Can’t DoEverything)by Bonaro W. OverstreetYou say the Little efforts that I makewill do no good: they never will prevailto tip the hovering scalewhere Justice hangs in balance.I don’t think I ever thought they would.But I am prejudiced beyond debatein favor of my right to choose which sideshall feel the stubborn ounces of my weight.Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  38. 38. 1. How do you see materialsfrom this workshop applyingto your life?2. What questions do you stillhave?3. What are your personal actionsteps?Discussion:How Will I Apply All This?Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  39. 39. More Ways to Grow Attend Train the Trainer workshops Have more real discussions with peoplewho affirm you Have more real one-on-one dialogue withpeople who may or may not affirm you Continue to learn and grow in yourknowledge base for content AND skillsRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  40. 40. Final Questions or Comments?Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  41. 41. Presenter InformationRosetta Eun Ryong Lee6th Faculty andProfessional OutreachSeattle Girls’ School2706 S Jackson StreetSeattle WA 98144(206) 805-6562rlee@seattlegirlsschool.orghttp://tiny.cc/rosettaleeRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)
  42. 42. Resources• Anti-Defamation League• Cross Cultural Connections(www.CulturesConnecting.com)• Facilitation First• Jimpact Enterprises, Inc.• National Coalition Building Institute• The People’s Institute• Stirfry Seminars• The Thiagi GroupRosetta Eun Ryong Lee (http://tiny.cc/rosettalee)