EMBA KATZ Brochure 2012


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EMBA KATZ Brochure 2012

  2. 2. At Katz, we’ve designed our programaround one constant: Businessnever stops reinventing itself—andneither should business leaders.But true agility depends on asolid foundation. That’s whythe Katz tool kit offersa thorough groundingin the fundamentalsand an array of globalexperiences. It’s an educationthat sharpens instincts andmakes bold decisions second-nature. So while others will be askingthemselves “What now?” our graduatesare already thinking, “Why not?” “Our EMBA Worldwide program helps experienced professionals, from all over the globe, lead their organizations with success and without boundaries. We give you the strategic vision to compete on the global stage as agile problem solvers, decision makers, and leaders.” - Anne Nemer Assistant Dean for Executive Programs University of Pittsburgh Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business
  3. 3. See the World StrategicallyThe business world changes every day. That change is swift and unpredictable—and it keepsincreasing as economies become more global. Leaders with vision embrace this dynamicenvironment. They see enormous opportunities and make bold decisions that grow theircompanies.Our Executive MBA (EMBA) Worldwide Program helps you develop the strategic managementskills needed to reach new heights. We help you understand how markets are interconnected sothat you can compete with firms across Europe—and beyond. You form lasting partnerships andgain firsthand insight into global markets by participating in three Global Executive Forums, heldin Brazil, the United States, and the Czech Republic.Europe needs homegrown leaders to manage its complex zone of mature and emergingeconomies. We prepare you to be nimble and practice innovation. You need these skills to thrivein a world of increasing competition and shrinking boundaries. www.katz.pitt.edu/about-emba 1 “The EMBA program gave me the opportunity to combine my prior experiences with the most current theoretical framework. In fact, I applied what I learned in my marketing and strategy courses directly to my job. To this day, I still keep in touch with my former classmates, which is great because they have experiences from so many different fields.” - Martin Tesař Deloitte, Partner in Charge of Audit Practice, Czech Republic Class of 2011
  4. 4. learning by Experience The EMBA Worldwide program challenges You are placed on cross-cultural teams so you with exercises that mirror the business that you can learn from people of different world. The curriculum is based on the nationalities. latest research and theories, which you can apply directly to your job, right away. Our In total, it takes 16 months to complete the Global Executive Forums are international program. Classes are scheduled to fit around immersion trips that help you to better your job and family life, meaning that you don’t understand key world markets, and build have to put your life on hold. From Prague, business contacts. you earn a powerful MBA degree from a top- ranked U.S. business school. You have access Much of your learning comes from peer to our innovative professors and receive the interaction. You are part of a diverse talent same degree as students at the University of pool of experienced managers, senior Pittsburgh campus in the United States. professionals, and thriving entrepreneurs. During the course of your 48 credit hours, you complete case analyses, group projects, workshops, and computer simulations. cORE cOURSES • Financial Accounting: Reporting and Financial Statement Analysis • Organizational Behavior: Leadership2 and Team Effectiveness • Economic Analysis for Managerial Decisions • Business Ethics and Public Policy • Statistical Analysis: Uncertainty, Prediction, and Quality Control • Marketing Management • Decision Optimization and Risk Management • Financial Management • Global Human Resource Management • Strategic Leadership for Change • Negotiating in Business • Strategic Cost Management • Information Technology and Business Value • Strategic Management for Competitive Advantage • Strategic Visioning for a Global Future • Global Supply Chain Management www.katz.pitt.edu/GEF Plus four electives (1.5 credits each)
  5. 5. connect Across continents Pittsburgh: The Golden Triangle With a history as one of America’s great manufacturing cities, Pittsburgh has been the Glass City, Iron City, and Steel City. The city is transforming itself once again. The same work ethic that forged Pittsburgh’s industrial might is fueling a new economy, one defined by health care, computer science, robotics research, biotechnology, finance, chemicals and coatings, and telecommunications. Pittsburgh is the largest inland port in the United States, situated at the confluence of three large rivers: the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio. Its skyline is one of the country’s most beautiful, and Pittsburgh has been ranked the most livable city in the United States by Forbes and The Economist. Prague: The city of Spires Centrally located in the heart of Europe, Prague is home to 1.2 million people and is the cultural and political capital of the Czech Republic. It is one of Europe’s most visited cities and is sometimes called the “city of a hundred spires” because of the church steeples and castles that dot its skyline. 3 The Czech Republic is a member state of the European Union and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Prague’s economy is bolstered by a burgeoning high- tech community and its status as a manufacturing center for power generation, steel, and glass. Prague is full of rich history and has a growing economy that caters to international clients. São Paulo: A Titan of commerce Calling São Paulo immense is no understatement. The 24/7 city is home to 19 million people and is teeming with high-rise buildings. The cosmopolitan city is a melting pot of ethnic groups ranging from Italian to Japanese. The combined city and state of São Paulo is the economic engine of Brazil. The city is the center of the country’s financial and stock markets and the capital of Brazil’s automobile industry. There are few places in the world like São Paulo. It is home to some of the world’s finest restaurants and many of Brazil’s trendiest night spots. São Paulo is also home to many multinational corporations and is at the center of Brazil’s growth as one of the world’s new economic powers.
  6. 6. Research at the Forefront Leaders in their fields, our research-driven You have access to the latest research. professors are problem solvers who are often That’s because our professors are actively called upon by corporations, government involved in the creation of new knowledge, agencies, and organizations across the globe. concepts, and strategies. Our professors are widely published and serve as editors No matter which EMBA campus you attend, of leading research journals. They have you can be assured of the same education. amassed a wealth of knowledge that spans Katz School professors speak English and across many business disciplines, including are flown in for classes in Prague. Our financial accounting, cost management, professors are accessible and many times global supply chain management, business end up mentoring students long after they negotiations, and organizational behavior. graduate. That continuing relationship pays dividends for years to come. “In my course on organizational behavior, we discuss how leaders can frame their agenda in ways4 that increase buy-in from key stakeholders. We use case studies and interactive learning sessions to help students apply knowledge to real-world scenarios.” - Audrey Murrell Associate Professor of Business Administration, Psychology, Public and International Affairs and Director of the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership www.katz.pitt.edu/emba-faculty
  7. 7. Talent in the classroomHow often can you experiment in business andstill be safe? Our classes are a testing lab for newideas and projects. That helps you develop an eyetoward innovation. And because your colleaguesand professors will challenge your perspectives, youstrengthen your critical thinking abilities.Classroom time is also networking time. It’s naturalfor our students to build new business contacts thatimmediately add value to their companies. After all,our students have an average of 13 years of workexperience and possess a mix of expertise from manydifferent industries. We insist upon a cross-functionalapproach to business fundamentals, which will serveyou well in a world where business never stopsreinventing itself.The EMBA Worldwide program gives you access to anetwork of contacts in Europe and beyond. You join Pitt’svast MBA alumni network, which has more than 26,000graduates living in 90 countries around the world. 5 EMBA PRAGUE dRAWS STUdENTS FROM AROUNd THE GlOBE: Austria Peru Azerbaijan Poland Bulgaria Romania Czech Republic Russia France Slovakia Germany Spain Iceland Switzerland Iran Turkey Israel Ukraine Italy United States Macedonia United Kingdom www.katz.pitt.edu/class-profile
  8. 8. Your MBA, Your Schedule Elevate your career and personal satisfaction, but without putting your life on hold. The EMBA Worldwide program allows you to earn your degree with minimal disruptions to your work and family life. Prague students complete their course work in 16 months. Class modules are scheduled once a month, from Wednesday through Sunday. The block scheduling makes our program accessible for students who live outside of Prague or have jobs with frequent travel. You will gather 14 times in Prague, and will travel once to São Paulo, Brazil, and once to Pittsburgh, U.S. for our Global Executive Forums. Pittsburgh is also where you will attend your graduation ceremony. The EMBA Worldwide program provides a high return on investment for our graduates. Our graduates tell us that there are five top ways in which they are rewarded: managerial development, networking, company promotions, increased earnings, and international mobility.6 “The EMBA program enabled me to change careers. I switched from human resources, where I had worked for 10 years over to the service quality and strategic management area. The program gave me the executive background that I needed. Because of the program, I have confidence in core business areas like finance, marketing, strategy, management, and statistics.” - Naďa Borková Gallová Ceska Sporitelna, a.s., Director of Service Quality Department and Ombudsman of Financial Group Class of 2010 www.katz.pitt.edu/emba-schedule
  9. 9. World-class EducationFounded in 1787, the University ofPittsburgh (Pitt) is an internationallyrespected university and leading U.S.research institution. With an annualenrollment of 35,000 students, theschool has a global reach and activealumni network.Pitt is a major economic driver forthe Western Pennsylvania region,contributing an estimated $1.74 billioninto the economy. The campus iscomposed of 16 schools of study, whichyield tremendous collaborative projectsfor professors and students.In 2010, Pitt provided 444 distinctdegree programs University-wide.The school is also affiliated with theUniversity of Pittsburgh Medical Center,a $9 billion global health enterprise.The Joseph M. Katz Graduate Schoolof Business is a vital part of Pitt. TheUniversity was one of the 16 founding 7members of the Association to AdvanceCollegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)and has remained continuously accreditedever since. Our Executive MBA Worldwideprogram is among the oldest in the worldand we have had a campus in the CzechRepublic since 1990. www.katz.pitt.edu/about-katz
  10. 10. corporate Partnerships “The EMBA Worldwide program is an excellent platform to bring in the latest business trends so that our organization doesn’t fall behind the global competition. We find that the fresh MBAs normally energize our whole organization with their ideas. They are also well connected to different cultures, which helps us to grow our business in the global environment.” - Hannu Kasi President and Country Manager, ABB Czech Republic Chairman, Board of Advisors, Europe8 Leading companies in Europe partner with the EMBA Prague program. Our Board of Advisors for Europe keeps us connected with the changing needs of business organizations. It is composed of chief executive officers, presidents, and vice presidents from a wide range of industries including power generation, media, national banking, telecommunications, and chemicals and coating. BOARd OF AdVISORS - EUROPE MEMBERS • Beata Mońka, Chairman and CEO, • Martin Novák, CFO, CEZ a.s. CANAL+Cyfrowy • Michael Mullen, Partner, Havel & Holasek • christophe cambournac, President, Europe, s.r.o. The Nielsen Company • Milan Švácha, CEO, Casablanca INT • david Rintoul, President of U. S. Steel Košice • Miroslav Singer, Governor, Czech National • Hannu Kasi, President and Country Manager, Bank ABB Czech Republic • Pavel Šrámek, Executive Director, ZV • Jan Vlček, Commercial Director, CET 21, s.r.o. Milknatur International Ltd. • Josef Kotrba, Office Managing Partner , Deloitte • Viktor Sekmakas, President, Europe, Czech Republic PPG Europe • Jürgen chrobog, Chairman of the Executive • Stephen Kines, Partner, Kines Global Board, BMW-Stiftung Herbert Quandt • Tomasz Sielicki, Vice-Chairman of the • Marek Belka, Governor, National Bank of Poland Supervisory Board, Sygnity SA
  11. 11. Take the Next StepThe program is designed for executives with a record of superior job performance, strong careerprogression, and growth potential. With that in mind, the admissions requirements are as follows: • Minimum of five years full-time work experience, although 10 years is preferred. The candidate should be in a senior professional or managerial role. • Undergraduate degree diploma, university transcripts, and two letters of professional recommendation. • Completed admissions form, self-recommendation letter, and résumé/curriculum vitae. • Citizens of countries where English is not the official language must present an official score from the TOEFL or IELTS tests. The requirement is waived for candidates who earned a degree from a U.S. college or university. • Candidates may wish to strengthen their applications with a successful GMAT score, but it is not necessary in all cases. • All candidates must complete an interview as the final stage of the selection process. The interview helps us assess your motivation for pursuing an Executive MBA, your academic and professional experience, and your plans for the future. www.katz.pitt.edu/emba-admissions
  12. 12. contact Us EMBA Worldwide EMBA Europe Prague Anne Nemer Assistant Dean Ivana Goossen 513 Alumni Hall Director, EMBA Prague 4227 Fifth Avenue Truhlářská 13-15 Pittsburgh, PA 15260 110 00 Prague 1 USA Czech Republic Phone: +1 412-648-1694 Phone/Fax: +420 222 316 960 Fax: +1 412-648-1787 E-mail: igoossen@katz.pitt.edu E-mail: annemer@katz.pitt.edu EMBA South America EMBA North America São Paulo Pittsburgh Karla Alcides Nicholas Hamilton-Archer Director, EMBA São Paulo Director of Operations Rua Umberto Caputi, 65 515 Alumni Hall 04729-110  São Paulo, SP 4227 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15260 Phone: +55 11 5641-4251 USA Fax: +55 11 5641-4252 E-mail: kalcides@katz.pitt.edu Phone: +1 412-648-1607 Fax: +1 412-648-1787 E-mail: nhamilton-archer@katz.pitt.edu www.katz.pitt.edu/emba-pragueEMBA Worldwide Program514 Alumni Hall4227 Fifth AvenuePittsburgh, PA 15260USA