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How to Become a Jedi Master of Marketing: The Content Force


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Colleen Jones kicks off a content marketing event hosted by Technology Association of Georgia by answering the key question "Why content marketing, and why now?"

Published in: Business, Technology
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How to Become a Jedi Master of Marketing: The Content Force

  1. 1. Colleen Jones, Principal @leenjones HOW TO BE A JEDI MASTER OF MARKETING Learn the Ways of the Content Force Colleen Jones, Principal @leenjones
  2. 2. 90% of HP sales come from online content. Gilbane Conference
  3. 3. Today, your prospects are more likely to encounter an ewok than click on a banner ad.
  4. 4. Why? Mobile + Social = Constant Content Demand Your Prospects Nurture Themselves into Leads with Content
  5. 5. Businesses invested nearly $18 billionin content marketing in 2013. - Custom Content Council Dell, The Coca-Cola Company, Equifax, IHG, Cerner Corporation and other leading companies are implementing content strategyfor B2B and B2C marketing, service, and support content. CONTENT IS THE #1even over social media, email, and other trends. - eMarketer PRIORITY OF CLIENT-SIDE MARKETERS 80% anticipate a moderate or aggressive shift in spending toward content marketing as the industry continues to thrive. - Custom Content Council OF MARKETERS Content investments by B2B + B2C companies now account for 1/3- Content Marketing Institute OF MARKETING BUDGETS
  6. 6. How do you become a Jedi Master?