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Content Science Open House


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Take a peak at Content Science's new space in Atlanta GA and learn about our new direction. From content strategy consulting to a new workshop series to the new content evaluation platform ContentWRX, we're helping clients achieve their goals in exciting ways.

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Content Science Open House

  2. 2. Our new space gives us more opportunities to host events for clients and the community. We also launched a new Content Strategy Workshop series, where we share our expertise.
  3. 3. As the first consultancy entirely devoted to content strategy, we’ve advised Fortune 50 companies, startups, institutions, and government agencies since 2010. And we’re growing! |
  4. 4. Like our work with content, our new space is agile, nimble, and easily configurable for meetings, trainings, or events.
  5. 5. In our new space, we’re offering 4 main “dishes.” Enterprise content strategy Product / service content strategy Content marketing strategy Intranet and support content strategy |
  6. 6. As a specialized consultancy, we only work with select clients. Our agile team of experienced experts allows us to help enterprises and large organizations quickly.
  7. 7. With clients that include The Coca-Cola Company, Dell, and Intercontinental Hotels Group, we work mostly with enterprises and large organizations across a wide range of industries including technology, finance, healthcare, utilities / energy, retail, media, and higher education. |
  8. 8. This year, we launched the evaluation platform ContentWRX, which turns your content feedback into actionable content intelligence. We designed ContentWRX to scale. The platform has already helped many organizations, and it can help many more.
  9. 9. That’s why enterprises and large organizations are taking an even closer look at Content Science.
  10. 10. |