Wind in Wind


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Intended to find solutions Technology and Alternative Energy for the energy crisis and aims to develop New ideas with impact on Economics and the Environment.
Activities such as wind power, but not necessarily placed outdoors, working 24/24h
See my model wind energy. simple - mild-effective-inexpensive, can be placed anywhere in the southernmost islands north pole ( the Arctic and Antarctica )(even cold weather)
It is located in a closed cycle -not too noisy - not interfere with the direction of the wind

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Wind in Wind

  1. 1. TRONGDONG ENERGY WWW.TRONGDONG.WEEBLY.COM 209 st 35A Trinh Quang Nghi Q8 HCM city
  2. 2. Have you ever thought that wind energy like wave energy, except that it's invisible (put wave after wave front, as moving forward, growing bigger and turn into the tsunami) .The wind, too, according to the law + ( fundamental laws of nature.) of attraction, appeal and cornered can create supersaturated easy. Of course it must be placed in a closed room, 6 concrete walls, one can control it to not affect the environment and people, and we made a detour to repeat it never stops. And also of course because it was easy to generate electricity need not put outdoors , as the measures before. However, this plan calls for two years without the support, in part because I'm not fluent in English so there is no way to explain to people who understand. ====INNOVATE YOUR FUTURE ====
  3. 3. Các b n có bao gi ngh r ng n ng l ng gió c ng gi ng nh n ng l ng sóng bi n ,ch khác ch nó vô hình(sóng sau d n sóng tr c, càng ti n v phía tr c, càng ngày càng l n m nh h n r i bi n thành sóng th n).Thì gió c ng v y, theo nh lu t c a s h p d n, lôi cu n và d n ép có th t o ra nh ng siêu bão d dàng.T t nhiên là ph i t trong phòng kín, 6 b c t ng bê tông, ng i ta có th ki m soát c nó không nh h ng n môi tr ng và m i ng i, và ta t o nên ng vòng l p l i nó không bao gi ng ng.Và c ng t t nhiên nh nó ta t o ra i n d dàng không c n ph i t ngoài tr i nh nh ng bi n pháp tr c ây. Tuy nhiên ph ng án này kêu g i 2 n m nay không c s ng h , vì m t ph n tôi không rành ti ng anh nên không có cách nào gi i thích cho m i ng i hi u.
  4. 4. I have one method for solving integrity of energy no storage needed without losing landscape and environment;My energy model, adapting to green buildings;Proper, sea, islands, rural areas;With characteristic continuous operation should not need expensive storage systems and cumbersome Tôi có m t ph ng pháp gi i quy t toàn v n c a n ng ng không l u tr c n thi t mà không làm m t c nh quan và môi tr ng, mô hình n ng l ng c a tôi, thích ng v i công trình xanh; bi n, h i o, các vùng nông thôn; V i ho t ng liên t c c tr ng không c n h th ng l u tr t ti n và c ng k nh
  5. 5. New energy researchers - the inventor - create a sustainable energy system - completely new -does not depend on any energy sources -does not depend on any energy sources - not noisy -Do not damage the landscape -not affected by extreme weather -No vibration -can completely replace the previous power system -adapt to global environmental sustainability program Nhà nghiên c u n ng l ng m i -Ng i phát minh - h th ng t o ra ng l ng b n v ng -hoàn toàn m i -không ph thu c vào b t c ngu n n ng l ng nào -Không n ào -Không thi t h i c nh quan - Không rung ch n - không nh h ng b i th i ti t kh c nghi t -có th thay th hoàn toàn h th ng n tr c ây -thích ng v i ch ng trình môi tr ng b n v ng toàn c u
  6. 6. Lee Nhan Let's see My energy model ships floating Its objective:to find global and optimal solutions for the protection of the environment My new initiatives 100% sustainable energy future green - island - the great ship - appropriate continuous operation 24/7/365 no need System Storage - It works regardless of weather-including the extreme climatic Thích · · Translate · B theo dõi bài vi t · Chia s · 11 tháng 4 lúc 0:12 2 ng i thích i u này. Rees Njoroge Nice ship, i mean thats the future we want,a 24/7 working system that will root people out of poverty. 12 tháng 4 lúc 3:15 thông qua di ng · Thích · Translate
  7. 7. BBC Science & Environment ã chia s liên k t. 23 tháng 2 Intended to find solutions Technology and Alternative Energy for the energy crisis and aims to develop New ideas with impact on Economics and the Environment trongdongenergy My initiatives to minimize climate change - not need additional hydropower if you have it use as a source of fresh water reserves - do not need fuel to run generators - great power to help the plant does not need coal stone - oil –gas 121B thích · · Translate · Chia s
  8. 8. To be continued 30/06/2013 Very thanks LeeNhan