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Continuous delivery using jenkins


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This is the slides of the presentation that we used for Continuous Delivery using Jenkins

Published in: Engineering, Technology, Business

Continuous delivery using jenkins

  1. 1. Continuous Delivery using Jenkins
  2. 2. Why Continuous Delivery is important Intro to Jenkins and Build Pipeline Setup Takeaways
  3. 3. Water Scrum Fall
  4. 4. Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software First Principle of Agile Manifesto
  5. 5. Done = Released
  6. 6. Fast, automated feedback on the correctness of your application every time there is a change to code Continuous Integration
  7. 7. Continuous Integration in Action
  8. 8. Business Engineering Team
  9. 9. Continuous Delivery Fast, automated feedback on the production readiness of your application every time there is a change — to code, infrastructure,or configuration.
  10. 10. Configuration Management
  11. 11. Build Pipeline Guarantees the production readiness Makes release a risk-free automated affair Tie release with business decisions
  12. 12. Build Pipeline in Action
  13. 13. Feature Branches
  14. 14. Mainline Development
  15. 15. Summary Everyone is responsible for Release Build Quality In Continuous Improvement
  16. 16. If humans start doing those repetitive tasks which computers are designed to do, all the computers get together late at night and laugh at you Neal Ford
  17. 17. Next Steps How long would it take you to deploy a change that involves just one single line of code? Can this be done on a repeatable, reliable basis? Mary and Tom Poppendieck
  18. 18. Thanks !! Questions? @leenasn @akshaykashain