NYU Stern Essay 3


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NYU Stern Essay 3

  1. 1. Art is my haven. Like an aurora borealis, which shows puzzled colours, I could also express my puzzled feelings through the wonderful elements of art. It takes me to a place where I can escape all human limits: logic and common sense. For these two only serve as interference. And once these barriers are broken, I enter the realms of childhood visions and dreams
  2. 2. I believe that everyone desires a stage to express themselves to others in the most original, eloquent manner possible. Among the many hobbies that I love to pursue, art offers me that stage and metaphor. From competing at art competitions to raise environmental awareness or organizing a Rajasthani craft exhibition to help raise funds for an NGO, art has served as a vehicle to express my compassion and interest in community and as a bridge for cross-cultural interaction. So, when I'm not at my computer or cooking or busy singing for a puja then I'll be playing with my glue, water colours, pastels, pencils and scissors. However, pursuing a hobby is all about expanding your horizon and learning something new. Thus, I don’t believe in restricting myself to water paints and an A4 page. I love to try my hand at various art styles and have delved into creating oil paintings, emboss paintings (velvet cloth and metal) , papier-mâché, cross stich, glass painting, charcoal sketching and of course good old pencil sketching………..
  3. 3. Velvet cloth emboss painting
  4. 4. Now, all that experimenting with art and craft styles is bound to generate a lot of junk around the house. Consequently there didn’t seem to be much difference between my room and a pig sty. A commitment to keeping my room clean after every ‘experiment’ instilled a sense of discipline and responsibility which proved to be very valuable later, both while juggling my academics, extracurricular and volunteer work at my undergraduate college and while multitasking between project deadlines, authoring design documents, meetings, planning morale events or outings and my volunteer work at Microsoft.
  5. 5. Materials used… •An old burnt out lightbulb •Brown wires for thenest and left out greenpaper •The tiny yellow canarywas originally a partof a key chain
  6. 6. Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is a five-day extravaganza widely celebrated in India. Diwali, is derived from the Sanskrit word – Deepawali which means rows of lamps. Diwali venerates the return of Lord Rama along with Sita and Lakshman from his fourteen- year-long exile and vanquishing the demon-king Ravana. In joyous celebration of the return of their king, the people of Ayodhya, the Capital of Rama, illuminated the kingdom with earthen diyas (oil lamps). During my tenure as a Cultural Secretary, I, along with eight girls, started our own venture of creating and selling crafts. This was one of the many ways my team and I had devised to raise funds for our cultural festival. Our craft business was immensely successful and we managed to raise around 6000 $. Taking a cue from that, as a member of the Mata Amritanandmayi’s ashram, I decided to contribute to the Diwali puja by creating colourful diyas for the ashram pujas . This would save the ashram a lot of money and I could also use eco-friendly paints to keep in tune with Amma’s mission for a cleaner and greener planet. Thus, I bought simple white diyas (priced at about five rupees for two. When painted and decorated, they can be sold for around one hundred and twenty rupees depending on the decoration) ) and painted them.
  7. 7. Diyas…
  8. 8. Another form of art I was instantly attracted to was merchandise designing. It gave me a great opportunity to stay in touch with my creative and witty side without making a mess. Second, it was a great way to fuse my love for art, product designing and technology… I joined Myntra.com in 2008 and began uploading and selling my designs. However I had to delete my account as it violated Microsoft’s policy. When I resigned from Microsoft in 2010, I began a new account and got back to designing colorful, whacky and unique tee shirts Here’s are the top three best sellers….
  9. 9. To pursue my love for music, I joined a small Indian rock band called Mukti. My journey with the band left me with plenty of unique experiences. One of the main thing it taught me was to think on my feet and how to stand confidently before a crowd even if you have horses galloping in your belly…Here are a few of those t-shirts designs… Below is the link to my shop @ Myntra.com http://www.myntra.com/designer/leena/11683
  10. 10. Another form of artistic element caught my attention: manga characters. I am a bit horrible when it comes to drawing cartoon characters, however drawing manga characters is a really interesting. Anyone who has watched anime shows such as Inuyasha will realize how funny anime characters can be . I am still a novice and below are a few of my attempts . I guess I am getting better as my time to draw an anime character has been reduced from a good half an hour to fifteen minutes. I particularly love drawing and experimenting with manga eyes. The thing that excites me the most is the wide array of expressions and their respective depiction- one gets to be both creative and original with it as long as you follow few simple rules….
  11. 11. Unlike the western animated characters, anime or manga characters display an extremely exaggerated expression…. •Angry characters may exhibit a "vein" or "stress mark" effect, where lines representing bulging veins will appear on their forehead. Angry women will sometimes summon a mallet from nowhere and strike another character with it, mainly for the sake of slapstick comedy. •Male characters will develop a bloody nose around their female love interests. •Embarrassed or stressed characters either produce a massive sweat-drop (which has become one of the most widely recognized motifs of conventional anime) or produce a visibly red blush or set of parallel (sometimes squiggly) lines beneath the eyes, especially as a manifestation of repressed romantic feelings. •Characters who want to childishly taunt someone may pull an akanbe face (by pulling an eyelid down with a finger to expose the red underside). •Characters may also have large "X" eyes to show a knockout, or in some cases, even illness. This is typically used for comedic purposes.
  12. 12. This also speaks volumes about ME. Besides being creative, I am persistent at what I love to do . Be it a sport, my community work, my art and music, technology, my career, leading teams, projects and someday even a company or my family. I am someone who completes what she set out to achieve and value being true to my word. I am focused and through my abilities to multi task, I can efficiently juggle the various roles I play.